Welcome to this workweek ’ s edition of the Indie Spotlight Series. Jam packed week on the horizon, so let ’ s godforsaken no time and jump right in .

Brzrkr 1 Third Print Foil

BOOM Studios

I can just not wrap my principal about why this reserve is selling thus high even though it does have some pretty disgusted cover art. It has seen sales of $ 150 but there are current listings on the secondary commercialize for less than $ 100. I said it on the second base print and I will say it on this one as well…. Tread Lightly. Great first gear topic read wise though and am excited to check out offspring 2 which besides drops this workweek .

Something is Killing the Children 1 Eighth Print

BOOM Studios
Unless you live under a rock you have heard that this series will be making its direction to the screen in some media release. That announcement is decidedly what brought this book around, because as they say, timing is everything. I think these may be easier to come by tomorrow than I primitively thought, but placid a must have if found at cover price. Currently going for around $ 25 on the secondary commercialize .

Nottingham 1 Second Print

Mad Cave Studios
Loved the inaugural issue of this title and angstrom depleted as that print run was, I think this one will be flush smaller. This book went Ghost Mode on the secondary marketplace for a couple weeks and I think we saw a major price hike because of it. Copies were selling for around $ 100 but cheaper copies are now showing up as the flood on the secondary market is starting. Again, an absolute must have if found at cover. Safe for a quick flip or a retentive term bear .

Snatched 1

Did you know hair traffic was a thing ? ? ? Well I sure as hell didn ’ thymine but obviously it is. This ledger is centered around that and could be an concern read. modern day topics fall again, and if this one is done well I could decidedly see it hitting a pour service somewhere. certain to be a gloomy mark streak and a tough find oneself tomorrow. very few copies on the secondary marketplace .

engender 317

This one is my sleeper of the week. The Chain gang is what is making me buy this koran for a long term halt. never know when Mcfarland is going to throw something new at you, so you better be ready. Spawn will never be a bad cream up though equally far as I am concerned. The A cover on this book is besides my cover of the week. Absolute Fire ! ! ! !

spinal column Issue Bonus

Alien Bounty Hunter 1

I placid believe that Mark Wahlberg will find a way to adapt this into a movie or series with ampere much concern as he showed early on. The A cover for this book can be found for around 5 to 7 bucks. Sleeping specification in my opinion. Cheap buy in on a bible that still has a shoot because of its guts .

Thanks as constantly for read and comment and dear fortune out there tomorrow. Stay safe and be kind to one and early .

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