The S Series from STEX is a new line of premium fitness equipment, featuring not only a fall upon design, but besides the most gain technological development .
Designed for everyday use in busy train facilities, STEX ‘s cardio series offers a simple and commodious user-focused interface environment and enhanced entertainment features that maximize workout use. S25 ELLIPTICAL SERIES
The STEX S25 Elliptical is a agio commercial grade series designed for daily use in a master set. Featuring a unique and scientific running motion and a smooth lull drive system, the S25E Elliptical combines human body and function to offer users performance in a potent fresh invention.

Designed to provide a total body workout using superior biomechanics and natural gait, the S25 elliptic flight simulator adds quilt while providing a highly effective exercise .
Looking for an highly low impingement exercise, the S25 Elliptical will help users enjoy their workouts, encourage them to take their seaworthiness beyond their current goals, and keep them coming back .

The S25 elliptic trainer provides the exploiter with a biomechanically adjust “ Bio Stride ” train apparent motion allowing for longer workouts and less stress on the joints. It supports cardiovascular train with very broken affect, as the Bio-Stride can be automatically adjusted for calves, quads and glutes. additionally, people can use the machine in reverse to target hamstrings and early muscle groups. The extra-large, non-slip foot pedals are designed to allow users to adjust their foot put for maximal comfort while exercising. The narrow outdistance between the pedals ensures minimal strain on the lower back .

The STEX S25E elliptic flight simulator features an intuitive, high-brightness, alphanumeric white LED message Center Display. A user-centric graphic interface with a simple keyboard blueprint provides easy approachability for the drug user. The enhanced entertainment feature makes it slowly to connect electronic devices such as mp3 and ipod via a USB port. It besides allows for device appoint and the ability to install a personal education platform. Any firmware upgrade can be done via STEX downloader. It has 16 preset programs including military protocols, car begin and customs programmable clock time limits and a display with flat, time, distance, cal/min, PACE, METS, exercise, VOS score and more .

With its high-quality components, this elliptic trainer requires very little alimony, as the anti-dust and low-maintenance design ensures years of worry-free function. The self-powered dynamo allows for easy initiation as no external ability add is required. The heavy sword skeletal system and the electromagnetic driveway in combination with the long guarantee on parts and components make the STEX elliptic flight simulator the ideal equipment for any commercial environment .

Please note: Due to its size and weight, this crosstrainer is only suitable for ground floor use, with access from a double door or roller door! Note: Models may vary.

Frame type Steel
Pass length W550 x L1560 (mm) / 21.6″ x 61.4″ (inch)
Resistance range 25
Console display White FND + alphanumeric (16ea) 8×16 dot matrix, 2FND, 12BLUE LED indicator
Trainings 16 preset programs, Fit Test program
USB port Charging only
Contact / wireless heart rate Intelligent Touch heart rate system (dual) / wireless heart rate receiver (Polar)
Built-in speakers Yes
Entertainment Sound + Charging
User capacity 180 kg (400 lbs)
Setup dimensions W640 X L2050 X H1670 (mm) / 80″ X 65″ X 25″ (inch)
Product weight 110 kg (242 lbs)
Electrical requirements 220V / Hybrid operation

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