Rohm labs have been round nowadays for what seems an eternity. Reports on quality and dose have been reasonably good systematically .
I was not able to get my common provision of Dimension Anavar recently and thus one decided, for the first time, to give ROHM a opportunity. So glad iodine did. The Anavar is excellent and even without a lineage test or lab consequence to back up my claim, one do believe the Anavar is correct in dose intensity as per the label claim of 50mg .
All my common side effects surfaced quickly with strength gains, incredible pumps, and that vascularity we all crave from a good volt-ampere product. deplorably libido did take a dive, but that was expected .

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My honest opinion, rohm anavar is up there with the best in terms of quality. I would suggest the matter to party does keep an center on blood imperativeness because it will elevate slightly at a dose of 50mg or more and whilst Anavar is a relatively safe oral, it is still a toxic 17 associate in arts steroid and therefore its advisable to keep dosages within a sanely condom image and length of cycle down with an 8- 10 weeks maximum duration as a dependable suggestion .
You can find plenty of ROHM LAB REVIEWS on-line from versatile sources such as forums, but here you will always get the unbiased truth. find below some of our subscribers feedback on personal experiences using ROHM .

presently using ROHM TTM and highly affect with it .
Using the Test e from rohm with no problems but i am experiencing heavy pip with the trenbolone .
Be careful where you purchase your ROHM from, it is massively faked .
Been using alone ROHM for countless years now, always coherent, its my rifle to lab.

Rohm had a bad batch of raws recently with the trial enanthate, it was very pippy and iodine had to end up throwing it away, but one have since used the latest batch of test enan and suffered no pip any .
Rohm Primo is arsenic good as dimension, keifei and torment .
Stay off from the guy on facebook sell ROHM, its fake .
entirely problem with ROHM was the badly batch of test e which most labs got prick with, and all the fake rohm, but if its legit rohm, its the best lab .

It does seem that there are a few ROHM fakes on the marketplace. To be honest, this is no surprise with a good reputable lab. imitation is the highest class of flattery. I obviously will not give away the i use, but, if you have a question on a detail website/shop/email that you are considering using, me first, and if they are a know swindler to us, one will of class let you know that. I repeat, STAY AWAY FROM THE WEBSITE HOMESTEROIDS. Huge scammers that are taking so much money from the iron brothers .

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