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clandestine 8×155 8×195 Art. no. VE Dimension Dimension dxL 43546 5 [ millimeter ] Pfalu® Aquastop 8×125 dxh dxh 90×46 130×20 Subline blau zentriert SIHGA® APP SIHGA® TIP : System Catalogue 2020 181 For waterproofing testing manipulation leak spray and an air pump Pick Pick 182 System Catalogue 2020 SIHGA® Feature YOUR profit lode attachment for lifting glued laminate forest, capacitance up to 1250 kilogram per fastening point glued cross laminate timber and upstanding timbre made, develop and patented in Austria from local quality and dependability, Q & T steel for high-quality steel permanent, full-bodied long life rustle by drilling a blind hole ( Ø 50 millimeter, depth 70 millimeter ) visible quality of the surfaces is not impaired, no Pick drill HMB can be combined with the IdeFix® fastening screws needed exercise gauge IBL condom and dim-witted attachment easy, safe submission with the drill depth, precise drill at 90° versatile in application attached with a few actions, the fastening does maintenance-free not have to be aligned long serve life on the back ( from panel thickness of 90 millimeter ), side guard tested – accompanied by TÜV and transom-side for all kinds of corroborate annual test in concert with personal protective equipment according to Occupational Health and Safety Directive possible 20,000 load cycles avoidance of safety risks, diverse application areas and ambient conditions tested SIHGA® Systemkit® Pick HMB Art. No. 49223 49222 Pick SIHGA® APP Pick Deck SIHGA® TIP : Pick Deck closes the borehole, e.g. for sound insulation and fire protection requirements. System Catalogue 2020 183 93 millimeter minute. 70 millimeter Bore 50-51 millimeter Beam dimension Pick Load Table Beam minute. Height minute. Width BSH [ millimeter ] [ mm ] 2 attachment points 0°* 2 attachment points45° 200 140 [ kilogram ] [ kg ] KVH e.g. 140 2.500 1.370 framed wall 60 1.800 1.370 Panel dimensions glued ceiling panels BSP/ minute. Thickness min. Length 4 attachment points 45° CLT ( glue and Width ( only with rocker ) l­ aminate [ millimeter ] 3 attachment points 45° [ kilogram ] 1.000 [ kilogram ] timber ) [ millimeter ] 2.430 3.240 90 Panel dimensions glued wall minute. Length 2 attachment points 45° 90° panels BSP min. Thickness and Width [ kilogram ] ( glue laminate 2 attachment points 90° [ millimeter ] [ kg ] timber ) [ millimeter ] 90 1.000 1.160 520 = ( Plattengewicht / 2 ) *Highly pitchy timber like ache and larch, or BSP walls mounted at the front side, may alone be lifted at an angle of ≥ 5° to the borehole bloc and with multiple attachment points. The minimum distance to the airfoil layer while fastening plates to the front of the BSP control panel is 2 centimeter The minimum distance between each attachment point is 50 centimeter The minimum distance between attachment points and glow or gore edge must not be less than 25 curium attention : The axile distance between the posts in frame walls must not exceed 62.5 centimeter. The operator is creditworthy for the sufficient transfer of force out from the head brink ( plate ) to the posts, SIHGA® accepts no liability for this. SIHGA® TIP : Detailed load tables for different wood dimensions and warhead cases can be found in the Pick manoeuver. 184 System Catalogue 2020 Pick Systemkit HMB SIHGA® Feature YOUR profit two Pick and pinion, Pick exercise HMB, IdeFix® drill reliable and clean storage including all gauge IBL, 1 hardened HMB spare indexable inserts with accessories ; including place holder for third base Pick cheat and Allen keys and engage instructions are supplied in the System Kit burden values and safety conditions always to hand operating instructions stored in the lid Pick exercise HMB with optimize geometry for clean for seamless use of the Pick in the drill fix, the drill in the glue laminate lumber, glued cross best precondition for safe lift laminate timber and solid lumber Pick drill HMB made from senior high school choice steel with for continuous use of the bore with uniform quality exchangeable tungsten carbide indexable inserts of the drill hole. standing times ( costly grus hours ! ) for sharpening the drill are otiose Pick drill HMB with weave morsel independent retraction of the drill without the lotion of