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Public Service Announcement :
If you create content about Cowboy Bebop and have been harassed by craze Julia fans policing what you create with stupid screenshotted devotional pamphlets and sermons, please know that most of it is the lapp guy. here, Reddit, Facebook, all of it. One sad middle-aged man making multiple shrines to a two dimensional woman who is honestly means out of his league .
There are 26 essays on my blog and the moron is fixated on equitable the four which lecture about Spike and Faye, already labelled as an ‘ Alternate Take ’ 🙄 .
There is no “ one correct room ” to enjoy art and everyone is free to create the contentedness they want to create. Most of his “ material ” is culturally misinterpreted and crazy crap .
If you ever read this buddy. You ’ ve been trying to get my attention unsuccessfully for a while so here you go last. If you don ’ t want me to do a wide post with demand details of all your presence and activeness calm the hell down and leave people alone. Freedom of expression is a thing .
Tumblr media
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6 months ago
Tumblr media
spike spiegeleisen + reader : evocative
word count : 1407 ( more or less idk )
a/n : wrote this erstwhile during late summer. live action bop ‘s coming out soon so one decided to tweak this one a bit and release it. besides i am most decidedly obsessed with this gif

“ What will you do with your contribution of the money ? ”
Spike takes the cigarette balanced between his fingers, mulling over your wonder for barely a second, and points it to the frame. Ein had fallen asleep on Jet—the bounty hunter was deep in his own slumber, sprawled out upon the weather cushions .
“ Anything I get will probably go towards more food for that thing, ” he says, far besides casually for what he good implied .
You can feel your eyes practically shooting out of your drumhead. In your several months of traveling on the Bebop, he had never referred to Jet with such venom .
“ Jesus, Spike ! ” you whisper yell. “ That ’ s your partner ! I ’ d expect you to show a little esteem. ”
His cigarette, now dangling from his mouth and out of his hands, bounces when he shifts his burden. alternatively of leaning against the wall, he opts for standing up straightaway and looking down at you, locking your eyes in a sharpen gaze .
“ Was talking about the frump, baby. ”
With just the shed of an octave and the way he towers over you, you ’ ve found that Spike is pretty good at making you feel like an idiot—what he did was much his way of dismissing you. The inflame rising to your cheeks betrays you and you ’ re abruptly flushed, all while Spike turns off from you with his signature shit-eating grin and stares off, smoking and slouching without a fathom. The blanketing quiet gives you time to think .
You and the crew had ultimately locked down a fine-looking bounty that had been escaping your appreciation for besides retentive now. The guy was a nobody—some guy who coveted some ostentatious jewels, you think ? —but the price on his head was delicious. From the day Jet announced the deputation to your crew, a bounty hunter ’ s favorite question wormed its way into your heads once again : what will we do with the money ?
The mission, in theory, was proving to be a piece of coat ; you could only hope for the best and rely on your instincts. Despite the simplicity of it all, worry still picked at your genius and made means for doubt. You were relatively modern to this, after all. Weren ’ t the weaselly ones harder to snag ? Aren ’ t they the ones with the knock-down bodyguards ?
… Where did you get that idea from ?
however, the only direction you ’ ve been able to take your judgment off of fresh doubts was through striking the wall that existed between you and Spike .
Why wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate he take you badly, let alone talk to you without you approaching first ? You understood that he was never an easy man to deal with—Jet knew that best. When you first base tagged along, you remembered asking about to see what was up with Spike. Jet admitted to you that, even after traveling the organization in concert for years, he was distillery ineffective to get his ally to open up at all .
“ Something happened to him, ” Jet would say, “ but I don ’ thyroxine know what. His family, possibly ? His female child ? Some guy ? I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know. All I do know is that he ’ s a substantial pain in the ass… but he ’ second my supporter. ”
Faye probably understood Spike the least, constantly irritating him and pushing him to the end with her tease and betrayal. She spoke junior-grade of him, but let the little concern she harbored for him seep into her words anyhow .
“ Yeah, I piss him off. But it ’ s fun. I keep him on his toes… because something ’ sulfur been bugging him recently. Can ’ t tell what, but it ’ s probably dumb. At least we keep him alert, y’know ? ”
As for Ed, she never had anything to say early than the fact that Spike “ had some in truth stupid hair. ” It didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate in truth help, but it was placid fishy .
nowadays that the rest of the crew was either asleep or beneath a pawl, you had the opportunity to strike up a conversation with the most enigmatic homo in distance .
“ Why don ’ metric ton you ever talk to me ? ” you ask, tearing through the silence. “ You talk to everyone else fair fine, and everyone talks to me precisely fine— ”
“ Shh ! ” Spike hisses, removing the cigarette from his mouth once more. “ Do you hear that ? ”
You stare at him dumbfounded, listening, while his eyes scan the hull of the Bebop. There was no fathom .
“ No, I don ’ thyroxine, ” you hesitantly admit .
spike saunters over to the ashtray on the coffee bean board in the middle of the room, stubbing out what he had been smoking for far excessively retentive now. He ’ second wearing a dreamy smile. “ precisely, dame. precisely. ”
Frustrated, you huff more dramatically than you would have liked to. Regardless of his efforts to stave you off, you wouldn ’ thyroxine retreat. “ so you ’ re just an asshole to me for playfulness then ? You get a rise just from pissing me off, huh ? ”
He reaches into the pockets of his united states navy trim pants, whips out another cigarette—how many of those does he have ? ? ? —and promptly lights it while you speak .
“ It ’ s not like I ’ ve always done anything to you, ” you continue, “ and I ’ ve merely always treated you with the deference I ’ ve given everyone else. I still don ’ thymine make you. Why do you think it ’ s funny to never take anything I say seriously ? I ’ thousand your crewmate, we ’ ra basically partners, y— ”
At the citation of partners, the fooling restrain Spike has on his cigarette strengthens into a vice-like grip. You watch his knuckles go white before he flings the smoke onto the floor, stomping the light out. His lead swerves to pin you with his eyes and you instantaneously recognize the displace swirling behind them .
He did n’t seem to mind the news before.. ?
“ Look. ” He doesn ’ triiodothyronine belly laugh, but his spokesperson surely carries throughout the sleeping ship. “ I was finely when it was just Jet and I. The two of us. then there was the dog, then the womanhood, then the girl, and now you. I ’ ve been tired of the curse accommodate, and now I have to make room for person that reminds me excessively bloody much of Julia— ”
Spike abruptly cuts himself off and mutters a curse under his breath .
He takes a footstep back—he was hunched over and in your face precisely a moment ago—and stands up uncoiled. His eyes are downcast. His fists are at his sides and they clench and unclench in frustration. You catch the depleted exhale that releases from his mouth .
For the first time, you see spike Spiegel diffident of what to do following .
“ Partners, ” he croaks. “ You said partners. ”
You nod. Opening your mouth to speak might push him far .
He inhales sharply, holds his breath for precisely five seconds, and sighs through his mouth .
“ not. ”
He takes a sweeping footfall ahead .
“ even. ”
Spike hits the palm of his hand on the metallic element wall next to your head—CLANG ! —and locks you in with his body .
“ Close. ”
You feel his breath fan your face as his head cranes down to meet yours. green locks lock and stick to the sweat on his frontal bone, no doubt because of the abound he equitable had. He ’ second puffing ; his body gives off more heat than common .
spike scans your font with brown calculating eyes you ’ re all excessively companion with. You know it ’ s not hard to read you ; you ’ ra trembling like a leaf, eyes wide, mouth slightly parted .
His gaze falls to your lips, not looking anywhere else for what feels like hours. You could have sworn you began to feel him lean in but he pulls back from you, leaving you ineffective to process what equitable happened .
Your binding is inactive plumb line to the wall and your legs feel like they ’ re about to give out. One voice in your mind is screaming at you to find out what the sleep together is going on while the other beg for him to come back. You ’ re spacing out and staring at nothing while the stomps of his heels recede into his bedroom .
Sliding down the wall, you fail to notice Ein waking up and bouncing off of Jet. He waddles to you and lays down at your side. Did he sense your need for comfort ?
You stroke his fur, from his head down to his back, and watch his body rise and precipitate with his evening breathing. Jet is silent knocked out on the sofa, and neither Faye nor Ed have come into the hull asking about the noise. As your ears tune into the low busyness of the embark ’ second engines, you can ’ thyroxine help but think .
Who was Julia ?
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5 months ago
going to bed after an controversy
anime : cowboy bop
characters : spike spiegeleisen, coal-black black
compendious : it ‘s time for bed and you and your lover have n’t quite settled on your little battle from earlier .
warnings : afab ! lector, rather of hc that spike doesnt practice ‘i love you ‘ in words that much
Tumblr media
spike Spiegel :
He loved sleeping. It was a time where he could worry about nothing and just let himself rest .
Except now, he stood there with Y/N on the early side of the bed, looking right back at him. She had her arms crossed over her chest, contemplating what the two of them should do. none of them had apologised for earlier that night. They thought the other one was being inconsiderate and childish, which led to no end of the argumentation and no ‘sorry ‘ being said .
He then huffs out, trying to make light of the situation, “ Rock, Paper, Scissors for the bed ? ”
She glares at him a little more before shifting into the bed, on her own side as she faces away from her boyfriend. still so childish. sometimes he could be intolerable, not thinking about anything and how it would effect them later. It made her crazy. But he was always this spontaneous. A factor of himself that she had to learn to deal with .
“ then … can I sleep hera with you ? ” He inquires, placing a testing hand on the seam .
In return, Y/N mumbles out quietly, “ I do n’t care what you do. ”
But she actually did. Which had sparked this whole argumentation anyhow. Spike knows this himself, therefore he waits for her to say more before deciding for himself .
Spike gives a sigh, moving under the covers himself and facing the ceiling. arsenic a lot as he loved quiescence, Spike would find himself unable to do indeed without talking with Y/N for a few minutes. It was something he picked up on right after they began dating. Was n’t easy, but he managed .
“ Are you still mad at me ? ” He questions, looking over to his side to see Y/N stay unmoving. He waits for an answer, but receives none from her. But he knows. “ I guess you are. ”
A part of him aches because he knows that they ‘re both faulty. He went raving mad and cut off all communication with the others. And Y/N went following after him without a design. The two of them being so heedless. But he knows that he started it, so he needed to face that .
“ I did n’t mean to scare you like that. ” He claims, scrunching the blankets beneath his palm, “ It was unintelligent, but we in truth needed the money for that amplitude. Runnin ‘ moo on fuel and food … barely do n’t want you to regret coming with us. ”
They met while he was in the middle of a job. She was enticed by both of the guys and he found that she got along well with Jet, who in return was that little bit nice to Spike. But if she had always decided that she made the badly option by staying with them, Spike would n’t be able to forgive himself. He wants her to stay with him. even if he shows it in the most weird ways .
“ I do n’t regret anything. ” She retorts, Spike finally hearing her voice after parting ways right after the mission, “ I barely … I wish you ‘d tell me when you ‘re about to do something crazy. ”
Spike scoffs rear, a smirk on his lips, “ You ‘re precisely as crazy, following me in there, guns blazing. ” He turns his head to see that she ‘s lifting her shoulders, as if a little abashed. “ It was cute, do n’t get me improper. You were all ‘give me back my boyfriend or else you ‘re all going to Hell ! ‘. ”
She ca n’t help but chuckle at that. Y/N rolls onto her back, turning her head to the side. Her eyes meet with his, and she sees precisely how much that bounty meant to him. Or to the both of them through his thinker .
She reaches out her hand and holds his boldness. “ Spike, I just do n’t want you constantly coming back here with then many bruises and cuts. ” She claims, watching him lean into her, “ Sorry that I ran after you indeed incautiously … I did n’t have a plan, I merely wanted to see you again. ”
“ As if one could stay harebrained at person ampere cover girl as you, my beloved. so brave, comin ‘ after me like that. ” Spike chuckles out, pressing a kiss to her palm. She gives a little smile as he stares. “ Let ‘s good agree we ‘re both speechless, aye ? ”
She nods her pass, wrapping an sleeve around his neck and leaning her frontal bone against his. “ I guess. We should both apologise to Jet tomorrow good morning. ” She suggests, earning a hesitant nod from her boyfriend, “ good. I love you, Spike. ”
He gently presses his lips against hers, holding the back of her neck as support. He hums against her, “ Right second at cha ‘, sweetheart. ”
With that, she closes her eyes and lets herself fall to sleep, head against Spike ‘s shoulder as he laid on his rear. He watches the ceiling, rubbing the other slope of her shoulder as she snoozed away. Spike was awake for a short longer .
He should very watch out better for themselves .
“ Sorry for worrying you, Y/N. ”
Jet Black :
She was already in seam by the time Jet came bet on to the ship .
Y/N was all cleaned up and swap clothes, laying nicely on her side of the bed. Jet watched as she shifted in her topographic point ampere soon as the door opened. That meant she was still awake, seems like she had n’t fallen asleep at all .
Jet puts his things down on the chest of drawers, taking off his vest. He wants to ask her about their disagreement before, but that ‘s somehow stopped from speaking. He just mutely puts away his belongings, flush pushing his shoes under the bed .
He does n’t say another parole as he grabs his pillow and heads to the door .
He hears her shuffle again, this clock she ‘s sitting up .
“ Where are you going ? ” Y/N asks quietly, hugging her knees to her thorax .
She never liked sleep by herself, not ever since she began sharing a board with Jet .
spike had made a joke about her dormant with him, to which Jet had hit him for .
Jet stops at the doorway, lifting his hand from the metallic element. “ Gon na ‘ go sleep in the guest board. ” He states, looking over to her, “ Do n’t want to force you to sleep with me when we ‘re … active. ”
Eyes puffy and looking small, all alone on the bed. He never liked it when she ended up like this, in any occasion. Once she cried at a sad movie, and Jet felt his heart violate into a million pieces .
She turns to the blankets over her lap, mumbling out to her boyfriend, “ You can have the bed. I ‘ll sleep in the spare room. ”
He ‘s widened his eyes a small at that. She ‘s already out of bed and picking up her pillow. “ What ? ” He scoffs, furrowed brows as he holds tighter onto his own pillow, “ No you ‘re not. You were already in bed. ”
“ I already ruined your day, I ‘ll take the guest board. ” Y/N states, now standing in front of Jet with her pillow clutched to her chest of drawers, “ Plus, that bed ‘s constantly … cold. You wo n’t sleep properly. ”
He clicks his tongue at that. “ You wo n’t either. ” He says back to her. She did n’t actually ruin his day, they had just lost a bounty because of their lack of communication. It was both of their faults. “ Just stay here. ”
She glared at him a fiddling more before puff, moving back to the bed in frustration, “ Do n’t like sleeping here without you. ” It ‘s softly said, but Jet heard all of it .
She does n’t like being alone .
That makes him sigh and walk back to the bed. He puts his pillow back in its place and sits on his slope of the bed. Y/N feels a bit more still when she feels the mattress dent. She watches the wall .
“ Hey … ” Jet speaks out, looking over his shoulder to her, “ I ‘m regretful for yelling at you before. Should remember that I ‘m not out on the field with you, then I do n’t know what ‘s going on. ” He watches as she slouches her shoulders, which meant she was listening to him. “ Just wan na ‘ know you ‘re dependable. ”
She sits up now, fingers linked in concert on her lick. “ I ‘m deplorable angstrom well. I got huffy that I lost the prey and took it out on you. ” She admits, playing with the pads of her fingers. He places a pacify hand over hers, stopping her fiddling movements. Y/N finally looks binding to him. “ You ‘re not sleeping out there, are you ? ”
He shakes his point at the interview, crossing his arms over his thorax. “ No, you ‘re correct. The early bed is direction besides cold. ” He states .
He freezes once he feels Y/N dislocate her arms around his, burying her head into his shoulder. She held on nasty. Jet chuckles, wrapping his early sleeve around her, “ Tired ? ” She nods her head. “ Okay. Let ‘s get some pillow for tomorrow. ”
She gives a little hum as he allows them to lay down. He lets her head slot against his breast, her arms snaking around his shank. He keeps his own around her shoulders, holding her nearer to him .
“ Night, Y/N. ” He whispers out .
“ Goodnight. ” She responds, hugging her boyfriend close .
He smiles, closing his eyes. He never liked fighting with her .
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5 months ago
Vertigo- Spike Spiegel X F ! lector
Warnings : none
Words : good under 2k
A/N : this might become a small serial of one-shots. I ’ thousand calling it the frame Chronicles. They won ’ thymine be written in ordering, I ’ ll make the order late .
Tumblr media
You had n’t left that unintelligent yellow frame all day. Well, besides to piss a couple times and get a cup of urine. even then, it was a conflict to keep balanced as the worldly concern was spinning around you. It was unvoiced to pick things up, hard to walk in a straight line, hard to even think .

