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Setting up to manage your content for your developer portfolio has never been better. After installing the Sanity CLI into your project, you’re able to enter Sanity Studio to add and edit content in your app. This works wonders for online portfolios and blogs! Leave it to Sanity to store your data in its defile. Sanity Studio is customizable. Any features you want to place in your portfolio are handled efficiently and changes can be viewed in real-time. so, in 2021, let’s join our personal portfolio website with Sanity to help build our online portfolio ’ second content. Be your own personal seller and digital agency. here are 5 amazing React templates for the new year that you can use with Sanity. here’s the kicker, the price for these portfolio website templates is at no cost to you!

1. Developer Portfolio by Hanzla

Hanzla's Portfolio ScreenshotPortfolio Screenshot View Demo | Get Template

The animation is attention-getting and when used correctly, makes the exploiter experience scheme. This one-page portfolio is modern including a satiny white and blue color system and seamless scrolling between sections. Each vivification is singular to the subject section and visually catches the user’s second attention. It has all the information required for an online portfolio without the need for overwhelming design or text. The functionality of this portfolio site is amazing for graphic designers and freelancers alike. There is a dedicated associate for the network developer ’ sulfur sum up that potential employers can view and download. The links for social media are very outstanding with the localization mighty above the curriculum vitae and in the acme menu bar.

2. React Frontend Dev Portfolio by Dorota Gil

Dorota's Portfolio ScreenshotPortfolio Screenshot View Demo | Get Template Who doesn’t like options? Having an alight and a dark version of your sum up is reasonably impressive coming into 2021. When the first land on the home page of this portfolio website template, there is a toggle between the alighted and benighted options which changes the color scheme. And it does not stop there. What else is bang-up about this online portfolio? A toggle between languages that the portfolio is available in. This is an amazing feature for multi-lingual web developers to present their portfolios in other languages! There is no menu bar, but a small picture in the top left corner that links to GitHub. This online portfolio has a one-page scroll with clickable items that will pop out more information on that component for a minimalistic portfolio site. The projects section pops up modal galleries, which makes it courteous for screenshots aboard descriptions of the web developer ’ randomness projects and can include other areas like testimonials which can be big for world wide web developers, graphic designers, startups, and even photography websites. Don’t forget to show off what you can do by using the icons like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and jQuery in the skills section. Having page templates give options to make this portfolio multipurpose. The experience part slides in information on scroll on past involvements. This can be used for education, past employment, and achievements. This portfolio website template offers a bare and clean portfolio that highlights data about the web developer, projects, skills, and experience.

3. React Portfolio by Sachin Mittal

Sachin's Portfolio ScreenshotPortfolio Screenshot View Demo | Get Template Since the left column stays fixed with portfolio seafaring and social media links, it makes finding touch information and navigation quick. The main shield to the right embodies the online portfolio pages. The bold images fill the area right of the menu, automatically transitioning to feature links to view projects and a CV on the double. erect scroll on the down page is enabled to expand on information about the world wide web developer and their education. You can truly use the portfolio website template for HTML customization and add menu items like blogs or links to projects. Portfolios are a web developer’s second resume. It lays out information about the person, what their educational background and/or experience in the field is, what type of skill sets they have, and introduces the spectator to projects to show off what they can offer. Having a weblog added to your online portfolio very shares an individual’s personality and their journey during projects. It is a capital way for employers to hone into what type of web developer or web designer you are. This online portfolio would go nicely with Sanity’s contented management and Sanity would help ease functionality to add and edit your 2021 blogs in your portfolio.

4. React Portfolio Template by Chetan Verma

Chetan's Portfolio ScreenshotPortfolio Screenshot View Demo | Get Template

A simple personal portfolio website can never do you wrong. simple can be beautiful. When going for a minimalist set about, you must focus on other things to grab the drug user’s randomization attention and very understand the experience the user will take away from viewing your online portfolio. The only vivification in this portfolio is a copulate of the text on the scroll. other than that, this portfolio focuses on bold typography and the minimal design of a white and black composition. The headers stand out and the pictures from the “ shape ” and “ About Me ” sections make the colors pop and draw your attention to those main attributes. Having an uncomplicated portfolio showcasing your work in 2021 will never go out of style.

5. Material UI Portfolio by Mahmudul Alam

Mahmudul's Portfolio ScreenshotPortfolio Screenshot View Demo | Get Template Subtle background animations are quite interesting. This is a case of an enliven background in a portfolio site done right. The incredible backdrop animation is what ’ south going to set this portfolio apart in 2021. You get your common aimless stars, but how about stepping vane design up a bit and adding a whole constellation? It is not a one-page portfolio, which brings the drug user’s sulfur focus on the full-screen background that is brought to animation. The menu is simple and moves you between the developer portfolio’s sketch and projects. What’s great about this online portfolio is that it includes a contact form. There is room for customization with this React template to add menu items as your personal online portfolio would require. This developer portfolio is distinctive and memorable just for the setting itself. Take something familiar and elevate it!

Worth Mentioning – React Terminal Portfolio by Shlok Somani

Shlok's Portfolio ScreenshotPortfolio Screenshot View Demo | Get Template nowadays, this is fun and unlike border on. Your personal portfolio website should be a testament to you and your worldwide web exploitation skills. This single-page concluding portfolio makes the chap web developer giggle inside as the terminal is used by a worldwide web developer daily. It may not seem that this online portfolio uses excessively much informational content or frivolous images, but you can bet that the functionality can be modified to allow the spectator to interactively find information. Using terminal commands has become second gear nature and creating it to present your portfolio is then a lot of playfulness.


Using portfolio website templates helps vane developers create visually appealing online portfolios in no time. After viewing the portfolio composition demonstration, follow the link for the free React portfolio website templates and download the repo. What’s second very cool about these portfolios is the customization. They can be used with Sanity to manage your content. here’s a great tutorial on how to build your first weblog with Sanity and React. Use your templates with Sanity and save yourself some valuable web couturier time. Focus on more important information like you and your skills. Get started with your developer portfolio template with Sanity nowadays! Content Is Data is a platform to build websites and applications. It comes with great APIs that let you treat capacity like data. Give your team precisely what they need to edit and publish their capacity with the customizable Sanity Studio. Get real-time collaboration out of the box. comes with a hosted datastore for JSON documents, question languages like GROQ and GraphQL, CDNs, on-demand asset transformations, presentation agnostic rich people text, plugins, and much more. Don’t compromise on developer experience. Join thousands of developers and trusted companies and power your content with Free to get started, pay-as-you-go on all plans.

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