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SG Tea Color Sorter, besides known as tea sorting machine and tea clean car. It will be your best tea classification and grading solution if you need to process aggregate tea leaves. Whether it is regular black tea and greens tea, or other valuable tea varieties like Longjing, Biluochun, Maofeng, Pu ’ erbium Tea, etc, all these types of tea leaves need to be separated in the process of making tea. Buying Guide

SG Tea Color Sorter: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Are you searching for a detailed guide for tea color sorter ? Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry ! Read this guidebook to make you well aware of Tea color sorting machines. No doubt this capacity will help you to get knowledge about all the things relevant to the sorting summons. What is the color sorter ? Why we use it and all the details about the components of tea color sorter etc. If you want to sort your tea precisely by sorting car then read this brief guide.

Chapter 1: What is the Tea Color Sorter?

Tea color sorter is a high-precision ocular device for tea classification and marking. It analysis the tinge deviation of the tea leaves and then recognize the finely leaves and other defects. however, it is army for the liberation of rwanda unlike from the tea cleaning machines .

1.1        What’s tea color sorter

Tea tinge sorter is a technical machine helps to identify the defects of tea leaves according to size, shape, and color. It helps to diagnose all defects from the tea flakes with high-resolution CCD cameras. A double level or double-sided tea coloring material sorting machine helps to raise the sorting performance charge and decrease the wrong ratio of tea leaves. There are unlike shapes of tea leaves and stems. If you want to identify defects precisely according to color shape and size the use tea color sorting machine helps you to diagnose defect particles from raw material .

1.2 Advantages of Tea Color Sorter

Tea coloring material sorter helps to maintain the standard quality with a high preciseness rate. SG provides different sorting solutions for black tea and green tea flakes. They are offering a range of ocular sorters that fulfill all the requirements of the high flat of customers .

§  Productivity

Tea color sorter helps to enhance the productivity horizontal surface with minimal manual manoeuver skills. I know you don ’ thyroxine understand how to install this sorting machine don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate concern sorting company provides full-time train of initiation and engage of machinery. Another benefit you will get by sorting through ocular sorting machines you can maintain the settings of your machinery from distant locations. You can have a reproducible product current even in the harsh environment .

§  Easy to Operate

You will see a lot of features of tea tinge sorter ; a unique U type groove helps to sort tea particles precisely. Nothing besides crazy, I good want to show you tea color sorting machines assistant you to provide high throughput mechanically and protect from damage rate. Tea color sorter performs a simple operation ; its geomorphologic design is very easy to understand and helps to perform precise sort. In short, you can say electrical color sorter is the human-understandable machine with attractive GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) .

§  Efficiency and accuracy

Tea color sorter is one of the best machines designed for the authentic and stable sorting summons. besides, it has an extra have of the cooling system system to improve the working life of the color sorter machine. It has a very optimize and customizable structure according to the necessity of the products, it helps to reduce the complexity of the procedure and improve the dependability of the machine .

§  Remote managed

All the technical foul features of color sorting machines make them more utilitarian. No doubt the exclusive design of the broadening screen chamber can solve the trouble of partial tea by the gamey pressure of swirling breeze. This remotely managed sorter helps to increase the output ratio and reduce the crash rate during the whole work of tea classify. The most crucial thing is it automatically operates with minimal operating skills and you can maintain from outside locations. Its efficient mechanism maintains the quality level in a harsh environment .

§  Cloud software

What do you think about how cloud software works in the color sorting march ? If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know first learn what ’ s the mottle organization basically. Cloud system is a term that refers to different applications, software, and services developed for the users according to the requirements via the internet from particular servers which are called cloud system supplier ’ sulfur servers. If you understand what the cloud software then continues reading the cloud computing system helps to regulate all the sorting processes on-line. Tea color sorter is besides based on defile computing technology, in a way you can monitor the classify process on-line. The most amazing thing regarding the cloud object link system its total on-line system and a free upgrade when updates required .