Somehow, no one on the bop had noticed. The did notice you curled up under a blanket on the couch, but they did n’t notice the smear mascara under your eyes or the hushed sob that you muffled into the pillow .

It was terrifying, not being able to even open your eyes without getting nauseated, let alone stand up from the couch. even taking a peeing was a unmanageable undertaking. You ‘d hold it deoxyadenosine monophosphate hanker as you could until you were approximately to burst, then make your way through the spinning ship to the bathroom, white knuckles holding onto the seat for fear life .

You had gotten vertigo a few times in your biography, but it never lasted this long and it was never this acute. And to be truthful, you were scared shitless. What if it did n’t go aside ? What if you got hurt the following time you went to the toilet ? What if this was a symptom of something much worse ? Another rip fell down your impudence, you squeezed your eyes shut in an attempt to stop the nausea. The feat was futile, your nausea was here to stay. It did help a short with the dizziness though, and you were grateful for the relief .

ear stared at your curled up form on the couch, your blanket covered your entire consistency and then some. You had been on that sofa all day, his sofa. And all he wanted to do was lean rear on the yellow sofa and have a cigarette. It was getting late, and you were hush on his frame .

Were you on your time period ? He thought, or did you lose a bounty ? Or did your kernel get broken by another idiot ? Whatever the reason, he did n’t care. He was getting his couch back .

“ Y/N, ” he whispered, shaking your shoulder gently. Another brandish of dizziness hit you. Damnit, Spike .

“ Y/N, ” he whispered again. Was he worried about you ? Did person ultimately notice your dying body ?

“ What ? ” You asked, not turning to meet his face. You did n’t want him to see you like this .

“ Hey, uh, ” he started, “ I noticed you ‘ve been on the couch all day … ”

so he did notice, you thought. He was worry, he did wish .

“ mind if I have it back ? ”

You let out a huff. That arse .

“ Fuck you, ” you whispered, curling even further into a ball .

“ Y/N, I ‘m serious, I want my couch back, ” he said, placing a hired hand on your shoulder, trying you turn you over. You resisted .

“ excessively bad. ”

He stared at your blanket-clad form for a moment more .

“ motion, ” he said, ripping the blanket off of you .

“ No, ” You covered your confront, curling up into an even tighter ball .

“ I ‘m serious, move ! ”

“ I ca n’t ! ” You shouted, ultimately turning to face him, your red, glossy, mascara-stained eyes on full expose .

His face dropped when he saw you, frozen for a moment as he looked at the grey tear-tracks that slid down your cheek .

“ What do you mean you ca n’t ? ” He asked gently .

“ I ‘m so fucking airheaded I ca n’t stand up, ” you said, your deplorable part a quiet asshole .

He in truth felt like an asshole now .

“ Have you felt like this all sidereal day ? ” He asked, getting down on his knees to your flat .

You good nodded, tears welling up in your eyes for your 15th crying school term of the day .

“ Why the hell did n’t you tell anybody ? ” He huffed, voice half a whisper. Though he sounded annoyed, you could hear the worry in his tone .

“ cause I ‘m besides disdainful, ” you joked, though it was n’t besides far from the truth .

“ Damnit, you ‘re starting to sound like me, ” he smiled. That bloody smile … .

“ It ‘s getting late, ” he started, “ Why do n’t we get you rear to your room ? I bet your seam is a batch comfier than this hunk of trash. ” His hand came to slap the sofa shock absorber barely below your feet .

“ You ‘ll help me ? ” You asked .

“ Yeah, I ‘ll help you. ”

He lightly picked you up from the couch, his arms supporting your back and knees. The motion, although gentle, threw you off libra again. You clung to his neck, eyes shut tightly and face buried into his shoulder, as if the spin would would swallow you up if you did n’t hold on tight enough .

“ Relax, I ‘m not gon na neglect you, ” he said, arms pulling you closer to his chest of drawers .

He made his way towards your room, noticing how your grip on his suit got nasty the fast he walked, and slowing down a much as he could without reaching a escargot ‘s yard .

“ You ‘re doing all this for that blasted couch, ” you whispered into his shoulder. He chuckled .

“ I ‘m not doing this for the frame, ” he said, voice low and beefy. You felt your digest flip. a much as you wanted to blame it on the dizziness, you knew it was n’t the dizziness. You pouted into his shoulder. Damn, you were down bad for him .

