success : the feel you get when person fills out your opt-in form, completes a purchase, signs up to your e-mail, or whatever the coveted goal finish is on your web site. You created the perfective land page and got your visitor to sign up. Congrats ! But what else did you do ? Did you take full advantage of that conversion ? probable not .
typically, when a visitor completes an action on your site, they ’ re immediately sent to a thank you page. Most websites, however, have lackluster thank you pages that barely meet the expectation of the visitor .
They besides miss the prospect to far lease with visitors, move them along to another part of the web site, make a sale, make it easy for them to follow the brand on social media, and so on .
All those missed opportunities could have been taken advantage of with a thoroughly thank you page. A bare “ thanks, and hera ’ s your ‘ whatever ’ ” good doesn ’ triiodothyronine baseball swing it. A visitor who has already completed an carry through on your web site is much more likely to go a footfall farther but if all you offer is thanks, you leave them hanging.

In this article, I ’ megabyte going to show you what you need to create the perfective thank you page. From the simple “ What is a thank you page ? ” to ideas on how to optimize your thank you page for battle and conversions, I ’ ll cover it all .
If you ’ re in a rush or are here just for the thank you page examples, go ahead and use the table of contents below .
then first off, what is a thank you page ?

What is a thank you page?

A thank you page is a page that web site visitors are sent to directly after they ’ ve completed a goal on your web site. That could be signing up for your newsletter, opting in to receive your free guide or ebook, completing a buy, reserving a smudge in your webinar, etc .
Simple thank you page example. Whatever the end finish is, your visitor should be directed to a thank you page immediately after completing the necessitate action ( likely filling out a human body ) .
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Why do you need a thank you page?

so why do you need a thank you page ?
The most basic function of a thank you page is to confirm the action the visitor just completed ( i.e. “ Thanks for signing up to our newsletter ! ” or “ Your club is confirmed ” ) .
But, in reality, it should do much more than that .
Have you always filled out a imprint or completed a leverage then were directed to a page that was ill-defined, unorganized, or unprofessional ?
possibly a bare white page that barely says, “ Thank You ” or “ Order Confirmed ” .
We all have .
What kind of palpate did that page inspire ?
Did it draw a reaction ? Did it leave you feeling reassured you made a effective decisiveness ? Did it make any connection with you ?
likely not .
A foliate like that fails to connect with people and, ultimately, leaves your visitors left high and dry .
It leaves a huge opportunity on the postpone and all that feat and energy trying to get that person to convert is wasted .
not entirely that, a poor thank you page can leave a bad feel in your visitor ’ randomness digest. A foliate like that fails to reassure the visitor that they made a dependable decision ( typically referred to as “ buyer ’ s remorse ” ) .
They may even decide to forgo engaging with the matter they just signed up for ( if it ’ mho usher, possibly they end up deleting or never reading it, if it ’ s a product, possibly they decide to cancel the order ) .
It ’ south clear that the visitor is engaged with your put up and your company. They went sol far as to complete whatever action you required of them. indeed why wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate you put more attempt into your thank you page ?
A thank you page is an opportunity for so much more .
To propose that question again, why do you need a thank you page ?
It ’ s not to just simply confirm a completed military action, but besides an opportunity to engage with your visitors more and ultimately, a casual to move your visitors along and deeper into your sales funnel .
But not only do you need a thank you page, you need a good one .
so, let ’ s cover what you need to start :

What your thank you page should include

beginning, your thank you page should include the obvious, “ thank you ” in one form or another ( thanks, congratulations, order confirmed, etc. ) .
This confirms the visitor has completed the hope action .
adjacent, the page should include gain instructions on how to proceed. If they fair signed up for a free ebook, let them know that it ’ sulfur on its room to their inbox and they can expect it shortly. Or, include a distinctly stated, easily visible button that says “ Download your guide ”. Whatever it is, make sure the visitor knows precisely what to do .
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finally, it should include a strong call-to-action ( CTA ). Your CTA should be easily visible, chiseled, and move the visitor to the adjacent step. This might be a foster resource ( like a blog post ), checking out your product, or evening merely sending them back to the home page .
To reiterate, your thank you page at the very least should include :

  1. Thank you (to confirm)
  2. Exact instructions on how to proceed
  3. A strong call-to-action

But, that ’ s merely the beginning .
A good thank you page offers more. It offers a manner to further get in touch and add more value. It can be an opportunity to drive traffic to other content, breeding leads, get person to purchase something, acquire customers, and so on .
so lashkar-e-taiba ’ s move onto some ideas for doing merely that .

