In this mail, we will show you the best Squarespace templates for photographers .

Photography is a popular art shape that is heavily embraced. In today ’ south world, anyone can take photos, and it mustn ’ metric ton be with a digital camera. There are so many mobile phones with one or more built-in cameras .
As a photography entrepreneur, a web site is an ideal means of reaching a larger audience and potential customers. even though you take photos as a hobby, for the playfulness of it, a web site will do you good as more people will get to appreciate your work.

Before hire, there will be a request for your portfolio 80 percentage of the time. While you can direct customers to view your works on your social media profile platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and so forth, a web site will make you look professional .
It is well easy to launch a photography web site today. furthermore, lots of web build tools/platforms are out there to use .
fortunately, you can make use of a web template to scale through the web site building procedure. All you have to do is to identify a web site template that reflects your needs – photography – and then customize it without technical experience .
however, it could be baffling decide on which is the right one. not to mention, it is best that you identify a user-friendly template that showcases your works properly so that visitors find it easy to navigate through .
That brings us to Squarespace, a platform with some of the best templates for photographers .

What Is Squarespace? 

Squarespace is a web site builder and presently one of the best for building portfolio-based websites with more than 6 million users .
many photographers choose Squarespace due to its user-friendliness. As mentioned earlier, the chopine has some of the best templates for photographers and if you want to build from scratch, you can utilize its drag-and-drop builder joyride .
With its drag-and-drop builder instrument, you can besides edit and customize the prebuilt Squarespace templates. That room, you can personalize the color, baptismal font, text, logo, and other elements that reflect your brand .
To help you build an outstanding web site for your photography business without hassles, we ’ ve come up with our list of the best Squarespace templates for photographers .

Best Squarespace Template For Photographers

The inaugural template on our number is the Balboa template. This template is simple with portfolio layouts and a white background .
Balboa has three independent menu options. The first is the Work section which is the home page by nonpayment. This is where your works and projects are displayed for visitors to view .
up to three projects can be featured on the home page along with a entitle and short description for each. There ’ s a View Project button that opens the project page so that visitors can view all photos contained .
The following section is about. not only can you enter details of yourself or clientele on this page, but you can besides add a sport image which can be either your personal photograph or commercial enterprise logo .
The final examination section is the Instagram section. Clicking on this menu option will redirect visitors to your Instagram page. All you have to do is to provide your Instagram visibility URL .
You can feature your stigmatize identify, contact electronic mail address, and Instagram handle in the template footnote .
Hollie Beaumont – that ’ s the first words you ’ ll meet when you load this template. The template features very light so far stylish serif fonts and has three menu sections – Work, About, and Contact. At the top-right corners are Instagram and Twitter icons for linking your handles .
On the Work home page, you can display individual photos with their titles in square sections. This is an ideal way of displaying your best photograph that will capture your visitors ’ attention .
Below the photograph feather sections is a short-circuit profile section. You can display a little about yourself or clientele while saving all the cumbersome details for the About section .
Visitors will be redirected to the Contact page by clicking on the Let ’ s work together push button. The Contact foliate features a pre-made contact human body customers can use to send in inquiries. however, at the bottom, you can link your Twitter & Instagram handles .
The Beaumont template has a very elementary footer where you can feature your e-mail address and call act .
Matsuya is a Squarespace template for photographers that want ample photos on their home page .
You can display about 15 images on the home page in different shapes such as squares and rectangles. however, there ’ s no provision to add a claim or description .
The menu comprises an Overview, People, Things, and a Contact section. You can display your Instagram handle with the icon at the top-right corner .
The Overview section is the default home page, while the People and Things sections are more like photograph categories. Photos of humans are displayed in the People section while every other character can be found in the Things department .
On the Contact page, you can display your e-mail savoir-faire and contact cover. A fiddling detail about you or your business can come in here excessively .
At the bottom-right footnote section are provisions to link your electronic mail address and Instagram .
quincy is the ideal Squarespace template for individual photographers. From the fonts, layouts, and colors, everything about this template is alone .
The home page is like a down page, and you can feature just one photograph. preferably, this should be a photograph of you, the photographer, or differently one of your best work .
A View Portfolio clitoris is featured on the home page, and it directs visitors to the Work page. Likewise, it is besides accessible from the main menu. here, you can display your photos in relatively big sizes .
About and Contact sections are besides featured in the main menu. You can provide your work details and contact data on these pages respectively .
Your social media handles – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – can be linked with the icons at the top-left. lone your electronic mail address can be linked in the footer section .
This template shares some similarities with the Matsuya template discussed earlier but placid stands out in its way .
It is similar because up to 15 photos can be displayed on the home page in squares and orthogonal styles. interestingly, the Talva template incorporates a Blog part, which makes it ideal for photographers who like writing.

