About Regal Gentleman Written by Co-founder, Liam Jennings .


Regal Gentleman was born after a bad haircut know, where one side of Josh ‘s head was left wholly uncut ( yes, very ! ). At this point, we decided to visit higher end barbershops and realised that men ‘s prepare was overcomplicated, we were n’t being educated as men in an easy to understand means and no one was doing customer servicing right on-line. We wanted to bring simpleton and relatable education to men ‘s groom, make products that the mod day valet had a hand in creating and bring the personal customer experience that you ‘d expect from a local corner shop class to the on-line global .
Founded by myself ( Liam Jennings ) and best supporter since Year 7 of school, Josh Blackburn, in recently 2013 with merely our savings, our monthly wages from our corporate city jobs ( which we could n’t wait to get out of ) and an idea, Regal Gentleman has been on a huge journey over the past 4 and a half years. From our beginnings selling other branded products like Beardbrand, Layrite and Taylor of Old Bond Street on our own web site and being featured as one of GQ ‘s best prepare services to leaving that all behind and outgo over a year creating our first product .
About Regal Gentleman
It ‘s been an exciting travel to get to where we are today ; with a future full moon haircloth concern and dressing roll, experience stores and even more to come after the launch of our Matte Clay. This is just the starting signal from us two underdogs that are ready to make a huge dent in a training industry typically dominated by large corporations.


Our vision at Regal Gentleman is to redefine the modern gentleman and help men to become a better version of themselves .
We believe that every serviceman has the right to look and feel his best, and when he does he can make a positive impact on the world.

About Regal Gentleman


Our products are made without the bad stuff wherever possible and are never tested on animals. We constantly strive to include the best ingredients that we possibly can to give you the greatest products possible. Our foremost intersection, the Matte Clay is paraben free, sulfate absolve and contains amino acids for healthy hair.

All of our products go through a rigorous testing process that involves being tested by us first and then once we ‘re happy they ‘re passed on to the Regal Family testing team of gents passionate about men ‘s dress and a team of some of the best barbers in the UK to help us get the best feedback potential from both sides of the coin. They ‘re then created and safety tested by our pharmacist with over 30+ years experience in making beauty and dressing products .
About Regal Gentleman

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