§  Performances and maintenance

You know DSP +FPGA both are the top international sorting process techniques to make tea tinge sorter more efficient and precise. It makes the whole process more accurate and easy to maintain, besides the fall difference semblance sorting model makes the carryover rate 1:1 .

Chapter 2: Why Tea Color Sorter is important in Tea Processing

Every tea fabricate company used different sorting techniques to provide high-quality standards. specific conditions and graveness helps to separate and grade tea particles .


Modern methods of tea sorting by tea color sorter

There are different outstanding updated tea coloring material sorting techniques .


If you need to sort and classify your grains mechanically then car batch weigher is not a bad option. Tea particles supposed to fell into an elevator, hopper, and conveyer belt of the automatic batch weigher. This method acting helps you to weigh grains mechanically with an accurate & dependable result. Let ’ s check how to batch weigher works



Tea particles and extraneous corporeal are differentiated on the footing of moisture levels with the help of static electricity. Jumbo fiber centrifuge machine enhances the timbre of grains by the electrostatic effect of the heating system work .


Benton Density tea semblance Sorter separates sand, dust particles from the tea remove the foreign material and grade the tea flakes. This sorting machine wholly works according to the comparison of the density of the product particles .


It is a self-balancing car that has a specific arrangement, consists of 7 decks. Stainless steel corporeal is used according to the exploiter ’ randomness requirements. Vibro shield tea sorter is identical efficient machinery it helps to screen out all defective products from the raw fabric to get high-quality give .


This is color sorting machinery based on the vibratory motion for Orthodox and CTC. Galloping gesticulate is the special quality of pucca tea color sorter such movement is normally not available in other sorting machines. This sorting equipment helps to protect the tea particles from shuffling and to become grey .

§  Precautionary measures for tea sorting

Tea sorting doesn ’ t beggarly color sorting or shape classification of tea flakes it ’ s a complete classify process to get high-quality yield .

  • There are three main stages of the whole sorting process first stage is cleaning, plucking, and

different machines involved in the complete screen mechanism, to remove bacterial contaminant and debris particles you need to keep in your mind temperature and moisture master measures .

  • A dry environment is not suitable for bacterial growth. Tea color sorting process is easily completed in a dry
  • Avoid wet place and rainy season to avoid bacterial growth and also helps to make the tea material fresher.


Quality Evaluation of Tea

Quality evaluation means the proper check-up from chemical components ; it is besides an inspection of the olfactory property of tea leaves. The quality evaluation is compulsory to avoid any character of dangerous particles in the raw material. In chinese countries, tea quality is measured by the human sensational test. Another means you can try to evaluate the quality of the tea is the infrared ray detection system. Keep one thing in your mind tea tinge sorter is used to sort tea particles according to safety standards .

                   I.            Sensory quality test

The first and first direction of observation is to test with the homo senses like shapes and colors of the tea leaves. Another most crucial quality test is the appearance of tea flakes, well twisting condition grade tea leaves on grade 1. color is another crucial factor to estimate the quality level of tea flakes. You can check the outer timbre of tea leaves angstrom well as the inside quality of leaves. To analyze the quality of tea flakes precisely, keep in take care the ratio of taken samples, hydro temperature and time of soaking wet must be standardized in all measurements .

                 II.            Instrumental Evaluation

Before using a tea color sorter you can test your material with infrared rays this test will provide you the quick and efficient result as comparison to a sensational screen. You can check the freshness of tea leaves from this method besides you can get the detail of unrefined tea and fiber proportion. implemental evaluation makes your vision more pass to select the best tea color sorting machine .

What Makes the Process of Tea Sorting and Grading Important?

A most matter to thing you need to focus all the tea plants looks similar in the garden but have different leaf size and flavors. But by the manipulation of tea color sorter, you can get the best grouped and grade tea flakes .


