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Which Is Better for Beginners?

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The Winner

Ease of Use: Squarespace is Better

With a 4 out of 5 rating in our user testing, Squarespace takes the lead as the easiest to use out of these two platforms. You can easily modify your design, while WordPress requires coding. This makes Squarespace much more beginner-friendly, as you can simply drag and drop features onto your pages.

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Squarespace: Easier but Less Flexible

Squarespace is easier to use than WordPress because:

  • It requires no coding skills

  • You can preview changes in real-time as you make them

  • It has a drag-and-drop template editor

However, you can only customize limited parts of your site’s features, which can be restricting when you want to let your creativity flourish!

User Review: Brittany Herzberg, Brittany Herzberg Massage Therapy

“I’ve loved how easy Squarespace is to use and modify. It was quite easy for me to pick a template and enter in the information I thought was critical.

When I first got my site going, a friend helped me create it. He suggested Squarespace and a few other options, but Squarespace seemed the most intuitive to me, and it had template options I felt I could be proud of.”

Wait, What Is Drag-and-Drop?

By drag-and-drop, we mean you can move different elements (like text boxes and images) around on the page to customize the layout. Squarespace’s drag-and-drop editor goes by section, so you can move different elements around within a block on the page.

wordpress vs squarespace ease of use editorwordpress vs squarespace ease of use editorSquarespace lets you drag elements around within each section block.

This is called “what you see is what you get” editing. It makes it super easy to make changes, because you’re seeing exactly what visitors will be seeing once your site is live.

Whenever we’ve used Squarespace in the past, we’ve been impressed by its stylish templates and fast setup.

Top Tip: Less flexibility isn’t always a bad thing!

Squarespace’s section-based editor makes it nearly impossible to position your text or images at a bad angle, and you’ll get to choose between multiple color palettes that are predesigned to match your theme. Basically, it’s extremely hard to make a design faux pas with Squarespace!

WordPress: Harder but More Customizable

WordPress is harder to use than Squarespace because:

  • Code and third-party plugins are often needed to customize pages

  • You do your editing in the backend, meaning you can’t see your changes as you make them

squarespace vs wordpress editorsquarespace vs wordpress editorWhen you add and edit elements in WordPress, you can’t see how your changes will look while you make them.

Making changes in the backend is like flipping switches backstage. You can walk around to the front to see which lights you’ve turned on, then go back behind the curtain to change those settings.

This can be really disorienting for a beginner. But the payoff is that WordPress is very customizable, because editing the actual code of your site opens up a whole new world of possibilities – you won’t have to stay within the confines of a premade template.

If you’ve got money rather than coding skills, you can hire a developer to help you at around $100 per hour. This will raise the cost of your website, but reduce the amount of tech you’ll have to deal with yourself.

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