Oxygen or hydrogen e.g. 3 Letters GAS The __ Type TV show loosely based on former fashion editor Joanna Coles 4 Letters BOLD Practical joke 3 Letters GAG Prefix with center or dermis 3 Letters EPI FRosts The __ Not Taken 4 Letters ROAD Rubiks __ 4 Letters CUBE Gin cocktails often garnished with olives 8 Letters MARTINIS Responsibility 4 Letters ONUS Listen to 4 Letters HEAR Easter egg event 4 Letters HUNT Burglar 5 Letters THIEF Satchel or tote e.g. 3 Letters BAG Place for a rubber duck 4 Letters BATH Next in __ TV show hosted by style gurus Alexa Chung and Tan France 7 Letters FASHION Ramas wife from an ancient epic 4 Letters SITA Sound of delight 3 Letters AAH Japan add-on 3 Letters ESE __ Runway reality show that features budding fashion designers 7 Letters PROJECT Bob Marley for one 5 Letters RASTA Fixed service charge 3 Letters FEE Make changes to a gown say 5 Letters ALTER ACtor Hugh of Love Actually 5 Letters GRANT Take on a role? 3 Letters ACT Spanish for crazy 4 Letters LOCO Filthy living quarters 8 Letters RATHOLES Shoe brand from Canda 4 Letters ALDO __-Vera (beneficial succulent) 4 Letters ALOE Back in the day 3 Letters AGO Poke fun at 4 Letters MOCK Internet programming code: Abbr. 4 Letters HTML The one who cried wolf? 3 Letters BOY Emerald or ruby e.g. 3 Letters GEM Therapists organization: Abbr. 3 Letters APA Knights title 3 Letters SIR Concise and to the point 5 Letters BRIEF Actress Chaplin from Game of Thrones 4 Letters OONA Hiding spot 4 Letters LAIR Dentists degree: Abbr. 3 Letters DDS Tim __: A Guide to Quality Taste and Style book by TV personality and design mentor 4 Letters GUNN Border on 4 Letters ABUT Some microwave ovens briefly 3 Letters GES Cold symptom? 5 Letters COUGH Novel written by Leon Uris in 1984: 2 wds. 6 Letters THEHAJ Every dog __ its day 3 Letters HAS Recipe measurement: Abbr. 4 Letters TBSP It can be shaved 4 Letters HAIT Whats __ you?: 2 wds. 4 Letters ITTO __ humburg! 3 Letters BAH Destiny 4 Letters FATE Suffix with luck 4 Letters IEST Prefix meaning bone 4 Letters OSTE Within reach 4 Letters NEAR Excellent tennis serve 3 Letters ACE Young newt 3 Letters EFT The __ Zoe Project TV show named after and starring a celebrity stylist 6 Letters RACHEL Choir memeber 4 Letters ALTO House of __ reality TV show that fatures celebrity stylists and makeup artists 4 Letters GLAM Candy with caramel 4 Letters ROLO Back in Black rock band with electric letters 4 Letters ACDC They searched every __ and cranny 4 Letters NOOK Part of a molecule 4 Letters ATOM Stadium roaring sound 3 Letters RAH Key often used with Ctrl and Del 3 Letters ALT Chemists workplace for short 3 Letters LAB I problem? 3 Letters EGO Vegans protein source 3 Letters SOY

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