How Tea Manufacturing Started

Can you imagine people of ancient times believed that no sorting process exists in this earth ? gradually people change their minds according to the business requirements and different techniques come into use for the fabrication, sorting, and marking of tea. Sorting is basically a type of mechanical process. The number of tea lovers increases with the passage of time in the unharmed universe, tea manufacturing companies want to provide high quality, hygienic tea at a fair price. SG provides the best grades of tea with the best discolor sorting machines according to the food guard conditions .

Why Sorting is done by tea sorting machines

The independent function of the sorting action is to classify tea flakes according to the semblance, size, and shape of the particles. In ancient times sorting was precisely used to remove alien fabric and boastfully break leaves, and you were needed to perform all the tasks manually. At that time pincers were the best recognizable tool for removing long and big tea stalks. These days trends changed all the sorting process became automated, electronic sorting machines helps to classify the raw material .

Importance of Grading

The whole system of tea grade was organized for presenting the superiority of tea leaves ; this industry is used for enhancing tea trades. China provides the best classification solution for sorting tea .

Basis of Grading

The grading sorting system can be of many types, phone number levels are used for grading tea leaves. You can check 1 stand for the highest grade of tea flakes. All the grading scales can be represented between the numbers of 1 and 9, the specific number is allotted according to the condition and color of the flick. Some of the limited countries like Japan and Taiwan use extra terms for grading is called fannings .

Different Tea Grades

Can you guess what different tea grades are ? No ? then keep reading about the grades of tea. There ’ rhenium unlike quality grades of tea it can be broken leaf, whole leaf, and dusty leaves.

Grading of tea leaves depends on subgrades like break leaf and dust is maintained under the CTC manufacture action. Grades of tea are not standardized globally it may vary according to the environmental conditions and origin. You need to keep in mind grades of tea doesn ’ thymine necessary to indicate the quality or spirit. There ’ re different factors included according to the nation or region like :

  1. Variety of tea
  2. Manufacturing and harvesting process
  3. Specific flush picking
  4. Leaf size or shape

Most of the regions consider the size of tea leaves as grades .

How does Tea color sorter work?

To meet your constantly increasing requirements of tea color sorting manufacturers adopt clear the throat eye realization engineering which can acquire and operate at high speed. You can accurately identify the color deviation and remove the like color and benighted color haunt. It can support you to realize the mark classification based on the slender color remainder of bud. It can besides sort the tea particles according to the size, duration, thickness, one bud one leaf, one bud two leaves, removing golden tips, removing white tips, etc intelligent cloud-based tea semblance sorter can infinitely integrate different kinds of tea color classify standards ; different sorting modes can be shared and saved. Intelligent circulatory system precisely distinguish stalk, flaky leaf and bud and ensures each layer can set sorting standards. After the complete march process, you can get finished products, benighted chaff, and light stalk. You can select tea colors without any complex operation. Most importantly it consumes barely 33 % energy and identical abject atmospheric pressure of air. You can use a tea color sorter anytime because it is extremely silent with a high switch frequency .

Tea color sorter working

The first gradation of the tea sorting process is the input signal of material by hop-picker and vibratory eater spread to the full moon width of the conveyer. second, High-resolution CCD cameras are placed to permit the machinery to identify the desire or rejected material. then the tea particles come to the expulsion partition, the custom detection zone is wholly decide according to the eccentric size of the material. once your material comes to the expulsion process there are two ways of expulsion .

  • Downward ejection
  • Upward ejection

Chapter 3: Things you must know before using Tea color sorter

When anyone wants to start the process of sorting people make a fortune of mistakes evening it gets disappointed to settle down those issues. Can you guess what that err is ? No ? You need to keep one thing in your mind always learn about the basis of the specific thing like history, what was the origin, classification, and types, etc .

