Imagine driving home on a farseeing bore highway and the road is empty, you want to go home and start driving faster than allowed. A police cable car approaches but you are excessively focused on the road to notice until it turns on its blockage sign and puts you on the side of the road. Before you stop your cable car along the road, you look at your speedometer to estimate what it will cost you, you were speeding 17 kilometers per hour that is going to be a fine higher than 150 euros. Because of the fear of these moments, we drive at the right rush, but that reverence is gone with the Target Blu Eye. never have to worry about a police car stalking you again and equitable drive relax.

Know when emergency vehicles are near before they can even spot you! The Target Blu Eye is in the news again and again because it works so well. Governments in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, and Great Brittain wanted to make Target Blu Eye illegal back in 2016 however, this system stays legal. There is no point in making the Target Blu Eye illegal because there is no way the government can find them. cable car from the commercial enterprise ? You can subtract taxes from the price of the Target Blu Eye, but you ca n’t subtract taxes from a ticket sol what price are you going to pay ? now delivered with original police antenna, the same one as the one used by an clandestine car. free life updates for the firmware included !
CBShop is a well known Target Blu Eye principal and we are very experience with the initiation of the Target Blu Eye, and every confederate in the CBShop team has one. As always you have a guarantee on your buy during cargo.
The Target Blu Eye is a alone and worldwide patented dealings safety system that warns you in time for approaching emergency vehicles ( for exercise a patrol cable car ), evening if such a fomite is not using its siren and flashing lights. Thanks to the Target Blu Eye you will be warned with audible and visible alerts, the arrangement besides knows how potent the signal is and will show you the persuasiveness with contribute lights so you can estimate how cheeseparing the emergency vehicle is. The Target Blu Eye is a test traffic safety arrangement developed with the back of the dutch government to make drivers mindful of emergency vehicles approaching when you could n’t hear them coming over the sound of your radio. The Target Blu Eye is based on TETRA technology which is the foundation garment for the C2000 network that the dutch emergency vehicles use. It besides uses the ASTRID net which is used by the Belgium emergency vehicles. Thanks to the Target Blu Eye ‘s advanced engineering we can assure you it will constantly warn you early on when an emergency vehicle is approaching, so you wo n’t be surprised and can act accordingly. CBShop is the only place where you can buy Target Blu Eye for your motorbike. It has a waterproof display with a bright unhorse to warn you during driving your motorcycle. This is different on every motorcycle so every customer ‘s bicycle will be examined individually.
The tested traffic safety system Target Blu Eye can recognize the presence of:

  •  Police cars (marked & unmarked cars )
  •  Police motorcycles
  •  Fire engines
  • Ambulances

In these countries:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium 
  • Germany
  • Great Brittain
  • Luxembourg
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Hungary
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Portugal
  • In Czech, it only works in Prague
  • Spain

The Target Blu Eye can track entirely the TETRA signals sent on the frequency bands 380-385/390-395 MHz.
The commercial applications of TETRA take place on these frequency bands 450-460/460-470 MHz en 870-876/915-921 MHz, so the Target Blu Eye is n’t active on these frequency bands. This means that when it warns you, you can get out of the way of the emergency vehicle in clock time.
It is legal in all of Europe.

