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I meet my new Facebook supporter Patty Novak for the first time in person in the parking draw of Giant Eagle in Dry Tavern. We park at the capture, wave and smile and Patty tells me this is where the former, great Davis Giant Market once stood. She shows me the two photos she took when the grocery store was still there and I readjust my perspective. The set slopes depressed to the line of shops with the Giant Eagle signage that have taken its place. We walk around until Patty decides we ’ re stand on the historic smudge we ’ ve hail to find. “ I took the photograph from across the road over there, “ Patty points to the grassy gradient on the early side of State Route 88. She remembers shopping at Davis Market when she was dating her conserve and taking the photograph sometime back then. The back of the photograph is factory date 1994 .
“ Ben Franklin was downstairs. It had everything. ”
Patty posted one of her photos as a “ fire from the past ” on The Official Greene County PA Group Facebook page on June 11 and enchant responses began coming in .
“ Loved to go there when I was little. My Mom would let us go downstairs BY OURSELVES ! ! That ’ randomness where the toys were ! ” “ I loved Mr. and Mrs. Tiberi ! They always gave me candy. I loved riding the horse out front. Boy the well old days ! ”

When GreeneScene Magazine editor program Danielle Nyland saw Patty ’ randomness photograph and suggested I write about it, she had some memories of her own about the charming downstairs that is now filled in and paved over but surely not forgotten .
“ My dad used to take me to craft classes and then he ’ vitamin d go upstairs to shop. I was probably ten and I was the merely kyd with all these older ladies making things – like creating intertwine outfits on short stuffed bears. I think I made a hold for everybody in my class ! ”
The Joe Throckmorton family, who besides operates Giant Eagle in Waynesburg, bought Davis Giant Market in 1984 and kept it open for eleven years before building the Giant Eagle complex down below that distillery gives this little corner of Greene County a place to “ shop class local ”. And yes, the bakery, delicatessen and “ Kountry Kitchen ” hot-food-to-go goodies at either Giant Eagle are surely worth the drive .
After Patty leaves, I mask up and go denounce for some more memories from long time employees Connie Wood and Louise Kuharcik. Yes, Ben Franklin is gone, but Joe Throckmorton brought the best of it to the fresh shop and much of its assortment is still here in the area in front of the drugstore – magazines, greeting cards, toys, games and decorations of all kinds. There are shopping carts of cool discounts and a family friendly atmosphere that tells you this is where the affection of the community still stops, shops and says hello .
“ I started working here when I was 15, ” Louise tells me. She and Connie remember the Davis Giant Market days but the by grows brumous when we get to Mr. and Mrs. Tiberi. “ You need to call Ida Mary Haftman in Clarksville. She used to work at Davis Market. She ’ ll commend. ”

Ida Mary ’ s alert voice on the call makes it hard to believe she ’ s 90 something .
We talk about Mr. and Mrs. Tiberi but she doesn ’ t recall their first names. She thinks there was a clientele there in the 1940s but is hazy on what it was called .
“ We didn ’ t shop in Dry Tavern when I was growing up. There were 26 businesses in Clarksville, that ’ s where we went. ”
When Ida Mary married John Haftmann in 1951, “ He was in the service. We moved away and didn ’ t come back to Clarksville until 1968. I started working at Davis Market in 1970 and was there until 1984. The trucks used to pull in down in back and drop into the basement, she tells me. She has her own photograph of the commercialize. Hers has only one hand truck parked out battlefront .
I check the phone book and find Tiberi listed, but the woman who answers doesn ’ thyroxine recall any relatives owning a store in Dry Tavern.

then it ’ mho Ida Mary ’ s lively voice, calling me back. “ I just remembered the name of the place. Twin Gables ! I don ’ thyroxine know if it was a store. Could have been a bar. ”

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