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unblock Static HTML Email templates created using the Slides Website Builder .
here are a few website templates you can use for free .
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Website template

Website template
Website template
Website template
By the front of the web site, you can tell a lot about business, service or persona. Generally, design speaks more than a thousand words. The option of colors, fonts or photos will determine whether you are worth someone´s attention. besides, it will either help your copy stand out or destroy it .
What makes one web site superior is the right combination of contentedness and design. Being different, unique is always a asset, which is why you need proper tools to make it happen. Slides is a static website builder that will help you make the difference and become attractive to the eye of your favored hearing .
Slides – Developer´s Little Helper
It is constantly utilitarian to have avail while creating a web site from scribble. Working with proper apps can save your fourth dimension and energy. actually, it can help you channel your ideas by rights and turn them into wanted, concluding resultant role .
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As a developer-friendly app Slides is offering a objet d’art of beware and less tension while creating your perfective web site. What makes it developer friendly? First of all, you don´t have to build a web site from cancel because all the significant gorge you need are built-in for you. Built with HTML, CSS, and JS Slides include code that ’ mho easy to understand and easy to change, no other frameworks are needed.

Create Websites With Fully Integrated Info
Tutorial – hypertext transfer protocol : // ? v=IfKkAo0dSNk
We are sick of having notifications, messages, and data everywhere which is why Slides app takes manage that all the information you need is well desegregate. That means you can chat, discuss, show, collect emails and polls, provide directions and more. This amazing solicitation of integrations will expand your deal capabilities .
Play With Powerful Built-In Modules
The cleanse invention is not the merely amaze thing that comes with Slides. This app has a lot of brawny and virtual built-in modules that are easy to set up and customize :

  • Typography – Perfect set of the typographic elements for blogs and articles.
  • Sound – Enhance the experience with background music.
  • Popups – Add video and other content with a new layer.
  • User interface – Pre-built buttons, inputs, and dropdowns for form elements.
  • Drag & drop builder
  • Responsive, retina-ready, animated
  • Ready-made templates
  • Clean Code
  • Well Documented
  • SCSS Support
  • Material Icons
  • SEO Friendly
  • Multi-page Website
  • Popular services integrations

This app is perfect for those who are will to design great websites as it offers numerous possibilities for creation .
If you find the cock utilitarian, please share it with your friends or mention us on your web site. Use the templates for personal or commercial projects, but do n’t sell them !


  • Four free templates released.

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