M3 Spindle on, Clockwise or Laser on during G1 moves. spindle, laser M3 M4 Spindle on, Counterclockwise. spindle, laser M4 M5 Spindle off, Laser off. spindle, laser M5 M20 List SD card SDCard, info M20 M21 Init SD card SDCard M21 M22 Release SD card SDCard M22 M23 Select SD file (M23 filename.g) SDCard M23 M24 Start/resume SD print SDCard, print M24 M25 Pause SD print SDCard, print M25 M26 Set SD position in bytes (M26 S12345) SDCard M26 M27 Report SD print status SDCard, print, status, info M27 M28 Start SD write (M28 filename.g) SDCard M28 M29 Stop SD write SDCard M29 M30 {filename} Delete file on sd card SDCard M30 M32 {dirname} create subdirectory SDCard M32 M42 P{pin number} S{value 0..255} Change output of pin P to S. Does not work on most important pins. control M42 M80 Turn on power supply control M80 M81 Turn off power supply control M81 M82 Set E codes absolute (default) setting M82 M83 Set E codes relative while in Absolute Coordinates (G90) mode setting M83 M84 [S{seconds}] Disable steppers until next move, or use S{seconds} to specify an inactivity timeout, after which the steppers will be disabled. S0 to disable the timeout. control, move M84 M85 Set inactivity shutdown timer with parameter S{seconds}. To disable set zero (default) control, setting M85 M92 Set axisStepsPerMM – same syntax as G92 setting M92 M99 S{delayInSec} X0 Y0 Z0 Disable motors for S seconds (default 10) for given axis. control M99 M104 S{temp} T{extruder} P1 F1 Set temperature without wait. P1 = wait for moves to finish, F1 = beep when temp. reached first time control, temp, extruder M104 M105 X0 Get temperatures. If X0 is added, the raw analog values are also written. info, temp M105 M112 Emergency kill control M112 M115 Capabilities string M115 M116 Wait for all temperatures in a +/- 1 degree range M116 M117 {message} Write message in status row on lcd M117 M119 Report endstop status status M140 S{temp} F1 Set bed target temp, F1 makes a beep when temperature is reached the first time temp, bed M163 S{extruderNum} P{weight} Set weight for this mixing extruder drive M163 M164 S{virtNum} P{0/1} Store weights as virtual extruder S. For P, 0=don’t store in eeprom, 1=store in eeprom M164 M190 Wait for bed current temp to reach target temp. M190 M200 T{extruder} D{diameter} Use volumetric extrusion. Set D0 or omit D to disable volumetric extr. Omit T for current extruder. M200 M201 Set max acceleration in units/s^2 for print moves (M201 X1000 Y1000) M201 M202 Set max acceleration in units/s^2 for travel moves (M202 X1000 Y1000) M202 M203 Set temperture monitor to Sx M203 M204 Set PID parameter X => Kp Y => Ki Z => Kd S{extruder} Default is current extruder. NUM_EXTRUDER=Heated bed M204 M205 Output EEPROM settings M205 M206 Set EEPROM value M206 M207 X{XY jerk} Z{Z Jerk} E{ExtruderJerk} Changes current jerk values, but do not store them in eeprom. M207 M209 S{0/1} Enable/disable autoretraction M209 M220 S{Feedrate multiplier in percent} Increase/decrease given feedrate M220 M221 S{Extrusion flow multiplier in percent} Increase/decrease given flow rate M221 M226 P{pin} S{state 0/1} Wait for pin getting state S. Add X0 to init as input without pullup and X1 for input with pullup. M226 M231 S{OPS_MODE} X{Min_Distance} Y{Retract} Z{Backlash} F{ReatrctMove} Set OPS parameter M231 M232 Read and reset max. advance values M232 M233 X{AdvanceK} Y{AdvanceL} Set temporary advance K-value to X and linear term advanceL to Y [M233] M251 Measure Z steps from homing stop (Delta printers). S0 – Reset, S1 – Print, S2 – Store to Z length (also EEPROM if enabled) M251 M280 S{mode} Set ditto printing mode. mode: 0 = off, 1 = 1 extra extruder, 2 = 2 extra extruder, 3 = 3 extra extruders M280 M281 [X0] Test if watchdog is running and working. Use M281 X0 to disable watchdog on AVR boards. Sometimes needed for boards with old bootloaders to allow reflashing. watchdog, test [M281] M300 S{Frequency} P{DurationMillis} play frequency M300 M302 S{0 or 1} allow cold extrusion. Without S parameter it will allow. S1 will disallow. M302 M303 P{extruder/bed} S{printTemerature} X0 R{Repetitions} Autodetect pid values. Use P{NUM_EXTRUDER} for heated bed. X0 saves result in EEPROM. R is number of cycles. M303 M320 S{0/1} Activate autolevel, S1 stores it in eeprom M320 M321 S{0/1} Deactivate autolevel, S1 stores it in eeprom M321 M322 Reset autolevel matrix M322 M323 S0/S1 enable disable distortion correction P0 = not permanent, P1 = permanent = default M323 M340 P{servoId} S{pulseInUS} R{autoOffIn ms} servoID = 0..3, Servos are controlled by a pulse with normally between 500 and 2500 with 1500ms in center position. 0 turns servo off. R allows automatic disabling after a while. M340 M350 S{mstepsAll} X{mstepsX} Y{mstepsY} Z{mstepsZ} E{mstepsE0} P{mstespE1} Set microstepping on RAMBO board M350 M355 S{0/1} Turn case light on/off, no S = report status M355 M360 show configuration M360 M400 Wait until move buffers empty. M400 M401 Store x, y and z position. M401 M402 Go to stored position. If X, Y or Z is specified, only these coordinates are used. F changes feedrate fo rthat move. M402 M450 Reports printer mode M450 M451 Set printer mode to FFF M451 M452 Set printer mode to laser M452 M453 Set printer mode to CNC M453 M460 X{minTemp} Y{maxTemp} Set temperature range for thermistor controlled fan M460 M500 Store settings to EEPROM M500 M501 Load settings from EEPROM M501 M502 Reset settings to the one in configuration.h. Does not store values in EEPROM! M502 M513 Clear all jam marker. [M513] M600 Change filament M600 M601 S{1/0} Pause extruders. Paused extrudes disable heaters and motor. Unpausing reheats extruder to old temp. [M601] M602 S{1/0} P{1/0} Debug jam control (S) Disable jam control (P). If enabled it will log signal changes and will not trigger jam errors! [M602] M908 P{address} S{value} Set stepper current for digipot (RAMBO board) M908 M999 Continue from fatal error. M999 S1 will create a fatal error for testing. M999
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