Resaca Sun Products began producing Non-GMO, kosher, and food grade canola oil, soy and sunflower oils in 2006. Non-GMO Project Verified, all seeds are sourced from farmers in local regions of Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama, ensuring you receive the most transparent and identity preserved products – always .

Canola Meal & Oil

Using traditional implant breeding methods, canadian scientists have been able to remove euric acid and glucosinolates with technology which have made canola meal a clear protein reservoir used in animal run. All of the march Non-GMO canola oil is sourced from farmers in local regions of Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. Canola meal and oil offer a broad spectrum of benefits. Studies show that diets with canola oil meal and anoint led to increased milk production, which resulted in lower milk urea nitrogen ( MUN ) than early diets ; lower blood cholesterol ; a higher levels of omega-3 fatty acid ‘s and omega-6 fatty acid ‘s, which help reduce the gamble of heart attacks and strokes and improve brain growth and development in infants respectively, and many more nutritional benefits. We value quality, which is why all commodities that make up Resaca Sun Products are Non-GMO .
Questions ? Contact us at 706.629.7010 to learn more about how we can meet your particular needs, or stop by and see us in Resaca, Georgia, or visit one of our surrounding local retailers. To learn more about canola oil, visit the US Canola Association web site.

Soybean Meal & Oil

Compared to using other protein sources, soybeans are tested to have a much higher protein content than that of many other common commodities. soy meal and anoint is besides a highly digestible protein beginning normally used in animal feed. not only does it serve as an crucial generator of amino acids, but it besides provides more extensive nutritional value by contributing department of energy, minerals and vitamins. We value timbre, which is why all commodities that make up Resaca Sun Products are Non-GMO .
To learn more about our Non-GMO soy meal and early products, please contact us at 706.629.7010 or visit us or one of our local retailers. To learn more about soybeans, please visit the US Soybean Association web site.

Sunflower Meal & Oil

Sunflower meal and oil is besides another fantastic source of nutritional rate. With many vitamins and minerals packed within one kernel, it is considered to be a powerhouse of nutriment. Sunflower meal and oil is packed with vitamin E. Compared to early seeds and nuts, sunflowers are considered to be the highest nutritional source of vitamin E, Selenium, and Folate. Studies have been shown that beef cows need auxiliary protein from sunflower meal to enhance foraging inhalation and digestibility. Unlike other species, ruminants can utilize sunflower meal ’ second gamey level of roughage more efficaciously. We value quality, which is why all commodities that make up Resaca Sun Products are Non-GMO.

To discover more about our Non-GMO sunflower meal and other products, please contact us at 706.629.7010, or stop by and visit us or one of our many local retailers. To learn more about sunflowers, you can visit the National Sunflower Association web site .

Expeller Press

To produce our high quality non-GMO oils and meals, Resaca Sun Products uses a Anderson expeller urge. The work of origin begins with cracking the hull of the seed and applying one of the extraction processes.There are two independent types of oil extraction, chemical solvent origin and expeller weight-lift origin. The chemical solvent method is the most popular, but uses the poisonous chemical hexane. After the oil and meal is separated, the oil is heated to a eminent temperature ( flashed ) to remove the hexane. This gamey temperatures can ruin the petroleum if not careful. fortunately, Resaca Sun Products produces their anoint through the expeller press method. Expeller bid extraction has been performed for many centuries. By using this method, clash and heavy blackmail is applied to the seeds until the oil begins to seep out of the small openings, separating the oil from the seeded player fibers. The expeller is then tightened until it crushes the seed, causing the anoint to be collected. No solvents are used during the expeller process resulting in a cleaner, more pure oil. By using the expeller pressed method at Resaca Sun Products, we are able to provide our customers the highest quality non-GMO oils and meals .

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