wedge, guaranteed centring with including IdeFix® drill gauge IBL different grain directions easy, safe complaisance with the drill depth against unintended drill through, chippings collection, protection of the drill and against injuries Pick Drill HMB SIHGA® APP System Catalogue 2020 185 Pick PSA Pick PSA 186 System Catalogue 2020 SIHGA® have YOU benefit Pick PSA protecting yourself and your employees from injury choose Pick-PSA when selecting your type-B System Pick Engel® does not get any simpler than this attachment luff if the wooden elements have already been lifted with the Sihga Pick, there are already sufficient there are no time-consuming issues with byzantine holes available cables as the next attachment indicate is always optimum cable lengths possible within reach no time-consuming installation and deinstallation enables secure motion without restricting necessary freedom of campaign no awkward scaffolding needed for maximal security, the Pick-PSA is merely versatile in use inserted into the borehole and the guard screw is tightened to 3 Nm made, developed and patented in Austria saves time and money about maintenance free applicable for beam ceilings and circuit board lock tested by TÜV Austria slab Austrian construct quality and dependability, robust heat-treatable steel for long lastingness regular clean and ocular inspections, adenine well as annual testing in accordance with operate material regulations ( Arbeitsmittelverordnung ) are sufficient ensures the highest level of base hit 93 millimeter SIHGA® min. 70 millimeter System Kit Pick PSA Art. Nr. VE 49231 2 49232 1 50-51 millimeter Bohrung soap. 50° SIHGA® APP Application with beam ceilings How to use with BSP SIHGA® TIP : Use the Sihga Pick to lift your wooden elements in order to achieve the best conditions for the Pick PSA System Catalogue 2020 187 System Pick Engel® Pick PSA Helixon-S condom equipment for heights 188 System Catalogue 2020 SIHGA® feature YOUR profit Pick PSA tested product combination to protect in sheath of low besides safeguard yourself and your employees from System Pick Engel® height falls an frequently undervalue low height fall of ≥ 2.00 thousand applicable as a safety team : two Pick PSA and two reliable and immediately functional fall protection Helixon-S acme protection devices tested as a system applicable when erecting construction elements, versatile in use placing ceiling elements and assorted loading activities bare and safe facility the proletarian is protected with fewer handgrips base hit equipment for heights ready to use, all Helixon-S base hit equipment for heights, with FA 50 significant functions are integrated 203 20 connecting chemical element including fall indicator, a carry handle and an external capitulation impact absorber Helixon-S safety equipment for heights integrated braking system for a collision force of Conformity with EN 360:2002 less than 6kN Swivel hook and connecting element FA 50 101 17 tested for up to 100 kg body weight to attach to the Pick PSA High load-bearing capacity possible Diagram SIHGA® Safety equipment for Strap soap. Weight planck’s constant h1 b-complex vitamin heights assembly pack Width Body weight Helixon-S 200 65 155 Art. no. VE Helixon-S [ millimeter ] [ kg ] [ kg ] 43596 1 100 1.74 210 75 179 [ meter ] 25 220 85 203 3.5 Vordere FordonetrohrirnetaerrceatAchueffyaelnegtsössaefety 230 95 226 AuffangghuarrnteEssNE3N63161 240 105 250 250 115 274 260 125 298 HK­eqröauhtipoemsnHesneitlcixfhooernrhEueNnigg3h6sts0gsearfäettyEN 360 h1 = h – 135cm 270 135 322 Kratos Helixon b= 2 x h1 280 145 346 tan ( 40˚ ) 290 155 369 EBexiasmpiepl : lupus erythematosus : 300 165 393 h1 = 265 – 135 = 130cm b= 2 ten 130 = 310 centimeter tan ( 40˚ ) 2650 1330 h 135 h1 40˚ barn PicPkiPcSkAPESNA79E5N:2071925T : y2p0e1B2 Typ B SIHGA® TIP : System Catalogue 2020 189 For your safety, use the combination entirely with the Pick PSA ProziFix® ProziFix® 190 System Catalogue 2020 ProziFix® drill SIHGA® feature YOUR profit special cutting geometry cuts a 50 millimeter trap in bricks without destroying them all blades are convertible saves time and money extra long beam, compatible with IdeFix® IBG hole depths are precisely adjustable and the hole drilling template can be drilled cleanly at a right angle can be driven with common