He reached your room and opened the pod door, taking a gentle measure over the raised brink, and then another. He then approached your bed. As he got the the foot of the small counterpart sized mattress, a loudly growl interrupted the secrecy. Your face burned with overplus ; it was your stomach .

spike chuckled at the fathom .

“ You hungry ? ” He asked. You did n’t evening have time to answer before he responded, “ I ‘ll get you something. ”

“ No, ” you said as he placed you down on your seam .

“ No ? ” he questioned, “ Why not ? ”

“ ‘m besides nauseated to eat. ”

His hilltop furrowed as he

“ Have you eaten at all today ? ”

“ No. ”

He ran a hand through his haircloth with a sigh .

“ You ‘ve got to eat. How do you know that ‘s not making it worse ? ” He did n’t give you time to answer before turning on his heels to leave, “ I ‘m gon na find you something to eat, possibly see if Jet has any remedies. I do n’t think you ‘d like any of mine. ”


spike scoured through the electric refrigerator and pantry, looking for anything you would n’t throw up. He had found a package of crackers, they were on the counter as he looked for anything else that might work. Something more significant, possibly. Something with nutritional rate .

“ Whatcha lookin ‘ for ? ” Jet ‘s low grumble of a articulation made spike jump .

“ Jeez, Jet, give a warning adjacent time ! ” Spike said, looking up at his acquaintance for a here and now before going back to his undertaking, “ You got anything good for nausea ? Everything in here ‘s so greasy. ”

“ We got crackers, but I guess you found those already, ” Jet motioned to the software on the counter, “ Thats about it. ”

“ damn, ” Spike sighed, closing the electric refrigerator door .

“ Poor Spike got a pot ache ? ” Jet joked, slapping a hand onto Spike ‘s shoulder .

“ Y/N ‘s got dizziness. She has n’t eaten all day and she does n’t want to because she ‘s nauseating. ”

“ Is that why she was laying on the couch all sidereal day ? ”

Spike nodded .

“ Damn, I feel like an arse for not checking up on her, ” Jet muttered .

“ Tell me about it, ” Spike sighed, “ I tried kicking her off the frame, that ‘s how I found out. ”

“ You in truth are an asshole … ”

“ Hey ! ”

A rhythm of hush passed through the small kitchen as Spike filled a glass with water .

“ Should could ‘ve told one of us, we would ‘ve helped her, ” Jet spoke, just as he did so, Faye walked down the hall and past the kitchen. “ Well, some of us would ‘ve helped her. ”

“ I do n’t think she ‘s used to getting help, let alone asking for any. ”

“ It ‘s a real shame … ” Jet trailed off, “ I think I have something for nausea, bought it after you tried to feed me a lounge lizard last time I was pale. I ‘ll go find it. ”

“ good, merely bring it to her board, ” Spike said, picking up the crackers and glass of water before leaving the kitchen .


Spike and Jet had managed to get you to eat, and the music Jet brought had truly helped with your nausea. The whirl, on the other hand, did n’t get any better. But then again, you did n’t expect that from an anti nausea medication .

Jet had left a fiddling while ago, leaving you and spike alone. He had talked about everything and nothing in holy order to distract you from the spin, but it was getting belated, and he was running out of things to say .

“ well, I think I ‘m gon na headway to bed, ” Spike yawned, standing up from the chair and turning towards the door .

You caught his wrist before he could take a mistreat .

“ Please, do n’t leave, ” you whispered. He turned to you, his eyes meeting your glassy ones and he freeze. You however looked so pathetic, indeed afraid. He had never seen you this afraid ahead. Shit, you ‘ve fought violent battles and faced certain end, but dizziness of all things you were afraid of. Spike think of himself a strong- bequeath man, but he could n’t refuse that hapless stare .

“ Alright, ” he sighed, slipping off his shoes and shaking off his coat, “ Move over. ”

You did as he said, the little gesticulate disorienting you for a moment. Oh, the things you do for that man .

Spike pulled off his link and loosened the exceed buttons of his shirt before pulling himself under the covers next to you .

You were n’t expecting what he did adjacent, though .

He gently pulled your body on circus tent of his own, arms coming to wrap around your torso as he tucked your font into his neck .

“ It ‘s gon na go aside, I know it will, ” he reassured, running his hand through your hair, “ I ‘m volition to bet that it ‘ll be gone by tomorrow dawn, let ‘s say …. 20,000 woolong ? ”

“ Hell no, ” you said, he chuckled. The sound and gentle echo of his chest air butterflies through your abdomen .

A few moments passed in secrecy, Spike running his fingers though your hair and you listening to his easy breathe. This was courteous, you thought. Something you wished would happen for a while now. You wished the circumstances were different though, cause flush though Spike ‘s presence and affection was comforting, the worry that your dizziness would never go away still lingered in the back of your take care .

“ Y’know, ” you started, voice soft, “ I ‘ ve had this happen to me a few times earlier. But it ‘s never lasted this long or been this acute. ”

“ It ‘s gon na go away, I promise. Everything ‘s gon sodium be ticket, ” he reassured, holding you closer, “ Try and sleep, I ‘m indisputable that ‘ll help. ”

“ Spike ? ” You asked quietly .

“ Yeah, doll font ? ”

“ thank you, for everything. ”

“ Do n’t mention it, good try and sleep, ‘kay ? ”

“ o, ” you mumbled, nuzzling closer into his neck. And soon adequate, the warmheartedness of his body combined with his firm breaths and the comfort arms wrapped around you had lulled you into a half-asleep state .

Your eyes closed and your breathe slowed, something Spike took notice of .

A familiar feel tugged on his heart as he stared down at you. Over the past few months he had fallen difficult for you, and a much as he wanted to ignore it, he could n’t anymore. The touch never went away ; it only grew .

The last time he had been in love, it only brought him pain. But somehow, he knew this time would be different .

He stared down at you for a moment more before placing a chaste kiss on the top of your head. then, he closed his own eyes, sure that you had n’t been awake to feel the kiss. But you felt it, you decidedly felt it .
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#spike spiegel
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4 months ago
I Saw Mommy Kissin Santa Clause || Spike Spiegel ||
Tumblr media
A/n : eey love !
Tumblr media
“ This is stupid….I tactile property dazed ”
It was indeed amusing to see your conserve dressed as Santa, though you knew your children would love it. “ I think you look big Spike. ”
“ Hm. ” Spike wasn ’ thyroxine certain to believe you but he would do anything to make his kids and you happy.Adjusting the forge beard along with the hat the man gave you a half smile. “ I ’ ll take your word for it y/n….well…let ’ mho get down this crap over with. ”
Grabbing the hammock of presents off the grind Ein followed the valet, a set of caribou antlers on the dogs head. “ Remember to smile Santa ! It is Christmas Eve. ”
Glancing at you, Spike forced a smile as he slipped into the room where all the kids started to scream .
Faye let out a take a hit as she came to stand following to you, a smile tug at her lips. “ What do you owe Spike now ? ”
“ Nothing surprisingly but he doesn ’ thyroxine know I ’ meter going to rock his global. ”
“ Oh…gross y/n. I don ’ t need to know that…I did not want to know that. ”
Laughing, you gave your acquaintance a nudge. A teasing smile on your face as Faye let out huff, the musket ball of the Santa hat she was wearing falling in front of her eyes. “ now you know how it felt when you ’ d talk about yourself and Jet. ”
“ Point taken. ”
“ God what a night….I can ’ metric ton wait for this crap to be done with. ”
Spike lento walked over to you, the white byssus hanging off his face. He was hush wearing the Santa lawsuit though he looked like he was two seconds from ripping it off. “ Did you see those small brats ? ”
“ Spike ! ”
“ What ? ”
Sighing the man dropped his shoulders giving you a faineant smile as he wrapped his arms around your waist tugging you excessively his chest. “ Relax. I ain ’ triiodothyronine talkin about our kids. They were perfective fiddling angles. ”
Smiling you let yourself arms slide around his neck. “ I was talking about the other brats. ”
“ You…are something Spike. ” Shaking your it forefront you stood on your toes as your lips brushed his. “ But you were rather sweet tonight so I ’ ll give you a pass with calling other kids brats. ”
Humming you felt the man nuzzle into neck, the bogus beard tickling your neck. Letting out a laugh you turned your head giving him a smile. “ And since Santa was thus good I should give him a kiss. ”
“ Santa actually likes that idea. ”
Grinning you pressed your lips against his, the man deepening the kiss. You both missing your two children watching .
Tumblr media
Waking up in Spikes arms was something you will constantly cherish. Know more scat or risking your lives for a few scrapes of cash. You both had two beautiful children to care for. Though due to it being Christmas dawn you knew they would bursting in at any moment.

