Starting with io and iPadOS 14.5, Apple will proxy Google ‘s “ safe Browsing ” service used in Safari through its own servers alternatively of relying on Google as a direction to limit which personal data Google sees about users .
iOS 14 safari feature
Safari on io and iPadOS includes a built-in have called “ Fraudulent Website Warning. ” As Apple describes it, having the feature of speech enabled will prompt Safari to warn users if they ‘re visiting a distrust phishing web site, or in other words, a web site undertake to steal your data such as username, passwords, and other information .
In order to provide this have, Apple relies on Google ‘s “ Safe Browsing, ” a database/blocklist of websites crawled by Google of websites that it deems to be suspected phishing or victimize. In practice Google sends Safari a list of hash prefixes of URLs that it determines to be malicious/phishing, Safari then checks the web site you ‘re trying to visit against the list from Google. Any match in hash prefix will cause Safari to request the full URL link from Google, and by using the hash prefix, Google never sees the web site ‘s URL you ‘re trying to go to.

While Google does n’t know which specific URL you ‘re trying to visit, it may collect your IP address during its interaction with Safari. now on iOS/iPadOS 14.5, that ‘s no long the case. As confirmed by the Head of Engineering for WebKit, Apple will now proxy Google ‘s Safe Browsing feature through its own servers alternatively of Google as a way to “ limit the risk of information leak. ”

Screenshots posted on Reddit of incoming/outgoing connections on a device running the latest io 14.5 beta shows a new “ ” URL, and testing by MacRumors shows the lapp URL alongside “ ” and “ ” being used to proxy “ safe Browsing. ”

The new change in io and iPadOS is character of a comprehensive examination fit of privacy-focused features for the iPhone and iPad and Apple ‘s late emphatic energy towards more rigorous privacy features/rules. In addition to the change in “ safe Browsing, ” iOS 14.5 will besides require apps to asks for drug user ‘s permission before tracking them across other apps and websites .
The new prerequisite called “ ATT ” or App Tracking Transparency has caused companies such as Facebook and Twitter to voice concerns about how the new feature will impact their bottom-line, specifically when it comes to individualized advertising .
Another noteworthy feature in the approaching update is crowdsource reporting for accidents, rush traps, and hazards within Apple Maps. Apple released the first beta to developers and public beta testers last week and says that io and iPadOS 14.5 will roll out to the populace in the “ early spring. ”

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