The use of the Target Blu Eye is allowed in Europe. The system informs you about the presence of hand brake vehicles only, after all. That is why the prey Blu Eye contributes to your safety and that of those around you in the countries where they use the TETRA-system.
Seven advantages of the Target Blu Eye (plus one that shall not be named) 1. Warns you about approaching emergency vehicles like fire trucks, ambulances, marked and overlooked patrol vehicles. 2. Increases your condom in traffic vitamin a well as that of the emergency services and that of early road users. 3. prevents you from being surprised by emergency vehicles and allows you to change lanes in time so the emergency vehicle can pass when every moment can save a life. 4. It allows you to act like an angel when authorities are nearby. ( could that be the silent advantage ? ) 5. It is easily to use. 6. It can be placed discretely on every cable car, and can evening be put in the rearview mirror. ( optional ) 7. free life updates.
How does the Target Blu eye work?  Whenever you approach an emergency fomite or whenever an emergency fomite approaches you, you will be warned with a sound and lights that show how solid the signal is. With that data, you can see in the blink of an eye if the hand brake fomite is approaching you or distancing itself from you. The rainproof motorcycle version of the Target Blu Eye does not use voice but bright light up to warn you. In about all of Europe, emergency services ( police, firefighters, and ambulances ) use a digital communication system. In the Netherlands this system is known as C2000 however in Belgium it is called ASTRID and in most early european countries TETRA. When a vehicle has C2000 equipment installed and is logged into the net it will send a signal every few seconds to synchronize with the network. This is the signal that the Target Blu Eye can receive and the changes into a warn of sound and light on your display in your car or motorcycle. The range of the Target Bu Eye differs every clock however, it is always between a few hundred meters and one kilometer. For fewer signals when you enter a city that is crowded with emergency services you can lower the sensitivity by selecting city manner. In the past, the Target Blu Eye would sometimes react to something different than an hand brake vehicle. That issue has been solved. Whenever the Target Blu Eye warns you, there is an hand brake vehicle near. sometimes the Target Blu Ee wo n’t warn you even though you can see an ambulance pass by, this can occur when the ambulance is taking a patient from an accident to the hospital and does n’t bother to log onto the C2000 network. The same thing can happen with every emergency fomite but that about never happens. The more you know right ?
The Target Blu Eye in action. This information is from our own experience, we have been driving with the Target Blu Eye since the very beginning after all. It was a brand new Tuesday, I ‘m was driving home from Almere at 00:30. I drove from the A1 onto the A30 towards Barneveld. There you are allowed to drive 120 km/hr ( 74 mp/hr ). I very wanted to go home, the day had been long adequate. I was driving 150 km/hr ( 93 mp/hr ) had some great music play, I still had a long tease in movement of me. 1 light on the Target Blu Eye lights up, far back on the road I see a patrol cable car approach. then the second light lights up as the car comes nearer. This car is going way faster than 150 km/hr. I immediately slow down to 120 km/hr correctly before the patrol car drives next to me. The Target Blu Eye is on full alert and all five lights are on. The patrol Volvo passes, they thought they had me. unfortunately for them, this driver does not like to be surprised with a fine and had invested in a way to avoid this and future setbacks. They wasted their time for nothing trying to catch me. Well not entirely for nothing, it did make my travel a lot more concern while it would have been so bore. This stumble could ‘ve been a draw more expensive.
Customer experience with the Target Blu Eye in a Porsche. Everyone knows that the driver of a Porsche bought the car for the tug experience. They besides know that at the police so what does an inconspicuous police car do when it sees a Porsche ? Stalk it and see what happens. They do that to me and early motorcycle riders excessively. This Porsche driver had bought the Target Blu Eye at CBShop and had it installed by us a month ago and what was his beginning know ? There are inconspicuous police cars that have a lot of absolve time. Because of the signals from the Target Blu Eye, he knew an emergency vehicle was nearby. The signal became stronger and after looking in the mirror the driver saw good one car nearby so that had to be an inconspicuous police car. That leaves no option than to behave well for the perch of the pastime. apparently the men in the police cable car had the idea of following the Porsche until it pressed the natural gas pedal a sting deep. Hoping that the Porsche would make a mistake they followed it for 20 minutes from a distance but not far enough to be unnoticed by the Target Blu Eye.
During a wild ride on a motorcycle Like I said before motorcyclists have the lapp issue, it happened to me during a trip from Alverna. I rode final in the group and the Target Blu Eye showed that there was an hand brake vehicle nearby. We were driving in a 60 km/hr ( 37 mp/hr ), it was a beautiful sidereal day, and retentive history short we did n’t drive that properly. I did n’t know the motorcyclist that led the group so I could n’t call him or reach him with the motor intercommunication system. So I started using my blinking lights as a warn but cipher noticed and the focal ratio stayed the same. The inconspicuous patrol cable car approached and I slowed polish to 60 km/hr and started driving wide-eyed so the patrol car would n’t get near the rest of the group. I did lose the group for a few minutes. I regrouped in the village that was on our path because even the remainder of the group behaves well in a greenwich village. In the village, we all stopped at a traffic light. The police cable car stopped properly future to me. Is there a cause I sell this intersection ? Yes, cops like these. Tens of thousands accidents per year involving emergency vehicles  Did you know that every year around ten thousand accidents happen between civilians and police cars ? That is the act of accidents without all the other emergency vehicles included. Firetrucks and ambulances crash every day. The consequence : hundreds of hurt, possible deaths, and tens of million Euros of material damage and personal injuries per class . Target Blu Eye: based on TETRA technology The advanced and new traffic safety system Target Blu Eye consists of a central unit of measurement, a control display, and an external antenna. The system is based on TETRA ( Terrestrial Trunked Radio ) technology. If an emergency vehicle, f.e. a police car, is nearby, you will be warned in time by an audible and visible alert. The signal force meter on the operate display allows you to see at first glance if an hand brake fomite is approaching or traveling away from you. The detection range of Target Blu Eye varies from some hundred meters to about one kilometer. The scope depends on the selected sensitivity mood and the traffic position.
Target Blu Eye legal in Europe The habit of Target Blu Eye is legal because the system is only informing the driver if an emergency vehicle is nearby. furthermore, Target Blu Eye makes a difference between patrol cars, ambulances, and fire trucks. We would like to emphasize that Target Blu Eye is not able to decode the radio messages broadcasted by the TETRA network.