Slipping out of Spikes arms you quickly placed a match of pajama on, your metrical foot nudging the man .
“ Spike…get up. ”
“ Ugh…five more minutes. ”
“ If you want the kids to see you naked that ’ s fine. ”
Giving the homo a smile you watched as he slipped his pants on. just as he was putting on his shirt the twins bursted into the room, your sons jumping on the bed as they wrapped their bantam arms around his neck .
“ DADDY ! SANTA CAME ! ” They chimed in unison .
“ Oh did he ? Did you two squirts get a lot. ” Spike teased ruffling his kids hair, the two boys nodded their heads though one the youngest of the twins lent close to his fathers ear .
“ Daddy…we saw ma kissing Santa. ”
Spike eyes went wide-eyed then he snickered giving you a grin. “ Oh you did ? Well I ’ thousand certain she was equitable tha-. ”
You flinched from Ed ’ s loud voice as they slipped into the room though it didn ’ t take long for Faye and Jet to slip into the room .
“ Ah…so how was it y/n ? ” Jet teased. “ Better than Spikes. ”
Faye let out a take a hit though you could see your conserve seethe. “ will all of you please.GET OUT OF MY ROOM ! ”
Sighing you watched as the group file out of the room, Jet and Faye snicker. You knew that the two wouldn ’ t let him live this down .
“ Daddy ? Are you mad at ma ? ”
“ Nah ! ” Spike shrugged his shoulders as he gave the twins a smile lifting them up. “ Mommy and Santa were just standing under the mistletoe….nothin to worry about. now why don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ya go delay by the tree. Mommy and Daddy will be right out. ”
Watching the boys leave the room you placed your hand on the man ’ south boldness. “ You ’ re such a dependable church father Spike. ”
Adverting the gaze, Spike could feel his buttock heat up as he placed his hand on your hip. “ Well nothin will always beat how much of an perplex mother you are….must be the luckiest bastard in the galax. ”
Smiling you gave his lips a minor kiss on his lips. “ I love you. ”
“ Love ya besides. ”
“ Remind me why we invited them ? ” Spike groaned into your neck .
“ Because we ’ rhenium family…now let ’ s go Santa. ”
“ Yea, yea. ”
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Stranded together
Tumblr media
Semi-platonic ! Spike X Reader
fandom : cowboy bop
Word reckon : 1,273
drumhead : Stranded, floating through space with no feul, it gets rather cold ya know .
Warnings : none
“ well, what do we do immediately ? ”
The blind on your crash was lit up with Spike ‘s boldness, it was the only light on in your little cockpit. Leaning your head back in frustration you drug your hands down your face. Spike exhaled, the roll of tobacco from his cigarette floating up and dissipating around him .
“ I do n’t know. ” Your voice wobbled on the edge of sounding scared and sounding aggravated .
Spike smiled lazily, good barely opening his eyes. His cigarette dangles from his lips, the fastball dancing above his head. He looks then loosen, without a care in the world. If being stranded was n’t enough having no gas was no where near adequate to stress him out .
“ Whatever happens, happens. ” He says wholly excessively happily for the position your in. Growling to yourself in frustration, you turn onto your side to get comfortable .
“ I ‘m going to sleep. ” You announce .
“ Have fun. ” He says .
For a comfortable seat, you had perturb sleeping. No matter how many times you twisted and turned you just could n’t seem so fall asleep, and just when you had stood to try laying on the floor with the little space you had, Spike pipes up .
“ Having trouble ? ” He mused groggily .
You looked over at his ship from where you sat on the ground, annoyed and tired, answering him with a hum rather of a password. From what you could tell, you were n’t the merely one that was tired. From the looks of it Spike had tried to go to sleep excessively, resulting in his voice sounding much deeper than it should have. Stopping your thoughts before you dehydrated your brain any further you laid down, and much to your disappointment the floor did n’t help much at all. now freezing and uncomfortable on the floor you opened your eyes .
“ I ‘m not gon na lie, I honestly miss Faye and her whine, and Ein besides. ” Spike admitted with a frown .
His time for talk was perfective, getting you moving back into your seat. You could nowadays see spike clearly on your blind. He was laying in his induct american samoa well, it was reclined as far back as it would go. One arm covering his eyes and the early holding a light cigarette .
“ I do besides. ” You agreed .
now that you very thought about it, Faye, Jet, Ed, and Ein had all become a boastful part of what made the Bebop home, Spike included. now as you float through about complete and dead silence, you ca n’t help but cringe .
“ Hey Spike ? ” You called .
He moved a separate of his sleeve off his confront to look at you. You looked to him as if you had n’t slept in days .
“ Are you cold ? ” You asked .
He sat up to get a clear look at you, the cigarette dangling in-between his lips again, his hands now free. Perplexed, he thought about it, trying to think about whether he felt cold or blistering .
“ Kinda, why ? ” He asks. His articulation is softer than earlier. The curio floats around in his night eyes, the smoke again dissipating above his fountainhead about like a thought bubble. Shrugging, you leaned advancing with each of your hands rubbing your uncover arms .
“ It ‘s freezing. ” You ultimately said .
As you spoke a white cloud of mist came out with each word, promptly to dissipate before your eyes. You look at the white mist with surprise, baffled, you were uncertain if it had been that cold this solid time and you never noticed or you were going crazy. Spike was just vitamin a baffled as you were, possibly it was because he had a heat system and you did n’t. Taking the cigarette from his mouth he lifted his hand and botch against it, no smoke. ultimately Spike looked back up at you, then at your ship .
Ice was beginning to form on the very bottom of the glass, he cringed at that internally .
“ possibly you should come over here with me. ” His suggestion did n’t go unfavored. You were all the direction in line with that mind, nodding eagerly at his words .
“ Yes, please. ” You whined .
spike reached over to depressurize his cabin, you followed suit. Taking the deepest breath you could, you opened the latch to the cockpit, using your seat to push off toward Spike. Opening the latch on his end ampere well he opened his arms towards you, once secured and against him, you wrapped securely around him while he latched the door back .
You did n’t move from your spot against him, your fingers wholly excessively cold to move. Spike had only noticed now that your lips were a dull color than they should have been. so while you waited on the ship to fill back up with hot publicize, Spike returned your action ; embracing you in a little hug. The two of you stayed like this for a while before you shifted to go and stand .
When you pulled away you were sucked right bet on in against Spike. Looking back up at him expecting him to look at you with a smug face you were surprised to see him asleep .
Remembering his light up cigarette you grabbed it from his hands, snuffing it out against the seat and letting it fall to the ground. You were n’t gon sodium be able to move now that he was asleep, he did this on purpose being able to fall asleep at will. You did n’t complain though, you were much warmer than ahead and a fortune more comfortable .
Satisfied, you rested your mind and closed your eyes .
When you woke you were met with the mental picture of Spike ‘s dress chest and the lights of his console lit up along the dash. His arms were still around you however space was moving past outside the widow, looking up confused you saw his feet on the steering .
“ Morning sleeping beauty. ” He said coolly .
You looked up at him, distinctly confused. He laughed at your face .
Pointing towards his feet you looked him dead in the eyes .
“ How ? ”
He chuckled again. “ Skill ” he said plainly .
Moving to get up you were dragged back down my his arms, deja Vu if you wanted to be honest. Looking up at him blankly you blinked. He shrugged, a smug smile on his face. Looking off and out the window you watched the starts and versatile pieces of distance trash fly by. Had Jet come by while you were silent asleep ?
“ so when did we get feul ? ” You asked .
Spike hummed lightly. “ not besides long ago actually, I managed to get ahold of Jet. ” He answered your question .
“ And my ship ? ” You questioned .
Spike playfully rolled his eyes. “ You ‘re rather curious nowadays are n’t you ? ”
You blew sarcastically out of your lips, mocking a “ pfft ” healthy .
“ curious my american samoa, do n’t be a cock. ” You complained .
“ Hey, your the one laying on me. I could ‘ve shoved you off but I ‘m a very generous man. ” He pointed out .
“ not what I asked. ” You retorted .
“ ohio well. ” He shrugged .
evening though you were very a lot so comfortable where you were you started to grow hot, the air becoming thick. Looking around the console you spoke .
“ Does this thing have publicize conditioning ? ” You asked .
Spike shook his head. “ No, I ‘m the heater after all, so… ”
Groaning you looked back up at him and started to try and escape his grip. As you struggled, he could n’t help but use his legs as leverage to keep you in place, making the ship shimmy .
“ You ass, let me go… ” Groaning in annoyance you fell hitch in his clasp .
“ I think I ‘ll do that when we have enough feul to fill your ship excessively. ”
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Cowboy Bebop Spike Speigel x Reader – burn
You and Spike are taken into custody on a transport of pirates, while trying to take then in for a bounty. Spike takes the probability to tell you something significant .
( Based on ‘ Burn for You ’ from Bridgerton the Musical. )
“ so this is what you call a getaway ? ” You spat, pacing circles in a modest deem cell. The day had started off indeed absolutely. You and Spike had gone out in concert after a transport of self proclaimed pirates for a heafty reward. You both had been increasingly near as of recently, and seemed to work actually well together, so Jet had thought it would be a good estimate. “ Pacing around this dazed cell, running with your detailed bestir ? We ’ re doomed ! ”
Spike scoffed, rolling his eyes at you, sitting in the corner, cool on the outside, but desperately trying to think you both out of this internally. “ Sit down, ( Y/N ). You ’ re making me dizzy. And stop being so dramatic. It ’ s not like you had any better ideas .
“ Oh, please forgive me, your grace ! ” you snapped, shooting him a cruddy glower. “ I ’ megabyte not the one who got us in this mess ! ”
“ Your grace ? What are you, twelve ? ” he rolled his eyes again, shaking his head at you, before ultimately adjusting himself to lay his head on the way, turning away form you .
“ You can ’ t even look me in the face, and nowadays I have to lie in the mess you made ! ”
“ The mess we made. ” He corrected, his voice flat, and his gaze hush at the recess .
“ It was your mistake ! ”
“ Yes, I fucking get it, I screwed up. I shouldn ’ t have pulled us in the cell to hide. It ’ mho my fault we got trapped, are you felicitous ? ” Spike snapped, finally fed up with your guilt trip, standing up for himself, figuatively and literally .
“ This international relations and security network ’ thymine about getting trapped, you fucking space cadet ! ” You shout in his face, taking steps to close the gap between the two of you, barely to shove his shoulder .
“ then what is it about ? ! ” you shouted back, looking over you. on the spur of the moment you shrank beneathe his gaze, anger turning to desperate emotion, longing to be understand .
“ You kissed me last night on the embark. You were drink in, but I still thoguht it meant something. ”
“ Whatever I did was to prepare to give my life today. I always live in the here and now, ( Y/N ), you know that. ” he said sternly, doing his best to not yell in your year as he tilted his head from you. With a trembling sass, you truned your back on him, hugging yourself as you made your means to the other side of the cellular telephone, just wanting space from him .
“ I stole your fortune … I ruined your whole plan to go discover Julia. I ’ thousand distracting you. ”
“ No, if anything, I stole your destiny. You never planned on staying on the Bebop this long. ” He began to step toward you, his demenor once again docile like you were used to. “ If I hadn ’ thyroxine asked you to stay and look after Ed, you ’ d be home with your syndicate right now. ”
It was true, you ’ d entirely agreed to become apart of the Bebop when Jet promised to take you to find your syndicate, but after you ’ vitamin d got word that they were safe, Spike asked you to stay with him, in case he never found Julia. He used the excuse that Ed needed a mother figure what wouldn ’ t abandon her, like Faye was then prone to doing. ”
“ I however shouldn ’ t have grown therefore attached … ” You mumbled, tears beginning to well in your eyes .
“ Damnit, ( Y/N ), would you just listen to me ? You didn ’ t steal anything from me. I ’ meter giving it up, willingly. ” He slowly wrapped you in his arms, spinning you to face him .
“ I don ’ metric ton understand … ”
Spike took a deep breath, sighing hard, like there was a weight shitting on his lungs. “ You may not feel the same but I burn for you. ”
“ You burn for me ? ” you repeated, wholly dumbfounded .
“ I burn. ” He clearified, leaning into your space, his eyes already half lidded and his chapped lips apart .
“ I burn … ” You whispered, now completely entranced by his sober breath, as it settled on your face. You were always enamoured with how cool he was under pressure, a accomplished foil to your shudder, interupted radiation pattern of emit. He was so close, you could ’ ve sworn your listen his blink of an eye, always silence and collected .
As he held you in tranquile stasis, he glazed over your fetures, mapping out your face in his promontory, aware that he intended to kiss you now, and die for you later if the motivation should arise. right now, it was merely himself, you, and a kiss, but afterwards, he would have to tear himself away from you farseeing enough to get you home to Ed safely, even if that meant you leaving him to rot .
“ I burn for you, ( Y/N ). You are my destiny. I realized I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate keep chasing the dream of my old life. Julia was perfective because she gave me everything I wanted, and more. ” A pang of enviously slit your heart, and Spike noticed this, as he carassed a drag down your cheek. “ But you ’ re everything I need. ” To punctuate his centiment, he leaned into you amply, sealing your lips into a sober up snog, one you ’ d lone dream of .
The world fell away as you unleashed a precarious adenoidal exhail, about nervous that your despicable breath would tangle his eyelashes. Spike had constantly made you skittish, no matter what he did, and you knew that would never change, even if what he said about staying with you was true .
And God, you hoped it was .
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Some thoughts about Spike ‘s destiny
admonition : This textbook was primitively written in PT-BR and translated using a translate cock, so there may be some syntax errors ( feel exempt to correct ). Contains spoilers. You can find the original version here !
Written by Keiko Nobumoto and produced by japanese animation studio Sunrise, Cowboy Bebop is an zanzibar copal released in 1998, directed by Shinichiro Watanabe. At the end of the floor, whether as a result of personal pessimism, fear due to the drab tone that the bring assume at certain moments, or even the lack of appreciation that the general populace tends to have for outdoors endings, the spectator is frequently led to take a tragic result for the travel of the protagonist, the bounty hunter Spike Spiegel, as the definitive end. however, after a few moments of contemplation the doubt inevitably arises : did he truly die ? It is the maxim of character endings in fabricated stories : no consistency, no death. In Cowboy Bebop, we see the consistency spill, but there is no confirmation of its death. Although since its unblock 23 years ago, director Shinichiro Watanabe has never confirmed or denied what happened to Spike, there is a doggedness in wanting to assume that yes, he died, even though there is not enough testify to prove it. Nor are there adequate elements to prove otherwise, I must say. But then it is at this moment that we realize the charming of the thing : the ageless uncertainty that perpetuates the discussion without ever, in fact, letting the work die. The ending varies from different perspectives, the elements take on different meanings according to who absorbs them, and Keiko Nobumoto and Shinichiro Watanabe knew how to work very well with subjectivity, making Cowboy Bebop one of the best open-ended works always made. That said, the text below does not intend to put an conclusion to one discussion, but to open the space for another. It is good a personal psychoanalysis that, even if it is contrary to the majority of the fans, follows the trace of a positive view when it considers that there is no way to nail a definitive answer, consequently, being perfectly plausible to consider that Spike is still alive .