§  History of the tea trade

Do you want to get the secret when and where the tea is discovered ? Of course yes ! It ’ s a very concern question everyone wants to know the solution. Tea ’ s origin fib is a myth or a fact it is a philosophical concept or spiritual history. According to China ’ mho ancient people, the history of tea started in 2737 B.C.E when an Emperor named Shen Nong who is the skilled drawing card and scientist on the spur of the moment discovered tea. It was an accident while the emperor boiling water in a garden and a leaf of tea fell into the pot, and the emperor checked the taste of tea first time. Emperor enjoyed that toast and started inquiry on tea plants and last discovered tea ’ south medicative characteristics & properties. Whatever the collapse of tea in China or India now it spread all around the world but at that time there was no concept of tea color sorter to sort tea flakes. Tea is nowadays the most celebrated beverage after dim-witted water but now we have the option to get high-quality tea particles with discolor sorting machines which are wholly according to the food safety rules .

Main Tea Growing Regions in China

In China, tea production is very coarse for thousands of years but all the areas are not desirable for tea output. Cold areas are not recommended for the plantation and emergence of tea, the southerly area of China is celebrated for the dense growth of tea growing in the world .

Tea Growing Regions in South West of China

This is the oldest tea region in China in which Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou are celebrated and the southeastern parts of Tibet. If you read the history of tea you might get the concept tea is originated from this specific area. celebrated Teas of southwest China region

  • Dianhong black tea
  • Aged Shai Hong black tea
  • Ripe and raw Pu’er tea
  • Mengding yellow tea,
  • Duyun Maojian green tea.

Tea Growing Regions in South of China

This is the area where the emergence of tea is very coarse as climatic conditions ; land type is desirable for growth. The region produces medium and highly oxidizing tea in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan, and Taiwan. There are some celebrated types of tea in the South region in China Liu Bao night tea Black tea Oolong tea. Oolong is specially identical high-quality tea type people of the area largely use this character .

§  Classification of Tea in the World

Tea particles classified according to the country and origin there are six main classifications of tea in the earth .

  • Green tea (fixed but not oxidized)
  • Yellow tea (fixed but not oxidized)
  • White tea ( lightly oxidized)
  • Oolong tea (Semi oxidized, 25-80% oxidized)
  • Black tea (100% fully oxidized)
  • Pu-erh ( it’s always fermented)

basically, tea classified during the manufacture action and discovered three types of categories black tea ( fermented ) green tea ( fresh ) and oolong or pouchong ( semi-fermented ) Tea tinge sorting companies try to classify and grade all types of tea particles and provide better quality output. k tea is normally produced from the taiwanese establish and it is normally grown in Japan, Malaysia, and China .

World’s most popular types of tea color sorter

There are different types of tea color sorting machines available all around the world and every caller tries to make it better according to the customer ’ south requirements. 2-5 phase tea color sorter, mini character tea color sorter, tea action machines Hons + color sorter and CCD tea color sorter This is very effective highly technical sorting equipment, normally this car used to sort selective full-bodied crops and eliminate rejected particles from the bare-assed material. high-resolution quick cameras capture miner defects and flying pneumatic valves sort the products without any loss. This classify machine is efficiently designed to use in the agricultural diligence and to sort bantam particles particularly coffee beans and tea particles. It can sort and classify all the material and provide at the end a very high-quality yield. Three types of sorting action can be managed with miniskirt color sorter Shape sorting, color sorting, and size classification. The sort car first keeps a record of original value before passing the particles from the sorting area, after that the CPU will compare the detect prize with the basic value .


These tea color sorters have a unique design of the hierarchical modular structure, helps to design double tier or three-tier structure. You know 5 stage tea coloring material sorter helps to sort tea flakes with high speed and more precisely. There are different types of color sorting machines which are classified according to engineering, light source, and architecture. You can check how looks 3 stage color sorting machine Tea coloring material sorter categorized by engineering ( 1 ) Traditional photoelectric technology tea color sorter
( 2 ) CCD camera tea color sorter
( 3 ) Infrared engineering based tea color sorter
( 4 ) roentgenogram technology-based tea color sorter Tea color sorter categorized by the light source ( 1 ) fluorescent tube light reference color sorter
( 2 ) LED light tea color sorter
( 3 ) Microwave light source technology-based color sorter


Chapter 4: Major problems in the sorting process

Do you want to get rid of the critical problems during the sorting march ? well, of naturally, you do. now the real motion is how to avoid a major problem in the sort process by tea coloring material sorter. Let ’ s expression at different problems like Stalk origin and grey of tea etc .

