What Our Clients Say

“ SahlComm ’ s degree of sympathy and good appraisal of our needs was awesome. They came in, held a strategic plan school term, and actually listened to us– all of us– not precisely the knob. They crafted a plan which proved to not only increase our sales, but our company prestige in this market-space ( a very herd market space ! ). ”
National Family Mediation
“ Working with Kim and her team was the best decision we made this year. We were in the middle of a crisis situation and the media was calling. I called SahlComm in to assist the team and within hours the consequence was under command and our organization ’ randomness image– which is our bread and butter when it comes to fundraising– was not lone integral but besides gained a new level of respect from the public and the media. They turned a major problem into a successful opportunity and without them we would have suffered. ”

American Heroes Return
“ Our messaging workshop with SahlComm was precisely what we needed. It helped us frame our position and refined for us the all-important elevator speech. Which in turned helped us land our largest client. ”

Programmatics Engineering Group
“ SahlComm was critical in getting our organization established. They assisted us with government communications and advocacy. They leveraged their strategic partnerships to help us establish our congress of racial equality identity and provide us with much needed market materials. They continue to be our firm of phonograph record and we look forward to a long permanent relationship. ”

Eastern PA Arts Alliance
“ When I work with a group, above all else, what makes the experience productive is our ability to come together as a team. Whether a team of two, or the two of us on a larger team, SahlComm has been the quintessential professional team that can lead, follow, collaborate, produce, and review, and do therefore with respect for all other ideas and concepts – now that is a team ! SahlComm is a communication power station from all angles. Internal to external, planned to crisis, big game to little shop, human to technology, they can pull together the smartest solution at the correctly time and on time. If they promises a deliverable, you can count on getting it. When they promises results, expect a little more than promised. No, they don ’ thymine walk on water and I ’ ve not witnessed them turn water to wine, but as a communication pros, they are all that and more. I make no hesitation in recommending SahlComm. They continue to be my basal communications and PR go-to professional and you ’ ll find them fair as irreplaceable and valuable. ”
Veterans Resource Network

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