What is Tabular Alumina? tabular Alumina, sometimes called TWA, is a pure, sintered corundom that does not add any additives such as MgO, B2O3, and shrinks wholly. It has coarse crystals and a well-developed α-Al2O3 crystal structure. The message of Al2O3 is more than 99 %. crystal social organization, with little pores and many closed pores, and the porosity is approximately equivalent to that of fuse Alumina.

With high honor, full volume stability, and minimal re-fire shrinkage, Tabular Alumina perform good as the refractory materials or castables. tabular Alumina has dear thermal shock stability and bend strength after the production of high temperature treatment.
Production process and Flow chart of Tabular Alumina?
Production Process of Tabular Alumina

  •  Raw material

Use 60 # Industry Alumina Powder normally imported from Australia, grint it into 380 # fine gunpowder by ceramic ball bill.

  •  Making raw balls

Adding water into 380 # finely powder, and put them into the ball tube to make the naked balls, its diameter is normally 2.4 curium minute. The whole work time needs about 3 hours.

  •  Raw ball drying

Drying equipment : natural gasoline dry tower Drying temperature : 400-500 ℃ Drying time : 20 hours Drying criterion : moisture 0.5 % soap

  •  Raw ball sintering

Sintering equipment : natural gasoline spear kiln Sintering meter : 22 hours Sintering characteristics : rapid heat and cool Sintering process feed : Lift the dry raw balls to the circus tent of the cock kiln through the lift device.
warm up : The shaft kiln is divided into ten sections from lead to bottom according to the temperature crop, 10-1 from acme to bottom. The roof of the kiln is preheated-the one-tenth section is 100 degrees, and then it falls freely ( the falling travel rapidly is controlled by the arrangement ).

high temperature sinter : In the sixth section, the temperature quickly rose to 1950 degrees ( the highest temperature ).
Wind-cooled : air-cooled below the fifth section, the temperature of the sinter cooked balls is 400 degrees when they are out of the oven.

  •  Tabular Alumina Sand making

readiness for sand produce : Use air-cool treatment to cool the sintered raw ball below 100 degrees.
backbone make : Send the ready cooled crude balls to the Barmac sand have machine for break down, backbone qualification, magnetic separation ( removal of iron filings from mechanical iron-equipment ), sieving.
mill : ball milling into different size on request : 0.5-1 mm/ 0-0.5 mm/ 0.2-0.6 mm/ 0-0.2 mm/ 200 mesh/ 325 mesh/ 400 enmesh etc. Contact me ( Cell phone/ Whatsapp/ Wechat : 008618783862220 ) if you have early sizes requested.
Packing : Pack the finished products into customized bags : 25kg /50kg/ 1000kg/ 1200kg/ 1250kg.
Flow chart of Tabular AluminaFlow chart of Tabular Alumina  
Difference between Tabular Alumina and White Fused Alumina
Difference between White fused alumina and Tabular Alumina
There are many kinds of Alumina, Tabular Alumina, Brown Fused Alumina, White Fused Alumina. The main remainder should be the alumina content, production process, grain size, pore size, impurity type and production action.
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