1. The Shaman ‘s visions in : asteroid Blues
Tumblr media
In the first episode entitled The Red-Eye Coyote, Spike and Jet Black ‘s initial hound consists of a search for a condemnable known as Asimov Solensan, a former Mafia member who, after a gunfight between his group and another rival, kills his own men and escapes with his wife by stealing one of the best illegal eye drops the Mafia makes, Blood-Eye. Before meeting Asimov Solensan, Spike attends a meet with the shaman, who in his beginning appearance guides him by saying that “ the red-eye coyote will appear in the union, at the end of town. ” The shaman asks Wanka Tanka ( “ the Great Mysterious One ” ) to protect Spike. After some meter, the uncertain search makes Jet give up, but Spike, in agreement with the shaman ‘s lecture, finds Asimov to the north of the city, with red eyes after using the eye drop, where he repeats precisely what he was told. The importance of these events in the beginning episode establishes two all-important points : the first is that the shaman ‘s predictions proved to be accurate and right, the second is that Spike did not doubt him, his visions or his belief in Wanka Tanka. Later, in both episode 13 and 15, the child accompanying Shaman observes a ace falling in the flip and questions him about it, to which Shaman replies that it is the end of a warrior ‘s travel. This line is much used to justify then that, when in sequence 25 a star goes out, it is Spike ‘s ace. not necessarily, and more likely not, particularly since the Shaman makes the detail that it was unlike. It happened because it was a “ foolish warrior who does not believe in the Great Mysterious One. ” Again, this is not the case with Spike. But we can hush discuss this subsequently .

2. The true samurai in : Honky Tonk Woman
Tumblr media
In the third base episode entitled Honky Tonk Woman, Spike and Jet meet Faye Valentine, who was acting as a crupiê ( principal, a person who shuffles and deals the cards in a crippled ) in a casino. At a certain here and now before Spike sits down to play, we see him walk around the home and stop in front of a big screen that was playing a very previous competitiveness movie. Spike watches for a few seconds until the give voice “ only a true SAMURAI can kill him like that ” appears. The phrases in kanji duplicate the English speech and reinforce the theme. The placement of the elements in the fit makes it clear that this is a message intended for the viewer : you can tell by the room Spike is placed ( on the leftover, therefore as not to make it impossible for the spectator to read it ), adenine well as the repetition of the message and the emphasis on the word “ samurai ”. For a better understand of this topic, it is necessary to know :
“ In feudal times, already with military functions, the samurai followed the code of honor called Bushidô ( ‘Warrior ‘s Path ‘, developed in the 9th and 12th centuries ), which taught the independent characteristics of the samurai ( alike to the concept of medieval chivalry ) : frugality, big discipline, commitment, honor ultil the death, skill with the katana sword, extreme courage in any situation. ” – this is a aim quote, read more by clicking here aqui .
“ bushido ” ( 武士道 ; 武士 = Warrior, 道 = Path ) : “ The way of the Warrior ” was the samurai code of honor and ethics. Bushido emerged and consolidated along with the history of the samurai, during the Heian to Tokugawa periods. The independent virtues of Bushido are Justice ( GI ), Courage ( YUU ), Benevolence ( JIN ), Education ( REI ), Sincerity ( MAKOTO ), Honor ( MEIYO ) and Loyalty ( CHUGI ). [ … ] For the samurai, death was preferable to dishonor. Dishonor was a dirt that marked the stallion family. This was a shame that no samurai could bear. ” – this is a address quotation mark, read more by clicking here aqui .
When observing Vicious ‘s trajectory, his behavior within the mafia, the countless betrayals he committed, both with friends, colleagues and tied war companions, it is clear that despite being the closest representative design to the imagination of a samurai by the direction he he fought and by carrying with him a katana, the traditional japanese sword used by the samurai of ancient and feudal Japan, Vicious disrespected the integral Bushido code, so he could not be considered as a true samurai. If we take the movie empanel as a prefiguration, it ‘s possible to say that Vicious could n’t kill him that way, in this case, he could n’t kill Spike .
In the final episode, in the last dialogue between the two before the final crusade, Vicious says, “ I ‘ve told you before, Spike. I ‘m the lone one who can kill you, ” but Spike counters by stating, “ I ‘ll give you those words back, Vicious. Anyway, we were destined to end up like this. ”

3. Faye ‘s symbology and her travel
disavowal : The topics below address how Faye Valentine ‘s ending and what she symbolically represents can be a hard reading of Spike ‘s ending. To fully address this, it is constantly important to make the caution that I do not intend to rival characters or cause any intrigue. This is strictly an analysis of symbolism, my observations, but since there are many interpretative elements, everyone is exempt to interpret in whatever way they like. I leave it open .
Faye is a woman fully of debt who could not remember her past or how she got it. As the history progresses, she discovers more about herself and feels the need to return to the by, thus abandoning Bebop for a time. But when she is faced with the debris of what was once her home and finds people that she left behind, such as childhood friends, she realizes that that world no longer for her and decides to return .
even though she feels the pain of the past she lost, Faye faced it and chose to continue. The character is the purest representation of the “ future ” because her narrative translates into being able to move forward. This fact needs to be remembered late on before we proceed .
Tumblr media

4. The symbolic conversion in : ballad of the Fallen Angels
In the fifth episode entitled “ Ballad of the Fallen Angels, ” Spike and Vicious fight each other. Spike is wounded and thrown through the stain field glass windowpane of the abandoned church in which they were fighting. The scene is shown in dull motion and intersperses between Spike ‘s fall and scenes from the past. note, for example, the parallel between shatter glass and torn paper. When we see him watch the information of the localization where they were supposed to meet Julia get destroyed, we have that like the glass that falls on Spike, the destruction of his plans for the future away from the mafia besides hurts him. The future that was denied and the past silent hurts him. ultimately, the scene ends when Spike, after hitting the grind, remembers Julia and hears her sing as he recovers from his injuries. When he actually wakes up to the very world, Faye is the one singing to him as he rests. After calling her out of tune and getting hit with the pillow for it, Jet finds him on the sofa. This time no more looking glass or promises of a demolish future fall on him, but white feathers. Despite its playful tone, the last scene is a directly sequel of the previous one. The change in tonicity was not just to end the episode in a softer room : the transition from Julia ‘s singing to Faye ‘s sing and moment of trouble to a calm, curious and slack denote a structure of events that will repeat itself again throughout history .
If we analyze Julia ‘s quality, we have that she is the greatest representation of the “ past ”. Although Spike loved her to the end and none of this was her fault, an authoritative fact to reiterate, it remains explicit that the past was afflictive and still hurt Spike. On the early hand, as mentioned earlier, Faye can be interpreted as “ future ” by her report. therefore, the view transition scheme is :
( J. singing ) past : loss, suffering/pain → transition → ( F. singing ) future : get the best, relaxation/tranquility
still in the same episode, we have Faye and Spike “ coincidentally ” finding the lapp card : the ace of spades. The angiotensin converting enzyme of spades is traditionally the highest wag in the play calling card deck in many games and context .
Tumblr media
“ Ace of Spades in Tarot : Of vent chemical element, normally cards with this suit carry a message of loss, but the Ace of Spades is a convinced batting order. It says that you have in your judgment everything that is necessity to achieve achiever, you good need to put it out. You lack motivation and courage, but you need to act. Do n’t keep anything that weighs you down, let go of what is a trouble, as this will become a solution if you let go. If you ‘re not sure what you have to solve, you surely have that bad touch of something holding you back, know that soon you ‘ll be able to see the room and when that happens, it will be necessary the determination to put into exercise. In the Tarot the 1st of Swords says that it will be crucial to success that you believe in your ability, your power of intuition, and your wisdom of solomon, the time it takes you to locate the focus of the problem and solve it will be critical to triumph on your travel, thus do n’t hesitate. A good means of not making mistakes is to be logical, turn off emotions a little, do n’t let them dominate you and stop you from fighting, see the situation with clarity and coldness necessary to keep your feet on the grate. Be honest with your project, with people and with yourself, thus error wo n’t follow you .
The negative side of the Ace of Swords in Tarot : This card when presented in the form of an obstacle has the wholly opposite mean, it says that you lack the courage to act, that you are wholly logical and focused, so much so that you exceed the limits. You are becoming a person obsessed with the resultant role and does not have the necessary daintiness and limits to act. ” – this is a direct quote, read more by clicking here aqui .
Tumblr media
Tarot is a deck of cards for recreational and esoteric use, normally consisting of 78 cards. From the text, we can see that the mean of the Ace of Swords card can perfectly cover the report and conclusion of both characters who encountered it, with the central issue being the confrontation of the past. This presents itself as an essential act for the exultant conclusion of the journey, so neither Faye nor Spike would be able to move forward if they did n’t face what they left behind .
so, as a personal analysis, I think it ‘s unfair that Spike is labeled selfish for having chosen to fight, reverse to Jet ‘s and her ‘s requests arsenic well. In the end, even when he chose to run away again with Julia, the resultant role was only her death. There was no possibility for escapes, entirely confrontation, which would occur sooner or subsequently. In chapter 25, when Vicious ‘s men attack Bebop after following Faye, Spike himself reassures her that it would happen one time or another. so there was never the possibility of a future where he could move on without putting an conclusion to issues related to his past, whether at Bebop or actually running away with Julia. even Jet, in the same episode, says : “ he left to put an end to the past ” .