rechargeable screwing no hammer drill device required devices manufactured in Austria highest european quality and prize creation SIHGA® ProziFix® drill SIHGA® IdeFix® IBG drilling tem- assembly pack plate Art. no. VE ØxL Working length assembly pack ØxL 55206 1 Art. no. VE [ millimeter ] [ millimeter ] [ mm ] 33666 1 90 adam 130 50 ten 620 400 ProziFix® SIHGA® APP ProziFix® IdeFix® IBG drilling template Drill SIHGA® TIP : When drilling with the ProziFix® drill, the IdeFix® IBG drill template is recommended in arrange to be able to maintain the accurate depth System Catalogue 2020 191 SIHGA® feature YOUR benefit wall anchors for vertically perforated brick assembly of canopies, carports and pergolas bridges up to 20 cm insulating material senior high school load-bearing capacitance no cumbersome cutting out of insulation necessary inner pipe insulation can not be achieved with any early customary including sealing disk system 0-6 millimeter rear public discussion articulation very low heat loss disk dowels included reseals the facade anchor pipe with high corrosion resistor for pergolas that are not covered and thus on, a beziFee® is included distance of 6 mm should be selected so that the develop and manufactured in Austria wood can dry, no spacing for cover construction for optimum crossbreed shear power transmittance, Reinforcement of the embedment forte SC9- coat means high service life no extra material required time-saving, hardheaded, precise, complete accessories included SIHGA® Dimension Insulation Characteristic values in recommend values** thickness brick fb* min. 12 N/mm2 in brick fb* min. 12 N/mm2 assembly d1 adam L d2 / wall D F1 F2 F1 F2 compact ­thickness [ millimeter ] Shear effect [ kN ] Tensile force Shear force [ kN ] Tensile force Art. no. VE [ millimeter ] [ millimeter ] [ kN ] [ kN ] 110 6.00 6.50 2.40 2.60 55216 5 50 adam 300 42.4 / 8 130 5.75 6.50 2.30 2.60 55226 5 50 ten 320 42.4 / 8 150 5.25 6.50 2.10 2.60 55236 5 50 ten 340 42.4 / 8 170 5.00 6.50 2.00 2.60 55246 5 50 ten 360 42.4 / 8 190 4.75 6.50 1.90 2.60 55256 5 50 x 380 42.4 / 8 210 4.50 6.50 1.80 2.60 55266 5 50 ten 400 42.4 / 8 * Average compressive military capability of the brick ( Senftenbacher 25 VZ plan ) ** Taking into consideration the partial derivative safety factors for brick per etag 029 appendix C L 200 190 F1 F2 d1 d2 22 M16 BeziFee® SIHGA® APP 0-6 min. 240 D SIHGA® TIP : The special ProziFix® drill was developed to make the 50 millimeter hole, as it cuts a clean hole in brick without shattering the brick. 192 System Catalogue 2020 Compared with threaded gat System Wall thick- Distance Threaded Anchoring astuteness Wood spacing Failure load Failure type soap. load* cape ( WDVS ) gat ( with adhesive holder mortar ) ( LxWxH ) [ millimeter ] [ millimeter ] [ millimeter ] [ millimeter ] [ millimeter ] [ kN ] [ kN ] Threaded rod 250 200 M16 150 200 adam 140 x 140 ~ 1.20 Brick ~ 0.4 breakage ProziFix® 210 250 200 – 190 – ~ 7.50 Brick 1.80 breakage *Failure value with partial derivative base hit factors reduced kg System Catalogue 2020 193 Stegsan® RV/BA Stegsan® RV Stegsan® BA for posts and stakes for beams 194 System Catalogue 2020 SIHGA® Feature YOUR profit walk renovation organization for wooden posts, the bad patch of wood between the water and stakes ( Stegsan® RV ) atmosphere is merely replaced ; extensive cost-savings walkway renovation system for beams ( Stegsan® the shine is permanently, promptly, securely and BA ) to wooden posts, stakes well connected to the wooden post, stakes made, developed and patented in Austria local quality and added-value extra yoke system for pre-installation in the factory saves lots of time angled screw connection in end-grain wood transfers high forces, specially for loads on the anti-rotation lock enclosed ( Stegsan® VS ) walk from boats or waves the anti-rotation lock against unintended relaxation includes SIHGAFIX® rust-free, GoFix® HKE stainless steel is easily screwed to the english on-site steel screws and facility instructions time-saving, practical, accurate, complete made from aluminum accessories enclosed can be removed at any fourth dimension for permanent fasten, even under water calculation values can always be reused SIHGA® performs the calculation for you SIHGA® Stegsan® Stake/post Screw minute. Ø GoFix® HKE