An international giant in the plastics and melamine industry, Srithai Superware Public Company celebrates its 53rd anniversary this class. From its initial beginnings as an SME, Srithai presently exports to 110 countries on 6 continents, including Japan, Korea, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, England, Germany and South Africa. operate from its head function in Bangkok, it has oversea production plants in China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. The company has become a 100 % integrate melamine product manufacturer with a melamine product plant that has the highest production capacity in the populace. Its plastics business produces a wide-eyed variety of products to suit the requirement of different target customers, from food and drinks packaging products to automotive parts. Srithai aims to reach a sales target of 20,000 million Baht in 5 years.

    Mr. Sanan Angubolkul, Chairman and President, whose brilliant business acumen and skill is behind the success of Srithai, hard believes in a childlike personal philosophy that undergirds all his achievements : “ We must promptly move from ideas to action. Make them happen and strive for sustainable growth. ” The “ charming touch ” to achiever according to him is “ action. ” He besides adds that a company must have clear and organized policies in its management and production in order to thrive and prosper .

    As he continued to explain his strategies for success, Mr. Sanan was quick to point out that Srithai is, foremost and first, a people-focused enterprise. Proper priority must be given to the human resources of a company. From investing in the discipline and development of its work force to ensuring their personal wellbeing, it is authoritative to recognize the invaluable character they play in a company ’ sulfur success and assist them in developing into their fullest likely. Therefore, a learning environment is cultivated and programs exist to help train employees and update them on the latest technologies being used in their factories. Those who want to further their education are encouraged to avail of the ship’s company ’ second particular incentives .

    A similar access is used in their product strategy. Srithai keeps abreast of the latest developments in management styles and production technologies. Its products are made from the best and safest raw materials available. This commitment to excellence has been recognized by national and international organizations which have given Srithai versatile awards for their achievements. Although Mr. Sanan is gallant of these accomplishments, he continues to emphasize that it is equally important to understand what the consumers need and how to meet that need with a high degree of atonement while at the lapp clock time keeping their prices competitive. consequently, consumers have learned to trust the Srithai tag and it has become a family word .


    Mr. Sanan ’ s philosophies are besides intelligibly reflected in the good relations he maintains with his commercial enterprise partners and suppliers through transparency and dependability. In addition, it ’ sulfur authoritative to note that Srithai takes its social responsibility very badly and engages in a proactive approach to environmental issues and community development, specially in areas where their factories and offices are located, both in Thailand and abroad .

    When asked about other strategies that have led Srithai to its award achiever, he told us that the company focuses on “ 3 Saves ”, namely : Save Material by learning how to use the least possible sum without compromising quality, Save Energy by using machinery that conserves department of energy, and last but not least, Save the World by protecting the environment and reducing its ball-shaped footprint .

    Mr. Sanan besides suggests that it ’ south important to be ready to collaborator with early experts. He gives the exemplar of a accommodative feat with SCG Chemicals that resulted in the development of raw materials that enabled them to develop new products. There is constantly a constant substitution and flow of cognition and information that entrepreneurs must be will to engage in .

    His advice to SMEs is to look into how they can expand and export their products : “ About 40 years ago, we were among the first in Thailand to start exporting products abroad. region of the entrepreneurial liveliness is the ability to have the vision of how one ’ second business can grow and to consider how you can make your product unique in order to make it attractive to consumers. Of run, it takes not lone skill but besides a lot of hard sour to go from compass point a to point b. It was with this position that we entered into the international market. ”

    Forward-thinking and staying in tone with changing trends in the market is besides essential. Srithai melamine merchandise is known the universe over for its lastingness and beautiful patterns but Srithai needed a design to appeal to the younger generation. Hence, the Potter occupation, which was wholly different in concept from their existing melamine ware, was launched to appeal to this special recess of consumers .

    In close, Mr. Sanan emphasized that a firm team spirit plays a full of life character in any organization ’ sulfur success. From R and D, to initial product design, to manufacture and production, to sales and selling, he acknowledges the function everyone has played in the achiever and sustainable growth the party has achieved .

   At the moment, Srithai is focusing on establishing its brand in the CLMV group of countries.  It’s also aiming to be the world’s largest melamine tableware manufacturer and a leader in the plastic injection industry in the ASEAN. Under Mr. Sanan’s astute leadership, and given the solid business strategies on which the company has been built upon, these goals will undoubtedly be a reality in the not too distant future.  Congratulations in advance.

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