The web log layout is simpleton ; you can display contents in grid style with have images or a list. other sections this template features are About and Contact .
The About page enables you to introduce yourself with its two-section overlay layout style stylishly. There are Instagram and Twitter icons at the top-right and bottom-right corners of this template .
Does your ambition photography website have a dark, total darkness background ? If yes, then you ’ ll appreciate the Squarespace Minetta web site template .
This template is about like a dark adaptation of the Beaumont template with both featuring the like menu options – Work, About, and Contact .
besides, barely like Beaumont, there ’ s a short profile section below the photograph sections for you to display a little about yourself or clientele. In fact, it incorporates a Let ’ s oeuvre together button that will redirect visitors to the Contact page .
conversely, Minetta allows you to display photos in rectangles and squares. besides, you can display many photos on the home page, even up to 25 .
Featured on the Contact page is a pre-made reach shape while the About page supports text and a featured image. For social media, you can link Instagram and Twitter through their respective icons at the top-right corner .
Unlike other best Squarespace templates for photographers on our list, Sofia Pazari incorporates four rectangular layouts on the home page, which represent different categories : People, Interiors, Outdoors, and City .
By clicking on any, visitors can view all photos classified in these categories. In each category, you can display many photos .
similarly, it is easy for visitors to navigate between categories as the class pages feature Next and Previous page navigations .
You can only connect your Instagram treat using the option in the pedestrian and the Instagram icon featured on the Contact page .
however, this template does not feature a profile part or about page. You can include these details in the Contact page along with your contact electronic mail and work address .
Like Matsuya, Gates is another Squarespace template for photographers that should grace our list. It is ideal if you want many photos on your home page. The photograph sections are close laid out, so it appears like a mosaic, making the web site more beautiful .
More than 20 photos can be featured on the home page and the photograph sections are in public square and orthogonal shapes .
Gates features a centralized exceed menu with merely two options Work and Contact, while the erstwhile is the default home page .
There are icons for Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn at the top-right corner of the home page. If you have accounts on any of these sociable media platforms, you can connect them. Plus, the social media icons are besides featured in the footnote segment .
besides, the About part serves as a contact section. You can enter your bring details and then display the built-in contact form below thus that web visitors can reach you .
Wexley is one of the best Squarespace Version 7.0 photography templates and its home page supports the display of many photos in squares and rectangles .
The template consists of a right-aligned menu with essential sections, including Homepage, Portfolio, Blog, About, and Contact. You can enter your oeuvre details on the About page and besides add a have visualize .
The Contact page features a contact human body and sections to display your telephone act ( second ), e-mail address, and knead address. It ’ randomness besides ideal that you link your social media accounts on this page .
This Squarespace template displays photos in an neat manner with three photos per row. In sum, 15 photos can be displayed on the home page along with their titles .
Avenue features a web log section which is accessible from the Blog option in the menu. besides featured on the menu is an About page where you can provide information about yourself or business .
You should besides provide contact details on how you can be reached on the About page as there ’ s no particular section for it .
besides, the Avenue template has no choice for social media, but you can add them while customizing. Avenue, like Wexley, is a Squarespace Version 7.0 template .

Wrap Up : Best Squarespace Template For Photographers

Before immediately, you would need to learn to code before you can build a web site. Thanks to platforms like Squarespace, anyone can immediately build a web site, with or without coding skills .
Squarespace, like most early web construct platforms out there, features respective useful vane templates. For photographers, the chopine features a ‘ Photography ’ class in the template library with tons of beautiful templates to showcase their works .
Listed above are the 10 best ones selected based on their features. You can preview and import any of the templates that meet your sake to use on your photography web site .
The majority of the templates listed above are templates of the recent Squarespace version, Version 7.1 ; all of them except the last two which are Version 7.0. They are responsive templates that will auto-fit on desktop, mobile, and pill devices .
After importing, you besides need to edit and customize the template before you can upload your works .
Some all-important sections your photography web site should have are the about and contact section/pages. You have to tell visitors about yourself or your business and how they can contact you .
If any of these essential sections/pages are lacking in your prefer web template, you can introduce them as you customize .
If you have a content-rich social media page, most notably Instagram, it is besides recommended to link them. Though a web site would make you look professional, some customers will still prefer to engage with you on social media.

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