This Hole In The Wall Bakery In Cincinnati Is Unlike Any Other Place You’ve Ever Tried

In a perfective global, every vicinity in Cincinnati would have its own bakery that served up fresh donuts, cakes, and pies that we could enjoy for a treat or extra affair. While they may not exist on every street corner in town, there are decidedly enough of locally owned bakeries that bring this sight of gratifying perfection to life. One especial patronize has been a favorite on the westside for decades, but its hole-in-the-wall appearance in a strip plaza may make you think twice ahead stepping inside. Well, don ’ thymine let anything deter you from either localization of Regina Bakery because it ’ mho unlike any other target you ’ ve always been .

Regina Bakery has been a beloved westside establishment in Cincinnati since 1964.

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Googlemaps Its original location on Shady Lane in Miami Heights includes a modern facility that produces a across-the-board variety of bake goods on a casual basis that are then sold wholesale and at their two locations .

When you drive up to the bakery, you’ll notice that it’s tucked into a shopping center, but that only adds to the sense of delight when you discover what’s hiding inside.


Google/Regina Bakery This nostalgic bakery, both the Miami Heights and Cheviot locations, are like stepping into bakeries of a past genesis with sweet smelling goods on display and smiling faces cook to take your order. The shops are childlike with the donuts, coffee cakes, cookies, and cakes stealing the show – and making it impossible to walk inside and not leave without trying a dulcet treat ( or two twelve ).

Regina Bakery’s baked goods are a family tradition for many westsiders who celebrate with donuts, pies, and personalized cakes.

Facebook/Hair Management Salon (HM Salon) The donuts are made clean daily and can be purchased in any amount you like. You wo n’t find visualize, extraordinary offerings here, but you will find perfectly fried, downy donuts with angelic ice and a wide-eyed variety show of classic flavors .

If you need to pick up dessert or even just rolls for a dinner gathering, Regina Bakery is the best place to go.

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Photo Courtesy of Kate / @uddiggy not merely are the adust goods incredibly delightful, but they ‘re a big rate. The bakery opened in 1964 and has been under the same ownership since 1980. The current owners are adept bakers and decorators who have a mania for adust goods, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the community. Their award-winning rolls are a must for any westside perplex together.

Regina Bakery is open Tuesday – Saturday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 6:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. They are closed on Monday.

Photo Courtesy of @linsinnati There ‘s something about a neighborhood bakery – particularly one that ‘s worked its way into the hearts of locals – that is barely extra sugared. The fact that it ‘s reasonably retiring and easy to miss makes it that much more of a concealed gem, and one that you should decidedly treat yourself with some fourth dimension very soon.

Regina Bakery, both in Miami Heights and in Cheviot, is a local destination that brings enough of charm and pleasantness to those who walk through its doors. Are you a fan of this westside caption ? What early neighborhood hole-in-the-wall bakeries in Cincinnati do you love ? Let us know in the comments !
Regina Bakery can be found at 3805 Shady Lane, North Bend, OH 45052 and at 4025 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45248. For more information, visit their web site here .
If you love bake goods vitamin a much as we do, you ’ ll decidedly want to check out this little-known bakery and this bakery that has the best boodle in Cincinnati .

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