Thank you page ideas (to increase engagement & conversions):

Below, is a list of ideas to consider adding to your thank you page. At the very least, you should include the points I mentioned above ( and will promote detail below ) .
beyond that, think about how these ideas will work for your company and how you can implement them into your own page. Don ’ triiodothyronine go overboard adding every final estimate. Think about what you want the visitor to do adjacent after visiting your thank you page and go from there .

1. Thank or confirm

I want to reiterate to actually include a thank you or confirmation message of some screen .
This should be angstrom clear as possible. This lets the visitor know they ’ ve completed the want action and they can expect whatever it is they ’ ve signed up for .

2. Provide clear instructions

Going along with the first point, you need to make certain you actually provide the rate you promised and the visitor knows how to get it .
If it ’ s a complimentary guide or ebook, include a large push button on the thank you page that says, “ Download your free guide ” so the visitor knows correct aside how to get it .
Or, if you ’ ra sending it via e-mail, tell them precisely that and when to expect it : “ You will receive your dislodge steer in your inbox shortly. ” besides, think about including a contact e-mail if they having any trouble downloading it or never receive it .

3. Restate value of original offer

future, you want to restate the value of the original put up. If it ’ s an ebook, state what it is, what is included inside the book, and what the visitor will learn by reading it .
You want to make sure the visitor actually reads the ebook they just signed up for. You, or person within your company, likely spent a set of fourth dimension creating it. Plus, it ’ s a probability to educate your hearing and position yourself as an authority .
besides, if this free offer is separate of your sales cycle, you will likely have an easier clock time reaching out to them if they actually engaged with your content and found it useful .
By restating the rate, you can curb any reluctance or “ buyer ’ s compunction ” the visitor may have, and make certain they take advantage of the resource they signed up for .

4. Recommend additional articles or other resources

Your thank you page can be a great way to direct people to far content. They already found your crack enticing enough, they will likely be concern in others you have to offer .
You may consider adding some of your most popular posts to the page or you can get a piece more specific like adding contented that relates to the offer they signed up for. For example, if they signed up for a landing page optimization lead, you can direct them to your post on landing page design tips .
additionally, if the visitor precisely signed up for your merchandise or serve, you may include resources on how to get started, FAQs, or early aid related pages .
finally, you may even want to consider how your thank you pages fit into your overall capacity scheme. For example, you may want to create content specifically for these visitors ( optees ) only. This might be an article ( related, helpful tips ), a further complimentary offer ( like a template ), or an exclusive television course. By offering an exclusive slice of contented to only those who signed up, you can create a stronger connection and give the visitor a feeling of being valued .

5. Add social sharing buttons

This is a home where a lot of pages fail, amazingly, since it ’ s therefore elementary to set up .
Adding sociable sharing buttons to your page makes it easy for visitors to contribution your volunteer. evening if you included social buttons on your land page, it ’ s a dependable idea to include them on the thank you page a well .
The visitor may not think about sharing until after they sign up or they may want to complete the shape to see the future step before sharing with a friend or colleague .
ideally, you want to set the social sharing buttons to share the original land page and not the thank you page .

6. Invite them to follow you on social media

This besides is another simple one that I ’ m surprised more companies don ’ thyroxine enforce. The visitor is already engaged with your content and your company. therefore, they are a lot more likely to follow you on social media .
By merely including a few links to your social media profiles ( choose a blue-ribbon few, don ’ triiodothyronine list every single network out there ), you give the visitor a chance to easily follow your stigmatize and get updates on your fresh capacity .

