I have a 2015 Macbook Pro 13 ” running MacOs High Sierra v 10.13.2 with 8GB RAM & 256GB HDD
In the past week it has developed a trouble where I can not connect to the internet. The network connection seems to be o, the wireless network connection. I ’ m not in a position to get a wired ( Ethernet ) connection at the moment. But I can not browse the web. I have wide signal to the device and I have tried working from an area with only mediocre signal with no change.

It started with being ineffective to connect to the hotel wireless, which using a captive portal site to login with. I could not load the network page up. So I put it back on my mifi ( running Three UK ) and it worked ok for about 4-5 hours then stopped working besides.
The Mifi records that the MBP is connected but the laptop does not see anything. initially showing ‘ resolving host ’ in the lower information paneling on Chrome. I have besides tried with Firefox, Safari and Opera with no change.
I have removed the DNS settings of Google ( ) and concisely had them back again with no change. From what limited testing I have done, I have found that pinging the MBP IP ( from the MBP ) has been OK with a time of 0.09 ms To the Mifi or any early device on the network gets me ‘ Request timeout for icmp_seq ’ with a consecutive phone number. however, it has an IP that the DHCP on the Mifi gave to it. From any other radio device on that mifi that can see the MBP, those are ineffective to see the laptop either. Neither can I ping any network addresses. Those fail outright.

The early machines I have at my administration ( Windows XP, Windows 7, iphone and android tablets ) connect to the mifi and the hotel radio receiver without offspring.
But the MBP won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate.

I have restarted it with a PR keypress that was supposed to wipe part of the network settings to let me try again without luck. The radio diagnostics ( elevation and clicking on the wireless local area network ) told me that there was no connection and suggested I restarted the Mifi. I have restarted that numerous times, the MBP, and all radio devices. I have allowed the MBP to connect beginning and then everything else, but even no rejoice. I have wiped the ‘ location ’ data several times, removed the mifi from known devices and checked the list for other iterations. I have set it to only connect with IPV4 and not IPv6, and frailty versa.
I have besides indeed far cleared the device of everything and on the verge of wiping it and starting again. however, when I foremost got it I had a few problems with that and so will be speaking with a supporter foremost. But it is frustrating as I am resolved to be using Windows computers .

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