Easy to use and highly flexible

We thought just about everything so you don’t have to

Create as many websites as you want!

Profiles are a unique feature in Off the Shelf

Each profile contains a complete set of theme options, including colour and typography settings, that can be assigend to individual pages or parts of your site. That way you can make parts of your site, or just an individual page, look different from the rest.

You can create as many profiles as you need and you have the option to export, import or duplicate each of your profiles.

Off the Shelf - The Online Marketing WordPress ThemeOff the Shelf - The Online Marketing WordPress Theme

No need to code, create your websites visually!

Off the Shelf is designed to work with SiteOrigin Page Builder, one of the most popular page builder plug-ins for the WordPress platform

reate your website visually without any limitations. No coding is required, with an intuitive interface you can create your next project with a couple of clicks and with over 30 custom Off the Shelf Widgets we make sure you have the building blocks to do so.

Create the Website you want in a few seconds!

We have taken the demo import feature one step further

At installation, you can choose a demo layout that you like and install it with a single click. There is that one demo page that really sold you on the theme? Go ahead and make yours look identical in seconds, without cluttering your site with useless demo content that you will end up deleting anyway. Install only what you really need and want and get started with your content.

Off the Shelf - The Online Marketing WordPress Theme

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