ELIGIBILITY: The Police Games require all competitors to meet the following basic standards, or have retired from an representation where, when employed, did meet these standards .
1. As your primary coil occupational group be employed/retired as a law enforcement officer, password, probation officer, correctional/detention officer, First Responder, Certified 9-1-1 Dispatcher, Crime Scene Specialist on a wax time basis. Retired/Active/Veteran or Reserve military from all branches of military service. Active reserve officers with at least one year service with the law enforcement agency who holds his/her committee ( verification of active status and tenure is required ). Retired/Active/Volunteer Fire Fighters with at least one class service with a Fire Department who holds his/her verification of service and/or commission .
2. Law enforcement officers must meet the standards set forth by the state or nation in which you work, and be certified in your department of state or area if your country or county requires such certification.

3. fall within the guidelines of the agencies specifically included by the TPAF and not fall within those agencies specifically excluded by the TPAF, and if not specifically named be accepted in write by the TPAF.
specifically included
All Active duty Military and Veterans of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard
Airport Police Officers
All retired officers from agencies listed
Arson Investigators ( Commissioned )
ATF Enforcement Officers
City Marshals
City Police Officers
City, County, and Private Detention/Correctional Officers that are agency certified and/or are employed entire clock time.
County Constable Officers
County Sheriff ’ s Officers
Certified 9-1-1 Dispatchers, Federal, State, County and City
Certified Crime Scene Specialist
Department of Homeland Security/Transportation Security Administration
Detention/correctional Officers from the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
District Attorney Prosecutors/ Investigators
Drug Enforcement Officers
Employees of the Texas Criminal Department of Justice that carry a hazardous duty classification
FBI Agents
Federal Fish and Game Officers
Federal/State Parole/ Probation Officers
Firemen or Fire Fighters
First Responders, EMT’s, Paramedics
Highway Patrol Officers
Hospital Police Officers as defined by 2.12 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure
Officers of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.
Port Authority Police
Railroad Peace Officers
Reserve Officers with a minimum of 1 year feel
School District Police Officers
State Park Rangers
State Police Officers
Texas Parks & Wildlife Law Enforcement Officers
University Police Officers
U.S. Department of State Law enforcement Agents
U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Agents not specifically noted on this list
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
U.S. Marshals
U.S. Park Rangers
U.S. postal Inspectors
U.S. Secret Service
U.S.Customs and Border Protection
Volunteer Fire Fighters with a minimum of 1 class experience
Certified/Licensed Law Enforcement or Correction Officers from early Countries
Specifically  Excluded But May Participate As A Sponsored Guest
Civilian employees of eligible agencies
Police Cadets
Police Students
Security Guards
The TPAF Board of Directors will refine and update, on an ongoing basis, an all inclusive list of eligible agencies which are not specifically named above ) .
RESERVE OFFICERS/RESERVE FIRE FIGHTERS — Reserve Officers/Reserve Fire Fighters with at least one ( 1 ) year active service to his/her Law Enforcement/Fire Fighter agency are now eligible. verification from the head of the means represented must provide written authentication of the one ( 1 ) class status.

RETIRED MILITARY LAW ENFORCEMENT — Retired and Veteran military Law Enforcement personnel whose career duty assignment was law enforcement/investigations are eligible .
ACTIVE MILITARY PERSONNEL — All active and former military personnel are eligible to participate. Those serving in the reserves who have been deployed into any active war zone or are scheduled to deploy and available during the dates of the Games are besides eligible. This is besides applicable to members of the National Guard.

FIREFIGHTERS — Firefighters are invited to participate in the Texas Police Games. Firefighter eligibility is indicated on each event schedule radio link .
GUEST COMPETITORS — Each empower rival can sponsor a Guest ( Guests MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 18 YEARS OF AGE ( except where excluded ). All Guests participating in individual events must submit an on-line application by using the registration liaison above. Guest eligibility is indicated on each event agenda yoke .

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