The advantages of Target Blu Eye in a list target Blu Eye display • Warns you in time for approaching emergency services like marked and overlooked patrol cars ambulances and fire trucks • Prevents unpredictable and dangerous maneuvers • Increases your own condom and the safety of other road users • Prevents material and personal injuries • Allows a faster lane for emergency vehicles • Indicates if an emergency vehicle is approaching/traveling off from you • Increases a relax and comfortable room of driving • very user-friendly • Compact sized and easy to install • Two years warranty
Technical specifications: • Supply voltage : 10 – 30V • Maximum exponent consumption : 350 ma • fuse : 3A • Frequency range : 380 – 400MHz • temperature range : -20 ° C – + 70 ° C • Central unit dimensions : 160 x 82 x 27mm. ( LxWxH ) • Display dimensions : 64 x 40 adam 7.5mm. ( L x W x H ) Weight : 240 grams • Antenna dimensions : diameter 35 millimeter ( metrical foot ), 15 millimeter ( worst ), length : 72 millimeter
We work together with an assembly company that besides installs equipment on location. You will receive a quotation in reference with them. This is besides potential in Belgium. The installation can besides be done in our workshop or at our installer. You can constantly get advice from us for installation.
Target Blu Eye for Motor Because you, as a free-riding motorcyclist, can cursorily be followed by emergency services who want to help you get rid of your money, CBShop has a special motor display version ! My playground is the Eifel in Germany, but I have frequently had an unobtrusive police engine after me. Until 2013, it was a matter of looking closely at your mirrors now you have the Target Blu Eye who can help you out with that. But of naturally, you have to keep looking in your mirrors from clock to meter ! now that the emergency services in many other european countries are working with Tetra ( c2000 ) engineering, you should decidedly look into your mirrors after hearing the Target Blu Eye warning signal and get off your boast to give them space.
Installation options for in a car If you want to have the Target Blu eye neatly built into your car, CBShop can provide that service. If you have several vehicles, we can help you to ensure that you do not have to purchase a Blu Eye for every single vehicle. example of installation of the Target Blu Eye display in the mirror.

Target Blu Eye is regularly in the news because the police are not happy with this, of course. The Target Blu Eye is in the news in Great Britain. The argument to ban the Target Blu Eye for the british police is there are no legitimate reasons for law-abiding citizens to own one. The Target Blu Eye is a pass to villainy according to the patrol.
UPDATE BECAUSE OF ALL ATTENTION IN THE TELEGRAPH, FAITH, 1 TODAY, NL EDITION AND NOS JOURNAL. (dutch news outlets) huge attention for the Target Blu Eye C2000 detector. It started on the front page in De Telegraaf, Trouw ( both newspapers ) besides said that the Blu Eye is widely used by criminals. In the even it was about simultaneously on television at 1 today and RTL 4 edition NL. The Blu Eye intersection page on this web site was stormed by many curious people. A nice screen for my webserver I must say. And the first customers already have the Target Blu Eye in the house today. That pragmatic sanction politicians now want to prohibit this is something we have experienced before. And coincidentally, on Friday, for the enormous attention, I already wrote a blog station about it. A Target Blu Eye is normally built into a business car or motorbike. Neat with an invoice in the name of the caller. I have no impression that I am selling the C2000 detector as a lookout for criminals.
After all, the Blu Eye is tax-deductible and a ticket isn’t. many people besides see it as a defense against the absurdly high speeding fines in this nation and even then it is no guarantee that you will nobelium long get a ticket. After all, it is not a radar detector. Forbidding a device that only picks up signals and can not be detected by itself is practically not tied feasible. We can even hide the display in a mirror. A big hook who notices that.
Of course, as a seller, I am happy with all this attention. But for real criminals, it is quite pointless to drive around with it. These are followed by teams without c2000 and who communicate with GSM. And real criminals would n’t use a cellular telephone telephone themselves. Because precisely then everything they do and let is known to the police. I am curious about what the hype politics of today will do with it.
UPDATE 08.03.2016 Majority parliament wants ban on police reporter
09.02.2016 update : Van de Steur : No banish on patrol tell-tale. The patrol are not hindered by criminal investigations. PDF Brochure

PDF User and facility manual PDF Registration PDF Firmware Update Of course you constantly get the Target Blu Eye with the latest firmware !

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