5. Past and future
Tumblr media
When Julia ( by ) and Faye ( future ) meet for the beginning time, Jet and Spike talk aboard the Bebop, where the latter first base asks him to forget about the by .
warn : The analysis of this picture will be based on the pt-br and en-us versions since I am not fluent in the native language of the anime to be able to speak verb tenses and/or other grammatical rules in japanese. then, I leave you with the warn that there is a possibility that the interpretation will be affected by this component .
During the conversation scene, Spike is all the time facing the window having a wide view of what is happening in front of him, he even raises his face more at a certain moment to make himself clear that he was watching outside. then he says :
En. : “ There was a womanhood. For the first fourth dimension in my life sentence, I saw a charwoman that was in truth alive. That ’ s what I believed. Se was a assemble of me I had lost. She is my other half that I had longed for. She ’ s back. ”
Pt. : “ Havia uma mulher. Pela primeira vez na minha vida, europium six uma mulher que estava verdadeiramente viva. Era isso que european union acreditava. Ela foi um pedaço de mim que europium perdi. Ela é a minha outra metade que european union há tanto procuro. Ela chegou. ”
If observed well, in both the en-us and the en-br adaptation, there was a moment of passage in the verbal tense of the address. A priori, it is discernible that the speech is about Julia, but evening Jet is confused by the end of the speech. “ Who has arrived ? “, Jet asks. We know that Julia is indisputably a separate of Spike, the by he has lost, but the transfer in the verb tense may have early implications .
When Spike stops speaking in the by tense to say it in the show strain you realize that he is now talking about person else. At that moment, he was already watching Faye arrive, even raising his head to make it even clearer ( It is at the claim here and now of the tense conversion ). Faye being the representation of “ future ” or “ get the best ”, I interpreted it as being the other part that Spike says he is looking for. Spike was looking for a future, he wanted to move on, to face his own chaos, even though he had faltered for a here and now and suffered the consequences of it. In this way, the previous transition scheme reappears :
( talks about J. ) past : loss, suffering/pain → transition → ( talks about F. ) future : get the better of, relaxation/tranquility
The narrative goes on endlessly using this passage dodge. Spike ‘s last act relates to the kernel of the by, passing, suffering and trouble. But with the consequences of this last act not shown, it is apparent that the transition, which we have not seen, to overcoming, liberalization and tranquillity may have happened again .
evening the character himself says : “ I ‘m not going there to die, I ‘m going there to find out why I ‘m alive. ” At another target in the same episode, Spike states “ I thought I was seeing a dream I would never wake up from. Before I knew it, that dream was complete. ” When he meets with Vicious, he tells him that he ( Spike ) “ finally woke up ”. The character woke up so his life would change in that moment, and it would not end .
Another interrogate arises from this topic : Faye being the representation of the core of the future : overcome, relaxing/calm, this directly connects to the fact that she was the only one that did not have such an denotative ending ( apart from Spike, of course ) .

6. Faye ‘s uncertain destiny
At the end of the travel of the independent characters, we see that Ed decided to go after his forefather in the company of Ein and left a farewell note on Bebop. Spike decides to face his past and Jet has his death conversation with him, where he becomes explicit through his many lines that he will overcome everyone ‘s passing using the work on the ship and taking care of his garden as a way to occupy his mind and continue his journey nowadays alone .
anyhow, all the concluding dynamics between the Bebop members were conciliatory acts, having accepted and announced goodbyes, putting an end to their journeys with the protagonist of the anime. Everyone had a conclusion that, despite none being shown, it was quite clear which directions these characters intended to follow from now on .
But Faye does n’t. Faye does not have ampere determined a conclusion to her travel as the others. It is not authorize to the spectator what directions her journey will take. She just appears crying in her end appearance. Will she be alone ? Will she leave the Bebop considering that Spike has left ? Will she stay on the Bebop now that she has discovered that she no retentive has a home plate on Earth ? Can she get over the fact that, nowadays that she has finally realized that her home was there on the Bebop with Spike and everyone else, it has been taken away from her again ? The most memorable contribution of his stopping point dialogue with Spike was : “ There was no rate for me to go back. There was only one put I could go back to ! But now… Where are you going ? ! Why do you need to go ? ! ”
My personal conclusion in questioning why only Faye does not have a solid reading of an ending is due to the fact that because her final dialogue with Spike leaves unsolved topics open, showing her ending could possibly deliver Spike ‘s own ending, considering they did not have their last battle resolved together like the others .
If she would stay at Bebop, if she would leave, the room her mood would be and other details put into a final view could give away the directions that both took, as they would have to choose between showing grief or the ease of the reunion. Her consequence and future are tightly intertwined with what would happen to Spike, then if his death were vitamin a certain as they say, a mere setting of Faye following her life sentence could have been put in to confirm it. So we would know that he would decidedly be dead .
But a view of her with her usual liquid body substance, specially if she was hush at Bebop, would pull public impression the other way, which would lead us to believe that her conflict would be resolved and could only be resolved if he was alive. not adding an ending to it was strategic, in order to continue to reinforce that there is no right ending .

7. shaman visions in the movie “ Cowboy Bebop : Tengoku no Tobira ”
Tumblr media
Released in 2001, the movie Cowboy Bebop : Tengoku no Tobira introduces us to Vincent, the main antagonist to Spike in this work. At one compass point, after they confront each other and both are injured, Spike loses awareness as a leave of his injuries. While in this country, he dreams of Jet waking him up inside the Bebop, as if he had rescued him, and his acquaintance tells : “ You about did n’t make it, Spike. He is dead. No, actually he has always been dead ”. Vincent was hurt, but he was not dead, and it did n’t look like he was in any risk to his liveliness at the end of that battle. Spike then wakes up to world and there is no more Bebop or Jet. Later, being fully conscious and back, Spike hears from Jet that no, Vincent is n’t dead. He had run aside and was hiding .
Of course, here it can be considered that Spike only dreamed that Jet was telling him the news of Vincent ‘s casual, but I do n’t think they would bother to add this dream with this false news to nothing, without any function, as we ‘ve seen clearly that had not happened. It ‘s not like they made a mystery about it, about the character ‘s life or death. They did not. So what is the purpose of this ambition ?
It is possible to create a hypothesis from the good continuation of the like view. evening though the movie entirely confirms that it is in the lapp year as the events of the anime, 2071, the deduction of the chronology of events is only made because of some lines that make it seem that it happened earlier. So I theorize a prefiguration in this dream and see that, in fact, all the dialogue is narrating what happened after the zanzibar copal .
This is possible for a few reasons, the first is that Spike comes back to consciousness and at first gear, after the pipe dream about Jet, sees himself in the presence of the Shaman. The Shaman asks him about what he had dreamed, and Spike answers : “ For the inaugural fourth dimension I was afraid. If a single atom had given up, I would have died. ” Earlier, at another clock time, Jet had consulted with the Shaman about Spike ‘s destiny and was told, “ Everyone has their own star topology. The moment a fresh animation is born, a new star forms, and becomes its defender. When life ends, the stars fall in despair. His star is about to fall. [ … ] But do n’t fear death. When you show fear, it catches you faster than light. If you do n’t show fear, she will kindly look after you. ”
Spike had admitted that he was afraid, but he faced it and chose to fight. Death then looked kindly at him, unlike one who chose to run aside. shaman answers Spike with, “ It was not your time to die. ” In that same dialogue, soon after, he adds : “ Those blue eyes see everything. Past, present, and future. They can see the full flow of time. They see the truth. Open your eyes. There is nothing to fear ”. Recalling that Vicious ‘s last sentence to Spike before the final examination duel was “ You ultimately woke up ” .
so, I take this stallion scene in the film, including the dream and the shaman ‘s lines, as referring to the concluding chapter of the zanzibar copal, the final contend, which had not however happened at that time, but as the shaman himself said “ these bluing eyes see everything. Past, present and future, ” so he more than anyone else saw it and knew it was n’t time for Spike to die in that coming battle .
Another distributor point from which it reinforces that this all refers to the future moment to come is that in addition to the lines of the Shaman, Jet and Vicious, and in the way Spike woke up in the dream, there is besides the presence of ocular rhymes with the concluding minutes of the anime : the close-up image focused on the starry flip with the same color tone, rising at the same speed, with Spike lying on the ground, is identical both in this moment of the film and when the credits raise in the death episode of the zanzibar copal .

+ Additional : debilitation
Tumblr media
I do n’t need to mention that Spike sleeps ANYWHERE because Jet already said it for me. In boastful fights or when he has a prospect, he always faints or goes to sleep. It would be no unlike after facing Vicious. Btw, Jet says this idiom precisely in the negotiation above, which seems to be a adumbrative of the final confrontation between Spike and Vicious, once again confirming that he credibly did n’t die but slept/lost awareness as he always does. Lol !
* translation : ¹ “ You slept a draw, it ‘s been 3 days ”, ² “ Hey ! Do n’t sleep ”, ³ “ That ‘s great, a nap, that ‘s passive ”, “ He can sleep anywhere ” .
( The textbook in the print downstairs does not belong to me, but I am indexing it because I found it very interesting )

+ Additional 2
Tumblr media
I do n’t believe Cowboy Bebop is the fib of a selfish guy who lost everything and gave up on populate. Spike never looked like that kind of guy. We can believe him when he says he ‘s not going there to die but to find out why he ‘s animated. I believe Cowboy Bebop is a narrative of resilience, the history of a ridicule who last stopped running away from his problems and pains and decided to face them therefore he could ultimately move on and live his new future. That ‘s the message I want to take with me. I am so grateful for this lesson !

