I LOVE to create & I love to make things more beautiful and interesting. One thing I have a random love for… is putting together bulletin boards to be more functional, visually appealing & helpful ! I was in my ward for 4 years, passing our bulletin board every Sunday & before I ultimately asked the Bishop if I could redesign our bulletin board .
The thing about the bulletin boards is that it is a labor of love, needs to be updated every once in awhile, and if there is not person who is assigned to it, or volunteers for it… it gets disregarded. It makes me so sad ! I want to revamp ALL the forget bulletin boards ! This can be hard because wards are constantly changing, members coming and going, kids moving from Nursery to Primary to YM & YW, babies being born, etc., so it can be a set of work but you can make your circuit board officiate for you/your cellblock and however frequently you want to be updating it !
This board was my first time attempting a project like this so I learned just how much employment it can be, I don ’ metric ton know if it is a calling… because I volunteered for it. But it should be ! I was a journalist in senior high school School and I felt kind of similar in this “ self proclaimed caper ” adenine far as keeping in touch with the Ward Clerk to see which new members we had, who ’ s Birthdays it was, and then besides keeping up with the Compassionate Service Committee for the raw babies in the ward etc. A draw of follow-up if you want to keep that type of information on your board !
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First I took pictures of our honest-to-god board, determined what information I wanted to be on there, then I did a massive research on Pinterest for cute ideas & then I used my iPad to make a vision dining table of how I wanted the board to look. then I set out to gathering supplies from the Dollar Store & designing the things I wanted to add. I would recommend making certain you have push-pins and a stapler that opens. I used aristocratic tack from the dollar store thinking it would be slowly to trade out pictures, but using a stapler would be better, the tack stays behind and ruins your background .
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I wanted to put a large calendar up thus that we could put all the activities for the whole calendar month for every organization. besides, the “ Come Follow Me ” schedule ! The calendar was from Target for about $ 8.00. I used parchment composition from the Dollar Store to give it a neutral search for the background & then got white weave paper from the Dollar Store and these aplomb fringe making scissors from Target for $ 3 for the interest molding. I good wrote right on the newspaper at the top our ward list, “ Geneva Heights 7th Ward ” .
On the left side I made a cunning sheet that said “ take what you need ” and had some words like, “ jacob’s ladder ”, “ faith ”, “ beloved ”, etc. I thought this was a fun gambling on pop-culture using these type of tear-away advertisements to sell things, but in a way that made our display panel interactional for ALL ages & genders. That was one thing I very wanted to try and do is to make this board INTERACTIVE and appealing to EVERYONE. This section is the closest to our Bishops door and many people sit hera and wait then I thought it would be fun if they could have something to look at AND interact with. So I besides designed a parole search I put inside a Dollar Store frame ( document size so you don ’ t have to cut the print down ). This makes it dry-erase, so then I put a dry erase marker on a chain, and a little fabric on a string to wipe it when they are done. The dry erase marker has to be switched out every few months but you can get a pack of 3 for $ 1 at the Dollar Store. And ultimately in this section, I put an envelope that says, “ take a printable ”. I have put prints that concur with the vacation of that calendar month, but could be used for many things. I thought it would be fun to do something for General Conference, a small color sheet that people could grab for sacrament, it could be used for a total of things !
As mentioned above, the calendar is the “ center ” of the board, so that we could advertise all the ward activities and keep everyone in the know. I loved advertising the activities for the youth, the primary, and the Relief Society on this calendar. I besides made people aware of our cellblock clean, stake conference, general league, whether it was a combine day or RS/Elders Quorum or Sunday school. It is so fun to use different color markers and stickers I get from the Dollar Store to make it colorful & fun to look at ! Under the calendar I had a heading called “ Church News ” that we could put up pre-made fliers from the church .
On the correct of the independent section of the bulletin board I had a section for spotlights. This section includes “ miniskirt members ” ( new babies ), “ birthdays ”, “ baptisms ”, & “ new members ”. This is the partially of the dining table that you can decide if you want to keep up with. I think it makes members feel crucial and wish about, but it can be slippery to keep update. As mentioned before, you can hit up the Ward Clerk & the Compassionate Services Committee to gather this information each calendar month to keep up with it. I besides put some information in the bed corner that included our wards Facebook page, contact information for independent leadership members of the cellblock, & some helpful apps. I like to use my iPad and the app Procreate to write on the babies images all of their “ birth information ” !
I divided the dining table into 3 sections & in the top correct I did a fun ocular with “ how to grow your testimony ”, and designed some plants that say, “ tithing ”, “ synagogue attendance ”, “ read scriptures ”, “ attend meetings ”, & “ prayer ”. I used a black post horse display panel from the Dollar Store to put behind & I besides found the cute cactus border at the Dollar Store .
And finally in the third section of the board on the penetrate right side, I put a section for all the different organizations of the guard. I used a white poster from the Dollar Store & a ace molding that I got there a well. This is another area I thought ward members would love to see their kids on, and themselves. I hope it encourages them to see how much fun we have in our activities and to attend our meetings and activities and to be/feel involved ! I used the app called “ Becky Higgins ” to design the pages, it has a template that is super easy and cunning to use. I besides use this for my personal scrapbooking. I believe it is about $ 3 but it is extremely worth it ! There are other collage type apps that you could use to create this part. I printed them as 8×8. You can ask the different organizations to send you pictures to put together the most late event !

I have handily combined all the prints used for this circuit board into a digital download available for purchase here in my Etsy patronize ! It includes the son search, take what you need print, all headers for each department, and the “ grow your testimony ” collection !
Let me know your thoughts about this dining table and any ideas you have to add to it or to make it better. We recently moved into a new ward and the bulletin board is in motivation of some TLC & you know your female child decidedly volunteered to revamp it ! It is gon sodium be legit & I am so activated, you know I ’ ll parcel it hera therefore keep your eyes peeled !

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