Stalk extraction

Drawing out of chaff from tea is a very common trouble in the classification march. But now the question arises how can you do it ? Stalk free tea is formed by fine pluck of tea leaves, avoiding austere discussion of tea flick serve. This routine and techniques are identical expensive most of the prison term. crimson stalk removal is identical necessary .

Greying of tea

Greyness is the problem in which scientists found a big trouble of the sorting process. normally in the market people loved to have tea for color potency quality and efficient drink. Keep one thing in your mind no skill can produce high-quality tea with the above qualities if you choose poor manufacturers then it ’ s compulsory they turned your good quality tea leaves into the bad leaf. Greyness is basically the loss of efflorescence, abortive production of efflorescence leads to laziness and dullness .


gray is particularly likely to occur during sorting and may be caused by one of the follow factors .

  • Tea particles get caught in sagging meshes in the sorting machine and are abraded through the movement of the trays.
  • Blunt knives in the cutter and some older types of machine break, rather than cut, the tea. This not only produces excess dust but also causes greying. Fast running cutters too tend to cause greyness.
  • Excessive handling of the product also creates greyness.
  • The tea readied for sorting should have a moisture content of between 3 and 5%. Moisture above 5% causes greyness.
  • Over-sorting quickly causes greyness because of the continuous rubbing and striking action of the particles against the trays. A leaf’s varnish is easily removed in this manner.
  • Excessive rolling may also cause greyness.
  • Tea leaf fed into a sorter from an incorrectly placed hopper is subject to striking action that also removes the outer varnish.

Chapter 5: Sorting Machine components and related accessories

Advance cameras, fluorescent and halogen lighting, high-speed ejectors, and consistent feeders make your ocular sorter more effective. You can get extra accessories if any wrong during the sorting process .

6.1 Main Component of Tea Color Sorter

There are unlike components of the tea sorting machine which help you to make tinge sorter more efficient and dependable .

Feeding System

I found the feed system is very authoritative in the tea tinge sorter machine. I want you to know all the components included in the feed arrangement and tell you how they are utilitarian in the sort procedure. Tea flakes are taken into the hop-picker by vibratory feeders, vibration helps to make the run of grains automatically in a constant accelerate. Grains hasten at a steady travel rapidly through the chutes and get sorted by photoelectric detection. A high-resolution CCD television camera and LED light organization presented all farinaceous particles in a very net ocular sorting zone. The very functionality of the feed organization is the choice of raw materials and differentiates according to the size, color, and shape. In addition to that feed, grounder controls the oscillation level and adjusts the travel rapidly of vibrator according to color sorter production control .

What affects the accuracy of color selection in color sorter?

The humidity of grains particularly in tea flakes and rice affects slide parachute. besides, attachment phenomena affect badly on the preciseness of color selection. however, heating and drying functions help to manage the sorting action in humid conditions .

Optical System

The ocular semblance sorting system is the foundation of color sorting mechanism, here are I am going to tell you some basic components related to an ocular system like :

  • Light Source
  • The high-Resolution CCD camera
  • LED light source
  • Electronic control system
  • Supporting accessories

Tea color sorter provides especial quality with blue LED light beginning and precise capture by CCD television camera helps to reject defective particles from raw material.

well, the electronic control system helps to provide a address sign with brooding properties to diagnose the product timbre. The optical color sorter is a technical machine with high-resolution photoelectric service to screen out different semblance particles. The sorting process will complete with a fertilize system, signal process arrangement, best ejectors and ocular signal detection system. RGB sensors help to detect the size, color, and form of sorting corporeal .

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