SPINNER is the leading european manufacturer of high-frequency synchronous converter joints, and has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. The SPINNER group has production facilities in Germany, Hungary and China, with more than 1,100 employees cosmopolitan. Our subsidiaries and representatives are present in over 40 countries and provide our customers with an international network of support. choice, flexibility and avail have made the group internationally successful .

Single and multi-channel RF rotary joints and hybrid solutions

High-quality SPINNER loanblend traffic circle joints are chiefly used in military radar systems, fire control systems, rotating vehicle-mounted television camera systems and in mobile battlefield communication systems.

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In areas such as ATC ( Air Traffic Control ) and commercial SatCom, for airborne, naval and ground based solutions SPINNER ’ s rotary joints are widely used angstrom well .
Six-channel inductosyn synchronous converter joint .

Three-channel coaxial traffic circle joint .

Six-channel traffic circle join with slip gang and encoders .

Nine-channel circular joint with slip ring .

RPA – Argentine Primary 3D Radar .

20-channel LWL traffic circle joint .

Single mode mono fiber ocular traffic circle joint .

Single-channel Waveguide R100 circular joint, L-style .

Dual-channel Ethernet module .

The pursue chief components are designed and manufactured by SPINNER at our production facility in Westerham, Germany, and we are able to supply :

  • Single or multi-channel coaxial rotary joints
  • Waveguide single or multichannel rotary joints
  • Fiber optical single or multichannel rotary joints
  • Contactless Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet
  • Media joints for fluids and air
  • Contactless power transmission

The combination of the above mentioned groups of infection technologies and encoders are so shout hybrid traffic circle joints combined with skid rings. This enables SPINNER to offer dispatch system solutions from a single source. These solutions are achieved by the use of a highly motivate team of research and growth engineers, equipped with state-of-the-art design and simulation tools .

CNC turning and milling centres

SPINNER in-house manufacture capabilities include :

  • CNC controlled turning and milling centers
  • Electroplating for all common surfaces
  • Mechanical test equipment (covering sub-micron range to ensure outstanding quality)
  • Climate and salt spray chambers for environmental tests
  • Shock and vibration tests, as well as testings in co-operation with external institutes

This high-quality standard guarantees a frictionless operation in extreme situations .

FORJ (fibre optical rotary joint) and gigabit ethernet transmission

These are the most normally use combinations for adjacent generation high-performance radar and data transmission systems. normally, one or two high-power channels ( coax/waveguide ) are combined with several low-power channels. Slip ring modules for power provide and data transmission are additionally integrated. due to constantly increasing data rates, ocular circular joints and contactless Gigabit Ethernet infection are becoming more important. spinner solutions are widely spread from the standard 20 impart FORJ to smallest available 6 channel FORJ on the marketplace, down to a single distribution channel FORJ that can be integrated into the inner conductor of a coaxial cable channel with an out diameter of merely 3mm .

Customised solutions including media joints

SPINNER delivers a large assortment of synchronous converter joint combinations according to customer specifications in all varieties, frequency bands and sizes. The consolidation of media joints and contactless Gigabit Ethernet ensure that SPINNER solutions are able to provide all requirements of any radar system .

Rotary joints maintenance and repair

As an extra serve, SPINNER offers rectify and care of all traffic circle joint brands.

SPINNER offers adenine well connectors, particular phase adjustable cable assemblies for phase align systems, ability combiners for radar transmitters and many others. The quality assurance ( QA ) system at SPINNER has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. The results of our endeavors are documented in our DIN EN ISO 14001 certified environmental management system.

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