A studded tube can well replace Finned tubes for hotness transfer. They by and large require regular or frequent clean and must be tolerant to aggressive materials. Some kettle and furnace surfaces are prone to corrosion. Using studded tubes in such cases is highly beneficial .
studded tubes

What is a Studded Tube?

Studded tubes are a type of alloy tubes. These tubes have studs welded onto the metal tube. These studs are arranged in a specific geological formation throughout the length of the tube. They are often used in boilers and refineries. As they increase the surface area for higher estrus transfer they are used for reheating .

Making of a Studded Tube

When an electric current is passed at the contact point of the stud and the tube, this, in turn, provides resistance. The resistance causes hotness to be produced which is then used for welding. Maximum estrus is generated at the interface of the tube and the studs due to maximum resistance. No external heat reservoir is used to weld the scantling and tubes together. The atmospheric pressure is used to forge the two in concert rather. Hence, they are extremely useful in the work that works under high temperature and pressure.

Features of a Studded Tube

  • It occupies less space and is, therefore, compact.
  • Highly durable.
  • Preferred over Finned tubes as they act as heat transfer systems.
  • Enhanced performance

Uses and Applications of Studded Tubes

Studded Tubes are by and large used in boilers and furnaces. by and large in a corrosive environment. In petrochemical industries, high crude oil which has high concentration is passed through studded tubes. Heat is generated from outside the pipe. On the other end of the tube, we obtain a fluent intersection which is later send for work .
Studded tubes are besides used in body of water metro boilers. They help in heating water system. The dot tubes are egg-shaped determine and are welded onto the boilers.

The measure of publicize pipes used is reduced by the custom of dot tubes as heat transfer surface of one studded tube can replace the surface of 4 to 10 bare pipes .
Studded tubes can be used in applications where harsh fuels are used which can cause price to the environment. To protect them from corrosion, the external surfaces of the studded tubes can be coated or treated with a protective layer.

Since studded tubes minimize erosion, they are besides used in Soda ash boilers and fluidized bed reactors .
They are besides used in steel plants, air out coolers, ability plants, heat exchangers, etc .

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