C.C.Components Pty Ltd scope of Single-Plied Interwoven Solid Woven PVC Conveyor Belting provides superior dimensional constancy, tractability, enhanced cut and tear underground and high conveyer belt belt fastener memory characteristics. Solid Woven PVC Conveyor Belts are repellent to edge wear, moisture, mildew, decomposition and delamination. Manufactured with a compass of bed cover finishes our belts are desirable for both roller & luger layer conveyer belt systems. Smooth top cover Solid Woven PVC Conveyor Belts include SWB150CBB, SWB250CBB & SWB400CSB.

waste pvc belts Our range of SW150CBB, SW250CBB & SW400CSB Solid Woven PVC belts are suitable for the coarse demands of conveying in waste recycling & timbre mill facilities & the general convey of ingrain in harvest, memory & distribution. With a hard wear smooth peak cover & low friction bottom finish our PVC Solid Woven Belts are the first choice for over deck bring in wet & arduous applications. belt in tube conveyor Crescent Top patterned Solid Woven PVC Conveyor Belts include SWB120CRES & SWB200CRES. These belts are suitable for incline & decline conveyer systems in ingrain & timbre handling facilities, packaged goods conveyer systems. These belts are the number one choice for belt-in-tube conveyors. canolla harevesting Our SWB110IMPAG is a premium anoint repellent PVC Conveyor Belt & is a popular choice in whippersnapper agricultural harvest, in particular, canola oil reap. Solid Woven PVC Conveyor Belts can be either hot vulcanize joined or mechanically fastener joined using Flexco, CAI, Clipper, Goro or Mato Mechanical Belt Fasteners.

A number of our Solid Woven PVC Conveyor Belts can be supplied with top binding hot welded PVC CLEATING & SIDEWALLS and bottom cover hot welded PVC TRACKING STRIPS to enhance performance. recycling belts recycling belt 1 Solid Woven PVC belts for tend carry in waste recycling plants can be supplied with bolt on Rubber Heavy Duty Recycling Scoop Cleats available in both 50mm & 100mm.   SWB250CBB & SWB400CSB are besides popular belt choices for metier duty Elevator Belt Systems and can be supplied with or without Elevator Buckets & Elevator Belt Fasteners.   A range of Heavy Duty SW Fire Resistant Anti Static PVC Belts suitable for undergound Coal Handling applications is available against indent.

Belt Type Rated Tension kN/m Nominal Belt Gauge MM Pulley High Tension MM Pulley Low Tension MM
SW5000                        87                            8.7                      500                      355
SW6000                      100                            8.9                      630                      400
SW6500                      114                            9.0                      630                      400
SW7000                      125                            9.3                      750                      450
SW8000                      140                            9.8                      750                      450
SW9000                      160                          11.0                      800                      600
SW10000                      175                          12.0                      800                      600
SW12000                      210                          14.0                    1000                      750
SW15000                      262                          15.3                    1250                      800
SW18000                      315                          17.6                    1500                    1000

This range can be supplied with either general determination PVC or FRAS PVC covers. FRAS PVC complies with appropriate approvals.   Additional downloads:

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