Southern Door County School District Teacher
TITLE: K-12 Teacher
1. Must have valid authentication from the Department of Public Instruction as a teacher
2. alternative certifications as allowed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
REPORTS TO: Building Principal/Program Supervisor

JOB GOAL: T o provide each scholar with the maximum opportunity to learn through scholar engagement,
personalized learn, and growth of citizenship and biography skills to ensure that all Southern
Door County School District students graduate demonstrating readiness for college, career, and
community .
Standard 1: Professional Knowledge- The teacher understands an reason of the course of study, subject message, and diverse needs of students by providing meaningful memorize experiences. Performance indicators may include, but are not limited to :
1. efficaciously addresses allow course of study standards ( i.e. district standards, and early compulsory standards such as disciplinary literacy, ITLS, 21st CenturySkills )
2. Integrates cardinal content elements and higher-level think skills in teaching.
3. Demonstrates ability to link salute content with past and future eruditeness experiences, other national areas,
and real-world experiences and applications.
4. Demonstrates accurate cognition of the submit matter.
5. Demonstrates skills relevant to the subject area ( s ) teach.
6. Bases instruction on goals that reflect high expectations and agreement of the subject.
7. Understands intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of the long time group.
8. Uses precise language, correct vocabulary and grammar, and acceptable forms of communication as it relates to a specific discipline and/or grade level.
9. Has cognition and understand of a school, class, and community resources to help meet all students ’
learn needs.
10. Demonstrates appropriate accommodations and modifications for divers learners ( e.g. english learners, gifted learners, students with disabilities, etc. )
Standard 2: Instructional Planning – The teacher efficaciously plans using the approve course of study, instructional strategies, resources, and data to meet the needs of all students. Performance indicators may include, but are not limited to :
1. Aligns lesson objectives to approved course of study using student learning data to guide plan.
2. Plans consequently for pacing, sequencing content coverage, transitions, and application of cognition.
3. Plans for differentiate education.
4. Develops long and short-range plans and is able to adapt plans when needed.
5. Uses resources, including technology, to efficaciously communicate with stakeholders regarding the course of study
shared in their classroom
Standard 3: Instructional Delivery – The teacher effectively engages students in determine by using a variety show of
instructional strategies in order to meet individual learning needs. performance indicators may include, but are not limited to :
1. Engages and maintains students in active teach ( e.g. scholar collaboration, little group teaching, real worldly concern applications, plan based learning ).
2. Builds upon students ’ existing cognition and skills.
3. Uses a diverseness of effective instructional strategies.
4. Uses materials, technology, and resources to enhance student learning.
5. Differentiates and paces education to meet students ’ needs.
6. Reinforces learning goals systematically throughout the moral.
7. Communicates distinctly and checks for understanding ( e.g. multiple levels of questioning ).

Standard 4: Assessment FOR and OF Learning – The teacher systematically gathers, analyzes, and uses relevant data to measure scholar progress, guide instructional contentedness and delivery methods, and provide seasonably feedback to students, parents, and stakeholders. Performance indicators may include, but are not limited to :
1. Uses pre-assessment data to develop expectations for students, to differentiate instruction, c1nd to document teach.
2. Involves students in setting determine goals and monitoring their own build up.
3. Uses a assortment of informal and formal assessment strategies and instruments that are valid and appropriate for the content and for the scholar population.
4. Aligns scholar assessment with approve course of study and benchmarks.
5. Collects and maintains a record of sufficient assessment data to support accurate report of scholar advancement.
6. Uses assessment tools for both formative and summational purposes to inform, guide, and adjust students ’
7. Communicates constructive and frequent feedback on student learning to students, parents, and other
stakeholders ( e.g. other teachers, administration, community members as allow ) .
Standard 5: Learning Environment – The teacher usesresources, routines, and procedures to provide a respectful, condom cocksure, student-centered environment that is conducive to student engagement and learn. Performance indicators may include, but are not limited to :
1. Establishes and maintains effective routines and procedures.
2. Creates and maintains a safe forcible specify.
3. Establishes a climate of trust and teamwork by being fair, care, respectful, and enthusiastic.
4. Promotes respectful interactions that challenge and engage all students within the learn environment.
5. Creates an environment that is academically appropriate, stimulating, and challenging.
6. Encourages scholar participation, inquiry, and intellectual risk-taking.
7. Respects and promotes the appreciation of diversity.
8. Uses a balance of effective verbal, nonverbal, and digital communication tools to foster a positive, culturally
inclusive eruditeness environment .
Standard 6: Professionalism – The teacher demonstrates behavior reproducible with legal, ethical, and professional standards, contributes to the profession, and engages in professional growth that results in improved scholar determine .
Performance indicators may include, but are not limited to :
1. Collaborates and communicates efficaciously to promote students ’ wellbeing andsuccess.
2. Builds cocksure and professional relationships with parents/guardians through patronize communication
concerning students ’ advance.
3. Adheres to school, district, legal, ethical, and adjective requirements.
4. Incorporates learning from professional growth opportunities into instructional practice and reflects upon the effectiveness of follow through strategies.
5. Identifies and evaluates personal strengths and weaknesses, and sets goals for improvement of skills and
professional performance based on self-assessment and/or in collaboration with their evaluator.
6. Works in a collegial and collaborative manner with administrators, early school personnel, and the community to promote continuous improvement .
1. Keeps the construction principal/program supervisory program informed regarding scholar, rear, staff, and parent related matters and information.
2. Maintain a high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students, parents, and staff.
3. Is companion with and carries out school board policies and district and build regulations.
4. Assists in maintaining a build, broadcast, and zone environment conducive to continued program
improvement with other staff members and government.
5. Any other responsibilities and supervisory tasks as assigned by the build principal/program
supervisor/superintendent .

EVALUATION: operation on this job will be evaluated in terms of above responsibilities and in
accordance with provisions of the Board ’ second policy on evaluation of professional personnel and the Educator
Effectiveness work
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