back in 2008 I started this web log ; being inspired by a blog I read regularly then – that of Robin Wood. Sometime in the early/mid 1990s, my ally Ned Cooke sent me this postcard, showing Robin Wood turning a huge nest of lawn bowling in beech on his perch lathe. I tacked it up in my workshop and it ’ s been there ever since. even made the move to my newly shop…
I had heard about Robin ’ mho work and somewhere along the line Jennie Alexander traded letters rear & forth with him back then. For a while there was a very active forum on the web called the Bodgers ’ Ask and Answer forum. ( it ’ second still there, going back quite a ways with lots of information. Some of it is quite full. hypertext transfer protocol : // ) Robin was a regular subscriber there, and that ’ s where he & I started talking directly to each other. I can ’ t remember if I found his blog through the forum or vice-versa. Doesn ’ triiodothyronine matter now .
What matters to me is that Robin is possibly THE person responsible for reviving the craft of turning wooden bowl on a perch lathe, using hook tools. right now there are lots of people taking up this knead – and I hope they recognize Robin ’ s contribution to its revival. ( Somewhere in those years, I first met Roger Abrahamson hypertext transfer protocol : // when he appeared at my workshop & introduced himself. His work parallels some of Robin ’ s identical well. Roger is another report someday. )

We finally met in 2014, when I was a student in his beginning naturally at North House Folk School. ( met Jarrod & JoJo there at the same time – 3 birds, one stone ). With Barn the Spoon, Robin started another inspiration of ours – Spoonfest hypertext transfer protocol : // and that ’ s where he & I following met up. He ’ vitamin d invited me a match of times and I begged murder due to scheduling problems. then in 2016 I decided I ’ vitamin d good go before the invites dried up.

I ’ m thrilled that Robin is coming to Greenwood Fest. He ’ ll be teaching a 2-day class in bowl turning on a pole lathe, with hook tools. then during the fest, we ’ ll have him in assorted capacities ; these days much of his meter is spent making tools for smooch carving. We ’ re still working out the details of some aspects of the schedule. One nibble we have planned with him is a slide talk/presentation about his respective green woodworking exploits over the years. Worth seeing.

One of the hardest parts of Greenwood Fest plan for us is the teacher roll. Because our venue has a limit on the issue of people allowed, the size of the Fest will not grow. And because we love all our instructors evenly – it becomes difficult to work in new ones. To make space for Robin, Jarrod Dahl has charitable agreed to shift from Greenwood Fest this year to a class with Plymouth CRAFT late in the season – early to mid-september. BUT Jarrod & Jazmin plan on attending the Fest, so if you see Jarrod there, take it easy on him with the questions, it ’ s his vacation !
Greenwood Fest will be held in Plymouth Massachusetts June 5-10, 2018. Those dates include the pre-fest courses. Tickets on sale starting February 2, 2018 hypertext transfer protocol : //

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