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My appoint is George Siegel, and I am the proud owner of Siegel and Company PC .

I live in Pittsburgh with my son, George Jr., my daughter, Olivia, my wife, Alyssa, and our two dogs. I am a license CPA, have a BS from Penn State University and a Masters in Taxation from Robert Morris University. besides, I am a certify Valuation Analyst.

I created and grew the Accountancy tauten, Siegel and Company PC, from old-fashion discussion of mouth marketing and am proud of our accomplishments to date. I could not have done it without the support of my wife and class and the subscribe from our staff. Our firm, now 7 years honest-to-god, has matured into its own. We have been successful because we put node ‘s beginning. Simply put, we follow through with what we say we will do and focus on providing outstanding avail every time. We have a very high bar for the services we offer .
nowadays, Siegel and Company PC offers a divers adjust of services to anyone seeking fiscal and tax aid with their modest business or personal fiscal and tax needs. We not only help you with the tasks of filing your taxes and adjusting your account but because we have a sharp eye in using this information to improve your bottom line while doing things the justly way. A few services that I want to highlight :

Start-Up Business Services:

You have finally decided to go on your own. Congratulations ! nowadays what is your plan ? Do you have an exit scheme ? What is your tan pace per month ? Do you have an account system in position ? How are you organized for tax purposes ? Do you maintain a project cash hang statement ? Do you have an updated clientele plan ? It ’ s a terrific experience if you don ’ t have the support you need. My start-up services are geared towards creating efficiencies so that you can worry about what actually matters. I have helped hundreds of small businesses get off the earth from a fiscal, tax and accounting position and many of them are some of the most recognizable brands and humble businesses in Pittsburgh .

CFO Services/Financial Coaching for Your Small Business:

You are bang-up at running your growing clientele, but the back-end of your business ( report, fiscal and taxation ) is failing. I will provide an aim review of the fiscal health of your commercial enterprise and your controllership functions ( e.g. tax income, report, budget, payroll, and fiscal ) and report on how you can improve in order to increase your productivity along with maximizing your bottom tune. As an accounting tauten, we provide controllership functions, however, it is possible to automate some functions. We provide propose on how to set-up functions in order to reduce costs. Once the back end of your business is secured, we can focus our energy upon what matters and grow your business so you can accomplish your fiscal goals !

Non-Profit, Small Business, Personal Tax Compliance, Accounting and Payroll:

Siegel and Company PC is uniquely able to help you and your small occupation in this newly long time of engineering by preparing your account and taxes efficiently and efficaciously. We have been very successful at working with individuals, businesses and non-profits to achieve this goal. We provide tax planning, IRS audited account representation, tax entity choice consultation, and diverse other niche tax services. If you have had any problems with the IRS, please give me a birdcall and we ‘ll see what we can do for you .

Personal Financial and Tax Planning:

A growing section of our clientele are fresh families that have concerns regarding college savings for their little ones, budgeting for large expenditures, retirement plan, and tax planning and budget for their small business. Our fiscal planning services create a stream-lined approach to get you on track and keep you there. Siegel and Company PC has many tools to analyze the many moving parts of your situation in order to help you with ways to plan, budget and benchmark for the future. We are excellent at projecting fiscal statements and creating budgets for clients with a high degree of accuracy.

General Financial Planning and Other Business Services:

We offer services related to clients who are looking to acquire, merge, or sell their business. Every situation is unique and we are happy to analyze the many moving parts of these transactions in arrange to advise you as to the right way from a fiscal or tax perspective. besides, we are felicitous to analyze your occupation design and projections with a sharp eye. As I write this, I presently have five different clients of mine looking to either sell their business, merge their clientele or create a subsidiary company. They have engaged me to give them an freelancer analysis of the tax and fiscal implications of the transaction along with seeking advice as to big video clientele planning aspects besides .
We start off by getting to know you and your unique fiscal needs. From there, if you want to move forth with us, we provide you with an battle letter that clearly lists all the services we will offer and the cost quoted at a bland fee or hourly fee if you like. We provide an open-door policy to all clients and encourage communication throughout the year so that we help wherever possible .
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