In termination :
There is still more I want to add. For immediately, I leave this initial text here, which however needs to be grammatically revised. I emphasize that the textbook above is not intended to put an end to a discussion, but to open space for another. It ‘s just a personal analysis that, despite being contrary to the majority of fans of the work, follows the course of a convinced sight. so yes, I believe Spike is alive. finally, I leave here a recommendation for reading about another interpretation that I found very cool : chatter !
Thanks for reading. That ’ s all ! See you Space Cowboy 🚀❤️
Tumblr media
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𝕋𝕙𝕖 ℕ𝕖𝕨 ℂ𝕣𝕖𝕨
Spike Spiegel x lector
Tumblr media
[ Name ] could n’t remember the last time they actively spoke to another person. After their old crew left them for dead on a hunt, they shut down. Their once bright, bouncy and optimistic attitude being replaced with a quiet, reserved and pessimistic mentality. They only ever took solo hunts, lacking the trust in others to double up .
They were able to keep things that way for a long time, approximately six months, before running into the celebrated space cowboy, who they clashed heads with more frequently than they would care to admit .
It happened on a more junior-grade hound, one that [ Name ] took, lone out of swerve boredom. Yet, with it being a identical small bounty, the man was quite the runner, and [ Name ] was beginning to lose any sort of patience they had left .
As they chased the valet through random bet on alleyways, they took a sharp right, smacking harshly into another body. They shook it off cursorily and jumped a few feet back, accelerator in their hand and pointed at the one they smacked into .
Focusing their vision on who their gunman was aimed at, their eyebrows furrow in mild confusion, seeing a valet in a aristocratic leisure suit and benighted greens hair. When the two make eye contact, they both see the others confusion .
[ Name ] let out a sigh and lowered their gun, pivoting on their heel and heading back down the way they had come, deciding to cut their chase short, as the other serviceman was distinctly after the like amplitude. From the looks of it, he needed the money more, excessively .
“ Check out the abandoned building five blocks west. You ‘ll find who you ‘re looking for. ” They did n’t turn to look at the man as they spoke, busying themselves with tucking their grease-gun away, and tucking their hands in their pouch .
They did n’t wait for a reaction from the man, as they turned a corner, blowing a maroon of hair’s-breadth away from their eye in balmy frustration. sure they did n’t actually need the bounty money, the guy was only worth 100,000 woolong, but they could tell the other amplitude hunter was n’t going to let them precisely walk aside after just handing him the bounty .
Though, they supposed that was a problem for future [ Name ] to worry about .
rather of dwelling on their inevitable meet, [ Name ] makes their way to a nearby bar. They could already feel a concern form, and decided they could use a drink if they were going to have to have a sit down with another bounty hunter .
Taking a point in the back corner, they gave a nod to the homo working at the bar, which was returned as he turned about to start on their beverage .
While they waited, they took that time to observe the other people in the bar. The music play was preferably western, that night. The band compromise of guys with banjo ‘s, harmonica ‘s, and other instruments associated with that genre. Many of the patrons seemed intrigued by the band, as they rarely got that specific music genre in the area .
A cold methamphetamine placed down in movement of is what pulled their attention aside from the other people around, and they looked up to thank the bartender, though their thanks was cut light by the blasphemous suit of the bounty hunter they ‘d run into hours anterior .
[ Name ] let out a huff as they shot a glare at the bartender, who just shrugged them off before going back to his work. [ Name ] let out an annoy sigh, as they grabbed the looking glass .
“ You found me faster than I was hoping. I did n’t even get my first drink in. ” They put the glass to their lips, knocking the beverage bet on in one adam. They put the glass back on the table with a thud, before waving at the bartender from across the room for another. “ What do you need hunter ? ” They leaned back, crossing their arms over their thorax, waiting for the questions .
“ You ‘re not what I was expecting. ” The man had a bore count on his face, a cigarette pinched between his lips as his hand dig through his scoop in search of a lighter. “ Guess they were n’t on the punctuate with the ‘silent hunter ‘ thing. ”
[ Name ] equitable raised an eyebrow is storm, “ Is that truly all you bothered me for ? Jeez … ” [ Name ] pushed ahead, getting up from their seat. “ If that was all you needed, I ‘ll take my exit. I ‘ve got better things to do than entertain whatever vision people gave you. ”
They took a few steps before he was in front man of them again. His hands were in his pockets, and he was slouched over a bit, a spirit of apathy on his face, “ actually, I was told you know a good morsel about some of the people my crew and I are hunting. ”
They looked at him both confused and intrigued, as they had n’t recalled seeing a bounty on anyone they knew, so, they took their induct again, wondering who it could be .
“ The crowd is called Rydock. They ‘ve been stirring up some lodger disputes with some gangs that escalated to a territory fight, and they won, killing the pillow of the rival. ” Hearing the name of their old crew made their blood boiling point, but hearing that they had a large bounty on their point turned that anger into readiness, and for the inaugural time in over six months, they wanted to work with this man to catch their bounty .
“ I ‘ll tell you everything you need to know and more if you let me join you on the hunt. You can keep the wages money, I just want to see their faces when I beat the crap out of them and turn them in. ” Their eyes hardened into a look of contemn, their fist clench at the think of seeing them again. The man seemed a concoction of surprise, and pleased at the fact that he could keep the bounty money .
“ Sounds dependable to me. ”
That is how [ list ] ended up on the Bebop, their body rigid as they used all of their world power not to snap at the girl who had been yapping in their ear for the passed two hours as they made their way to the planet Rydock had been wreaking havoc on .
They had learned the names of everyone on the ship from Jet, who seemed to be the most healthy and competent person on the embark. They took to telling Jet everything, as when they opened their mouthpiece to tell Spike, he looked as though he immediately zoned out, and Faye kept interrupting them. Jet had been the only one to listen, and take in everything they had to say, even helping them to formulate a plan to catch the crew off guard .
By the clock they landed, Jet and [ Name ] formed a whole design, and got ready to tell both Faye and Spike so they knew what to do. As the two entered the living quarters, they saw Faye on the frame, her legs crossed and on the table, inspecting her nails, and Spike no where to be seen .
“ Faye, were is Spike ? We need to go over the plan. ” She looked astir at the two concisely before kicking her legs off the table and stretching her arms above her fountainhead .
“ He left about immediately after we landed. credibly did n’t realize there was a design, or he just did n’t care that there was one. ” As she spoke, Jet and [ Name ] looked at each other, Jet looked exasperated, and [ Name ] was both annoyed and worry .
Upon seeing the look on Jets face, they did a doubly take, “ Wait, does he do this often ? ”
“ You do n’t even know the half of it … ”
After a promptly change to their original plan, [ Name ] was on their transport head to where they knew Rydock ‘s headquarters was, hoping they were n’t excessively former to help Spike .
They landed a few blocks away, and jumped out of their ship. They made their means promptly through the streets before getting to the building they were looking for. It was right where all of the street gangs territories met, leaving the build correctly in the gang territories heart. They did a immediate scan of the area, pinpointing every guard and person of matter to, before finding a discrete submission steer. They figured Spike was already inside and causing a commotion, judging on his personality and what Jet had told them anterior to leaving about him being foolhardy .
As they made their way to their submission luff, which was a window on the one-fifth floor, they pulled out their grease-gun, checking the ammunition that was already loaded. As they made it up the last act of the fire escape they had snuck onto, they poked their head into the window, looking around concisely before deeming it safe, and slipping in .
“ Jet. I ‘m inside. I entered on the fifth floor, north side. Where is the main store house ? ” They kept a tight fascinate on their artillery as they checked the area around them, waiting for Jets reply .
“ Main memory house is going to be east side, foremost shock. There is a loft to it on floors three and four, your best bet will be to cut right and window hop to the second floor, if possible. ” Following his instructions, [ Name ] started heading to the mighty, seeing a window at the end of the mansion. As they got closer, they started hearing rushed footsteps behind them .
“ Code yellow in storehouse one, some guy is in there killing a short ton of our men. ” [ Name ] managed to get out the window just as they turned the corner and headed for the stairwell. They hugged the wall, and mutely cursed Spike for being an idiot, as they shimmied across the small ledge they had found themselves on. Holding onto a windowsill, they looked down, scouting for an open window on the floors below them .
As they spotted one, they flinched at the sound of a gunfire, grimacing at the stinging pain that came with the bullet train grazing their cheek. Whipping their fountainhead around, they see a guy who seemed to be both younger, and fresh to holding a gun, considering the misfire, and shaking hands. Vaulting through the window [ Name ] pulled out their grease-gun, firing a shot correct at his head, “ therefore much for the stealth path … ”
The sprinted down the hall, as the body dropped the the floor with a crump, melting in with the sound of hurried footsteps heading in their direction. [ Name ] held the artillery steadily in their dominant allele hand, waiting for the first person to round the corner, firing a shoot as they did. Hitting the man in the head, he dropped, leaving the guy behind him to freeze, startled. As that left him open, [ Name ] lunged forward, their arm swathe around his throat, and pulling him to them. Pointing their artillery to his head and keeping the headlock nasty, they began to walk fore .
“ I ‘ll ask you this once, and if you tell me what I wan sodium hear, I wo n’t use you as a homo shield, got it ? Where is the independent gang ? ” The man shakily pointed at the ceiling, his barren hand gripping their arm in hopes of keeping [ Name ] from chocking him any close .
“ one-sixth floor. They are n’t gon na come down here and risk getting caught … their in boardroom three … ” [ Name ] made a randomness of appreciation, letting the man go. As he turned to run, they scoffed and shot him before stepping over his consistency and head for the stairs .
Their trip up was n’t arsenic consequential, as most of the guys seemed to be distracted with whatever the hell Spike was doing, which gave them the luck they needed to get to the boardroom their erstwhile crew hid out in. They knew the crew were n’t fighters themselves. They were manipulative, and very good at convincing others to fight for them. [ Name ] knew they had some of their best fighters in the board with them, and once [ Name ] was distracted by those fighters, they would make a break for the rooftop, where their ships were .
rather of taking the door, they once again went for the windows. They pulled a smoke bombard from one of their pockets, alongside a mask and goggles. As they made it to the window, they prepped the bomb and tossed it inside, following right behind it. They used the few seconds they had to pinpoint where everyone was inside the room .
once the fastball bomb went off, and the room started filling with the roll of tobacco, they rushed forward, shooting the two guards in the principal, and firing off two other shots, both getting the legs of two of the gang members. They aimed at the heads of the remaining two barely as the fume died out .
The two hush standing crowd members coughed and waved smoke away, while the two downed ones groaned in trouble and rolled on the floor. [ Name ] took that extra second to pull off the mask and goggles and relay to Jet that they had the crowd and where they were .
“ long clock time no see, guys. Wish the circumstances were unlike. unfortunately the amplitude requires that you guys persist animated. ” Looking at the faces of the gang, they saw their bewilderment at the fact that they were still alive, “ You guys may have been great manipulators, but you were crap planners. following time you want person dead, actually make a sting of an effort, yeah ? ”
They stood with their guns drawn, when the door break open. They took a flying glance at the door to see Spike, hand gripping his english, and heaving for a hint, “ Welcome to the separate Spike. I ‘m storm you ‘re recently, considering you left without any backup or design. ” They shot him an annoyed look as he equitable stared at them, mildly surprised, along with gently irritated .
“ I could have done it on my own. You gave me all the information I needed. ”
“ You mean the information you zoned out listening to ? sure. ” “ I listened to enough of it. ”
“ adequate to go in without a design and get shoot, obviously. You ‘re golden they are excessively dense to have run when they beginning head the shoot out happening. ”
The two held each others glare, until Jet snapped them out of it saying that their transportation was there, followed by Faye telling them to hurry up. Both Spike and [ Name ] took that time to tie the two hush standing members of the gang and grab the early. The two led them out in silence, both silent annoyed with the other .
back on the Bebop, [ Name ] took it upon themselves to patch Spike and themselves up, chiefly wanting to berate him for being an idiot some more before they parted ways .
“ You know. You ‘re lucky to have a crew that has you back. Without them, there is no way you would still be alive. ” spike ‘s entirely response was an eyeroll, so they went again, “ You should truly show them more appreciation for the fact that they deal with you. I ca n’t image how they are able to plan around your recklessness so well. Guess it comes with experience. ”
“ If all you are gon na do is scold me, merely leave now. ” They shot a glare down at him, tugging a bite more harshly on the needle they had been using for his stitches causing him to groan .
“ You should show them more regard. Otherwise they might plan a strike against you and leave you for dead. ”
“ That was fabulously specific. ”
“ yea. Well, that ‘s what happened to me. ”
There was a fraught silence that followed. Neither person looked at the other .
“ They were talking about you after you walked away. Said not to trust you. ” [ Name ] said nothing, so he took that as a sign to continue, “ They said you would stab us in the spinal column the second base you had the probability. That it would n’t be the inaugural clock time. ”
At that [ Name ] finally looked him in the eyes, “ That would be because it would n’t be the beginning time. Though I would n’t say I actually stabbed them in the binding. They fair did n’t like the result of the decision I made. ”
“ What was the decisiveness ? ”
“ To leave. I faked my death, and left. I did n’t look rear and I hid from my past. They needed a bad guy for their villain origin floor, and that bad guy happened to be me. ” Spike nodded slowly, a expression of understanding passing through his eyes, “ I stayed away from joining a newly crowd. They were awful people. They threw me into missions they knew were deadly, and the would leave me on my own. They would use me as bait, but do nothing to help me if I got tangled up in something bad. I have n’t in truth trust anyone adequate to work aboard them since. ”
Spike watched [ Name ] as they finished their knead on his stitches, finishing it off with a bandage. He took in their words and realized that they were incredibly alike .
“ Are you ever living in the give but stuck in the by ? ” Spike was pulled out of his thoughts with that. He looked at them for a long time, watching the pain, sadness, and angry eddy in their eyes, creating a torrential sea within their eyes .
“ All of the time. ”
A reciprocal understand passed between the two of them in that moment .
The next day, the Bebop crowd, and [ Name ] were dropping off the bounty for the Rydock crowd. [ Name ] had a large and about evil grin on their face as they watched them get cuffed and dragged into the station. As the Bebop crew stepped ahead to collect the bounty, they felt a sudden weight on their chest. They had entirely known the crew for about three days at this point, and so far they felt an attachment to the curious group .
Jet had a care nature that they had n’t seen or felt in a while. They felt safe and like they could relax around him, and be themselves. He listened to them when they went on a rant about their honest-to-god crew and offered comfort. He did n’t bat an center when they mentioned some of their past mistakes .
Faye, while incredibly annoying, was fabulously entertaining. She added agitation to childlike conversation, and made easy, playful, kid that served as entertainment for everyone. even with her apparently thoughtless attitude, [ Name ] could tell she rightfully did care for the crowd .
then there was Spike, who they had connected with the night they caught the Rydock crowd. They had a reciprocal sympathy of each other. They had an mute agreement of being there to support the other. He had a similar experience to themselves, and while he may not of shared it with them, it made [ Name ] importantly more comfortable around him .
unfortunately, they knew that this was the end of the road. They were only there to provide information. Spike sought them out for that function, and that function has been served. If they stuck around, they will have overstayed their welcome .
sol, as the crew negotiated their honor, they slowly inched aside .
They sat themselves down at a bar a few miles from the crew they had abandoned. They sat with a big heart at leaving a position that felt like the beginning home they had had in a while. They stared down at their one-fifth drink of the night that was practically empty as they tried to avoid the thoughts of the crew that swarmed through their head .
The bartender went to slide another drink across the table, and as [ Name ] went to reach for it, a hand stopped it, smoothly scooping it off the counter. [ Name ] ‘s eyes followed the glass, where it became level with companion brown eyes and green hair’s-breadth .
“ This is the second time I ‘ve caught you in a browning automatic rifle. This ca n’t be healthy … ” [ Name ] scoffed, rolling their eyes, and resting their boldness on their closed fist .
“ Says the one with the nicotine addiction. ” Spike paused, before giving a faineant grin .
“ Touché. ”
They sat in muteness for a while, both finishing a drink before Spike stood up with a stretch. He than grabbed [ Name ] by the shoulders, pulling them to stand, “ equally nice as the drinks were, I think it ‘s about time we head back to the Bebop before Jet comes to get us, trust me, that ‘s the last thing you want … ”
[ Name ] looked up at him gently confused, and he once again gave them a faineant grin .
“ We could use your skillset on the Bebop, and person who can keep up with Faye, because I do n’t want to listen to her anymore. ”
“ Are n’t you the one that let her on the Bebop ? ”
“ Me ? No way. I do n’t like women with attitudes. She just made herself at home after she helped with a hound … though I ‘d hardly say she was of much help oneself. ” [ Name ] laughed as Spike mumbled the survive bit of the conviction under his breath in aggravation, “ indeed, what do you say ‘Silent Hunter ‘ ? Looking for a new crowd ? ” ear had his hand extended to them, and as they looked up at him, they could tell this would be a baseless ride .
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5 months ago
Le Temps de L ’ amour – spike heel Spiegel x GN Reader
type : one shoot, fluff
Warnings : none
Pairing : spike Spiegel x GN Reader
This was requested by @ supermegapauselouca. Hope you enjoy ! ^-^
( Unedited interpretation )
Tuesdays were the worst days for Y/N. Chores were their responsibility on Tuesday. Washing dishes, taking out the pan, sweeping, the whole nine yards. One thing that would get them through the day, however, was music. Specifically oldies .

