rv speed reducer No matter how you compare from respective automaton solutions, global automaton preciseness accelerate reducers are basically monopolized by Japan. In holocene years, although there are other RV reducers, rarely used by automaton companies like us .
As a traditional manufacture powerhouse, reducing agent products in Germany, Italy, Japan are leading the industry in terms of materials, design flat, quality control, accuracy, office concentration, dependability and military service life sentence .
In the field of mechanical infection, reducing agent is an average device that connects the might reference and actuator. normally, it uses the high-speed power of the motive and internal combustion locomotive to engage the large gearing on the output signal diaphysis through small gear on the input rotating shaft to reduce accelerate And transfer more torsion .
Driven by the development of aerospace, robotics, and medical equipment, the demand for high-performance preciseness reducers with simple and compress structures, large transmission office, low noise, and smooth transmittance has increased. Among them, RV reducers and consonant reducers are two most crucial preciseness reducers.

Precision amphetamine reducing agent is a kind of power infection mechanism. It uses the travel rapidly converter of gear to reduce the number of revolutions of the motor to required one and obtain a big torsion .

Speed Reducer Market Share

At portray, there are not many ball-shaped manufacturers of preciseness reducers that can provide large-scale and dependable performance, and most of the marketplace share is occupied by japanese companies :
Nabtesco ’ s RV reducer accounts for about 60 %, Harmonica ’ s harmonic reducer accounts for about 15 %, and Sumitomo Heavy Industries ( SUMITOMO, no ratio found ). specially the proportion of applications in the field of robotics is overpowering .
Nabtesco ( Nabotsk ) is a combination of two japanese companies, Teijin Seiki and Nabok ( japanese first automatic rifle door produced in 1956 ). As manufacturers of movement control systems and components, both companies have mastered high-end core technologies and controlled a large market share in their specific business areas .
As the world ’ sulfur largest manufacturer of preciseness cycloid catherine wheel reducers, Nabtesco produces high-performance reducers, hollow cheat reducers, and single-axis servo actuators and controllers
Their preciseness equipment has senior high school torsion, high rigidity, and high resistance to overload and shock loads. It besides has high preciseness and identical low backlash. Thus widely used in high end applications .
Japan Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. ( HDSI for short ) is a leader in overall apparent motion operate. Their compound harmonic reducing agent has the characteristics of light weight, small size, no gear backlash, high torsion capacity, and is widely used Industrial robots, android robots, semiconductor device liquid crystal production equipment, photovoltaic equipment, ocular instruments, preciseness machine tools and other up-to-date fields .
In ordering to cover the field of low decrease ratios that can not be achieved by harmonic reducers, HDSI products besides involve Harmonic Planetary, a preciseness erratic gear box consonant reducer. The unique distortion procedure of the inner ring gearing can make the planet gears mesh compressed with it, eliminate recoil, and have reached the preciseness level of transmission erroneousness.

Harmonic transmission reducing agent is a gear transmission system that uses wave generators to control the elastic distortion of flexible gears and meshes with rigid gears to transmit movement and world power from the begin .
Sumitomo is a construction machinery manufacturer under the Sumitomo Group, one of the world ’ s acme 500 companies with a history of more than 400 years. Sumitomo products have developed the first hydraulic power shovel with its own engineering in 1967. At present, Sumitomo is active everywhere in the world. Silhouette of hydraulic power shovel
Sumitomo reducers are assorted types, such as Sumitomo Large Helical Gear Reducers, Sumitomo Planetary Gear Reducers, Sumitomo Helical Gear Reducers, Sumitomo Worm Gear Reducers, etc. The decrease proportion is big and efficiency is gamey. The pin-tooth betrothal is sleeve-type rolling clash. There is no relative slither on the battle surface .
precise speed reducer As a pinnacle of preciseness machinery diligence, the technical doorway of reducing agent is very high. The RV reducing agent is wholly composed of high-precision components and gears. The preciseness signal detection technology puts forward highly high requirements .
Most companies use R & D to obtain data through reverse technology. therefore, although some enterprises have made major breakthroughs in technical degree, most reducers have difficulties in maintaining accuracy, preciseness life sentence and product liveliness. The difficulties lead to poor people consistency and low reproducibility .
On the other hand, the equipment for march and manufacture reducing agent parts is very expensive. For model, Meghler surface grinders, the whole price is multi million investment. Without adequate output subscribe, equipment amortization costs are prohibitively high .
The price of such preciseness reducing agent is higher than that of main players, but the operation is worse than that of rivals. Of course, the sales volume is not good. With no profit and not enough resources for technical improvement, exploration and research and development, there is no way of form quality command or improve engineering and performance.

There are two main types of reducers presently used in automaton industry, one is RV reducer, and the other is harmonic reducer. In pronounce robots, because of the higher rigidity and slewing accuracy of RV reducing agent, RV reducing agent is broadly placed at a heavy load motion such as the machine al-qaeda, the boom, the shoulder, and harmonic reducing agent is placed on the forearm, Wrist or hand .
For high-precision automaton reducers, Japan has is absolute leading. Currently, 75 % of preciseness reducers in the ball-shaped automaton industry are monopolized by japanese Nabtesco and HarmonicDrive ( normally known as RV reducers and consonant reducers in the diligence ), including ABB, FANUC, and KUKA and early major international automaton manufacturers are provided by the above two companies .
According to diligence insiders, ABB, FANUC, Yaskawa, KUKA and other international mainstream automaton manufacturers are all powered by above two japanese companies for reducing agent solutions, and have very harsh conditions of cooperation with the two companies, that is, using products of the two companies can no longer use products of other companies, differently the cooperation relationship will be terminated .

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