Check Out These Mouth-Watering Bakeries in Renton, WA Renton, Washington, has a bunch of unlike restaurants, cafe, and diners, but the bakeries are the best places to grab delicious pastries and bread. here is a list of some of the bakeries in the Renton area where you can find the freshest bread and most delectable pastries .

Schwartz Brothers Bakery 

This family-run bakery has been serving up delicious buns, rolls, cookies, muffins, and other treats since brothers John and Bill Schwartz opened up the bakery back in 1973. They created it when they couldn ’ triiodothyronine find quality bread and pastries for the sandwich and proto-indo european shop they had opened three years earlier. Their second business helped to fill a recess character in the Seattle area, and the Schwartz Brothers Bakery is now recognized as one of the top bakeries in the country .
Schwartz Brothers Bakery products are available in dozens of grocery stores throughout the United States, including the three Safeways in Renton. The boodle is non-GMO and certifiable organic by the USDA. For more information on Schwartz Brothers Bakery including what products it offers and address wholesale ship, you can reach the party service team through the web site or by giving them a call at ( 206 ) 623-3134 .

Chuck’s Donut Shop 

Located on the corner of Northeast Fourth Street and Jericho Avenue, this short bakery has a delightful selection of donuts and early pastries that has given it the repute of being one of the best doughnut shops in Renton. People travel from Seattle and other surrounding areas fair to try one of Chuck ’ s celebrated maple bars or apple fritters, and the large choice of donuts will satisfy even the pickiest gratifying tooth.

Chuck ’ s Donut Shop is open for breakfast Monday through Friday from 3 ante meridiem to 4 p.m. It operates on a foremost issue forth first base suffice basis, so you may want to call ahead and place an order for pickup. For inquiries and to place an club, give them a call at ( 425 ) 228-6336 .

85C Bakery Cafe

They say that great bread starts with a great recipe and a big recipe starts with a great chef. The master chef at 85C Bakery Cafe are some of the best in the nation, having earned multiple awards from competitions throughout the global. The fib of 85C Bakery Cafe is one of offering five-star quality pastries, coffee, and boodle at a reasonable price. Owner Cheng-Hsueh Wu opened the cafe back in 2003 and has since grown it into an empire with over 1,000 locations cosmopolitan.

The 85C Bakery Cafe is located in nearby Tukwila, and it offers an extensive selection of epicure bread, pastries, and coffee bean. This workshop is exposed for breakfast throughout the workweek with vary hours due to the inclement weather conditions of the area. For more information on the cafe, visit the web site or give them a call at ( 206 ) 244-1885 .
following meter you are driving through Renton and have a craving for a fresh loiter of bread or a delicious pastry, try out one of these all right locations.

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