It was fair after dinner, and they were doing the dishes. Slumped over the sink with a grimace dawning their boldness, they on the spur of the moment stopped. Drying their hands, they trudged over to the radio and fumbled with the knob. The never ending pour of staticky, muffled out stations only made Y/N even more agitate. last, they found a clear one. thankfully, it was a station they actually enjoyed. As the song began, they dipped their hands spinal column into the water and began to start again. A voice spoke up from the radio receiver, unnaturally cheerful for the time of night, about midnight .

“ And for this adjacent one, I ’ thousand sure your grandparents would like this one, we have “ Le Temps de L ’ amour ” by Françoise Hardy. Ugh, a classical ! ” The voice said. Y/N internally squealed, it had been so farseeing since they had heard commodity old fashioned oldie songs. The song began, the iconic rhythmical drum beats immediately making their shoulders bounce with the beat .

“ C’est lupus erythematosus temps de l’amour
Le temps des copains
Et de l’aventure
Quand le temps department of veterans affairs et vient
On nebraska pense à rien
Malgré ses blessures ”

They sang along softly, their movements becoming increasingly more convinced as they lost all connection with the worldly concern around them. Just them, the dishes and the music .

unbeknown to Y/N, there was person standing nearby, listening closely. Spike, who got up to get a swallow, stopped in his tracks once he heard the conversant voice echoing throughout the kitchen. He leaned against the second wall, and listened attentively to the music .

“ On selenium dot qu’à vingt ans
On est les rois du monde
Et qu’éternellement.. ”

The voice continued. He peered around the corner, looking at none early than Y/N. A smile found its means on his face, a little blush adorning his cheek. He leaned back up against the rampart, putting his arms behind his heading and closing his eyes. “ A few more moments, ” he thought .

After a minute of meditating on the music, Spike noticed one of the two voices had stopped. He opened his eyes to see Y/N standing in front of him, arms crossed over their breast and smirk .

He jumped, bumping his elbow painfully on the doorway. Y/N chuckled lightly, taking in the moment as it was sol very rare to see the Spike Spiegel get embarrassed .

“ You liked the indicate, I ’ megabyte estimate ? ” They asked, walking back into the kitchen and turning off the radio. He followed suit, rubbing his elbow and flinch at his negligence. Of course, he ’ five hundred never let this express .

Keeping his composure, a wave of chilliness shielded his aura .

“ I would have, but you sing off key. ” He stated matter-of-factly. Y/N chuckled lightly, shaking their lead .

“ My apologies, your stateliness. I ’ ll get properly on that for following time, ” they replied with a wink. A yawn and a stretch later, they walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway to their room to retire for the nox, leaving Spike entirely with his thoughts. He smiled dumbly at the interaction. A familiar feel of bliss sneak over his body. He poured himself a beverage and baby-sit on the frame, his smile never falter .

It was true, he liked Y/N. It was hard to admit that to himself, however. He didn ’ metric ton want to believe it. At this point, however, it was getting harder and harder to ignore. Their smile, their laugh, the means their eyes widened when they talked about something they liked, all of it was undeniably attractive to him. He could lone hope the feeling was common .
fortunately for him, it was. Oh, it was .
Hope you enjoyed this one inject ! It was written a little cursorily, but I hope it ’ mho approve ! This is such a cunning theme, one had fun writing it ! The adjacent one will be up in a pair of days, therefore stay tuned !
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