Showcase Google Reviews on your web site with relief via our 100 % free Google Reviews WordPress plugin. Great for any clientele
that uses WordPress, has reviews on Google and wants to display them on their web site .
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Plugin Features:

Google Business Reviews – Instantly Display business reviews on your web locate. We start with 5 reviews, but over meter we
continue to check with Google for new reviews. You are given the choice to display as many reviews as you have .
bare Shortcode – Display reviews in your stake and page contented.

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Widget – for easy configuration. Google Places Reviews widget car completes your business look up. Display your business
information via the appliance or turn this off .
Review Concatenation – Some reviews returned by Google may be very long which could result in a very long appliance. Configurable
lengths and Collapsing and expanding long reviews with “ Read more ” links .
Fast Loading – Optimized appliance hoard included within the plugin ensure you save on load meter and API calls
Review Schema is included.

Review style is controlled by your theme .
actively Supported and Developed. Get flying and responsive confirm from our USA based team .

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Reviews Page

On this foliate you can view the reviews retrieved by the plugin. Please note that the Google Places API only allows for 5 reviews
to be retrieved at a fourth dimension. We will continue to check via the API every day or so and using a data foundation storehouse the reviews for you
thus over clock you can have more than 5 reviews. You can “ promote ” certain reviews by making these the reviews you show if you
have more than the number of reviews to be displayed .

WordPress Widget and Shortcode

Display Google Places reviews on your WordPress site using our doodad or shortcode. The follow settings are supported :

  • Widget Title: Add Widget Title (Optional)
  • Place Lookup: Start typing your Business Name and select it when it auto completes.
  • Lookup Type: Having trouble finding the correct business? Try narrowing down the results by having the Place Lookup search only by business name – “Establishments”, by address – “Addresses”, or by area – “Regions”.
  • Place Name: Once the correct business is selected from “Places Lookup” this will auto fill.
  • Place ID: Once the correct business is selected from “Places Lookup” this will auto fill.
  • Show Reviews Only: By default the plugin will display your business data. If checked the widget will not show your business data.
  • Maximum Excerpt Length: Chose the length of excerpts that will look best for your site.
  • Show # Reviews: Pick the number of reviews to show.
  • Total # of Reviews: Enter the number of reviews that you have on your google places page. The Google API does not allow us to get this info for you, so you have to manually add it for your review schema output.
  • Minimum Review Rating: If you only want to show 4 star or 5 Star reviews you can select the appropriate setting.

When using a shortcode, use the Place Lookup sphere on the Settings page to look up the Place ID for your business .

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