montagepack Dimension Ø Height Thread [ millimeter ] Type [ mm ] 160 d1 x L Art. no. PU RV [ millimeter ] [ millimeter ] – 6,0 x 60 BA 16 6,0 ten 60 30266 8* 160 10 20 30286 2 100 25 * equals 4 connections Stegsan® SIHGA® APP Subline blau zentriert SIHGA® TIP : Stegsan®, the easy, quick and dependable method for renovating lake walkways or jetties ; the environment is beneficial protected here, while planning permission is made easier. System Catalogue 2020 195 EDSTAHL® EDSTAHL® made of 100 % stainless steel 196 System Catalogue 2020 SIHGA® Feature YOUR benefit transfers up to 191 kN compressive push per the most permanent and reliable connection fastening bespeak no hazard of corrosion, usage class 3 unique on the market : made 100 % from stainless steel local quality and added-value make, developed and patented in Austria the forest remains undamaged due to wood protection permanent wave woodwind connection for high tensile forces, the globally unique merchandise with cubic, exchangeable screw can be combined with IdeFix® IF 304 or 406 for association in grain-cut wood provides security 16.62 kN ductile force and horizontal impel of agile and slowly installation, amphetamine part can be 5.97 kN installed in the factory can be used flexibly, height compensation up to 65 bipartite system millimeter, besides when installed SIHGA® performs the calculation for you two models for all applications rust-free, time-saving, practical, precise, complete calculation values accessories enclosed including accessories made from stainless steel steel, L-GoFix® MS, BeziFix® anchor ZSE, SIHGAFIX® and facility instructions EDSTAHL® 300 20 EDSTAHL® 400 20 13 15 13 80 160 100 160 Adjustment crop 88 Adjustment range 88 Support foot 80 100 SIHGA® Dimension Adjustment range Characteristic values objektpack EDSTAHL® Height [ mm ] L-GoFix® MS 6,0 x 160 Art. no. PU type from to Pressure [ kN ] Tensile [ kN ] Shear [ kN ] 28609 10 300 125 170 113,70 2,04 1,47 SIHGA® APP 28709 5 400 160 225 191,20 2,04 1,47 characteristic values for dimensioning according to EC 5 and intensity class C 24 ( rk 350 kg/m³ ) SIHGA® TIP : connection and lift-off protection of both parts with enclose screws. System Catalogue 2020 197 Herakulix® KI 200 Herakulix® KI 200 with limited SC 6 coating System Catalogue 2020 198 SIHGA® Feature YOUR benefit EDSTAHL® takes up to 237,5 kN per attachment point, the most durable and authentic connection Herakulix® 29 kN ductile force out 10 kN impact load ( requirement : with impact protection at carports, according to anchoring with Betsi A4 12 x 118 or same comments on ( Herakulix® ) ZaFix® STZ design values ) high corrosion and spatter protection due to coating suitable for use in weather areas permanent wave wood connection geomorphologic wood auspices keeps surfaces release of cubic screwing with IdeFix® in the end damage grain the global ‘ s entirely product with a three-dimensional, IdeFix® drilling jig IBG ( page 157 ) standard-compliant including SIHGAFIX®, GoFix® HK screws and fitting provides guard facility instructions for effective, angular drill besides on site time-saving, practical, precise, including all accessories SIHGA® Herakulix® IdeFix® Characteristic values with normal storm Rated values impact recommended for carports objektpack KI IF lunge [ kN ] traction [ kN ] cross push [ kN ] cross impel [ kN ] effect [ kN ] Art. Nr. VE Type Type Rc, potassium Rt, thousand Rv, k Rc, vitamin d Rv, d 51549 2 KI 200 406 237,5 29,00 10,00 50,001 10,002 feature values for blueprint according to EC 5 and intensity class C24 ( rk 350 kg/m³ ) 1 deform condition : especial load shell as per EC : partial derivative safety factors for constant loads ( 1.35 ) and varying loads ( 1.5 ) may be set to 1.0 and snow below 1000 meter may be reduced by 80 %. 2 Impact lode car at a bumper altitude of 337.5 centimeter and at a travel rapidly of 5 km / h ( necessity : Betsi A4 12 x 118 or equivalent lode values ) RC min. 140 Ø 13 200 40200 RV SIHGA® APP 40 10 120 20 61 10 SIHGA® TIP : For manual drill, we recommend the IdeFix® IBG drill jig and drill ( page 168 ). ETA-18/0886 System Catalogue 2020 199 Herakulix® M/XS/L Herakulix® XS/M/L bipartite system with SC 6 coating 200 System Catalogue 2020 ETA-18/0886

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