Ryan is a construction Assistant Project Manager at Walsh Group and is presently working on the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Design-Build in Inglewood, CA. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona and maintains a working kinship with their ASCE Student Chapter. His battlefield of work has given him the opportunity to systematically work on Mega Design-Build infrastructure projects such as the ill-famed I-405 Sepulveda Pass Widening in Los Angeles and Nevada ‘s largest public works project to date, Project Neon in Las Vegas. Ryan has a broad Construction Engineering/Management experience where he has held different roles throughout his career ( Bridge Field Engineer, Quality Coordinator, Project Close-out, Project Start-up, Site Civil Assistant Project Manager ). Being in the construction field, Ryan spends a lot of his time at bring and in the field, however, on his little bare time he enjoys partaking in ASCE relate events and keeping in touch with family and friends ! Amit is a Transportation Engineer at Caltrans, District 7 working for the Traffic Operations Division. He has previously worked with the Office of Geotechnical Design, South and the Office of Structure Construction in District 8 and Sacramento at Caltrans. He has a Master ‘s Degree from UC Davis with an emphasis in Structural Engineering. He enjoys running, hike, cook, brewing and socialize. He is besides an active PECG extremity .
The Annual Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition ( PSBC ), immediately in its 25th annual year, is an event for high school students that is hosted by ASCE ‘s Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Bernardino/Riverside Younger Member Forums. The event brings together hundreds of local high school students to participate in a full-day contest to celebrate the engineering profession and highlight their achievements. The competition is a great opportunity to emphasize the benefits of pursuing higher department of education and careers in science, technology, mastermind, and mathematics while promoting the engineer profession in our community.

prior to the event day, participating high school teams will prepare technical reports, display boards, presentations, and of course – build their Popsicle cling bridges ! The rules and specifications for bridge design change each year so it is critical that the teams read through and follow all instructions. On the day of the event these students ( and their bridges ) will be put to the test ! Volunteers from the civil mastermind profession and local college campuses will serve as judges testing the bridges ; scoring technical papers, display boards, and presentations ; hosting an impromptu competition ; and giving tours .

With difficult exercise and great support, this event continues to grow each year. Our consequence was recognized with the 2010 Los Angeles Council of Engineers and Scientists ‘ Harry Staubs Memorial Award for Community Service, and the event has been previously featured in the LA Times, Channel 4 NBC, Channel 35, and local university media .

Teachers – Check back on the PSBC web site and on Facebook for updates. besides make indisputable to email us to join our mailing list to get the latest information on the approaching rival !

ASCE Members/Professionals/College Students – Email Us if you ‘d like to join our planning committee. Volunteer registration is candid .

Help us spread the news about our event ! !

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