7. Refer a friend bonus

This method was implemental in helping Dropbox grow to the enormously popular defile storehouse chopine it is today. The mind, basically, is to offer the visitor supernumerary respect for referring a acquaintance and getting them to sign up excessively .
In Dropbox ’ sulfur encase, they offered ( and however do ) extra storage space for free if you referred a ally and that ally signed up for a Dropbox history .
This created a viral campaign that helped Dropbox explode in popularity .
however, it ’ s a scheme that you could implement into your thank you page. By just offering added respect ( like a coupon code, free sample, extended absolve trial, extra credits, even extra release capacity ) in turn for referring a ally, you encourage the visitor to share your offer, engage with your company more, and get some “ barren ” promotion in the procedure .
The example below encourages visitors to refer friends and earn free products. They make it easy for them to plowshare by including a replicate & paste link american samoa well as Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons .
thank you page epic guide

8. Include social proof

Remember when I said that a poor thank you page can sometimes leave you regretting your decisiveness ( resulting in “ buyer ’ s remorse ” ) ?
One of the best ways to curb that feel, and let visitors know they ’ ve made a good decision, is with some social proof .
By adding positive testimonials ( from real people, don ’ t make them up ), the visitor can get substantial feedback and confirm they ’ ve made the best decisiveness .
If your offer was a free ebook, then include some testimonials from people who read it and found it utilitarian. This lets the visitor know it ’ second worth read .
You may besides include testimonials about your clientele ( like how big your customer service is ) or intersection as a hale. This can encourage visitors to move further along in your sales funnel and check out your merchandise .

9. Add comments

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but adding comments to your thank you page can be another way to engage visitors .
Let ’ s say you ’ rhenium offering a free ebook, by allowing comments on your thank you page, you can give readers the opportunity to comment what they thought of the book, share their own ideas, or ask questions .
just be sure to provide some textbook encourage visitors to comment and allow them to come back to the page so they can comment late .
The exercise below by Social Triggers uses this method. The page allows people to comment with their agitation and what they think of the book. It ’ second besides a luck for promote communication between them and Social Triggers .
thank you page epic guide comments

10. Ask to sign up to newsletter

If your opt-in action did not mechanically add visitors to your electronic mail newsletter, then this would be a commodity time to do so .
They already find your content utilitarian and are engaged with your company, by merely including a signup phase for your e-mail newsletter, you can get extra signups and grow your list .

11. Add to calendar option

If you ’ rhenium offering a free webinar, or possibly flush a barren consequence, adding an “ add to calendar ” option on your thank you page is a must .
often, people can sign up for a webinar and never actually attend. They get caught up and forget all about it .
however, adding an “ total to calendar ” option, for say Google calendar, can ensure the event is put on their schedule and they won ’ thymine miss it .

12. Sign up for a webinar

If you offered a free piece of content like a guide or ebook, you could besides include a related webinar you have on your thank you page .
The visitor already found your contentedness utilitarian and enticing enough, they will be much more probable to sign up for your webinar add this point .

13. Create an account

If your visitors landed on a thank you page because of a leverage they good made, then this can be a effective meter to get them to sign up for an history for your web site .
For example, if you ’ re an e-commerce site, you may include a form for visitors to create an account immediately after leverage ( if they did not create one during the buy procedure ) .
however, make certain to educate them on the respect of doing so. You may include something on them having the ability to check the status of their order, see tracking information, or earn rewards. This will make it more likely they ’ ll polarity astir.

The example below does equitable that. After completing a purchase, the visitor is presented with an option to create an account. There ’ s tied a strong indicator ( in the form of an arrow and bombastic, orange box ) directing the visitor ’ s attention to the signup. They tell the visitor they can earn loyalty points and pick up future discounts to encourage signups .
thank you page epic guide create an account

14. Include related products or up-sell

again, if you ’ re an e-commerce site, you want to take advantage of that cute space on your thank you page, rather than plainly confirming the rate .
nowadays is a good time to showcase any associate products or products that go bridge player in hand with the one the visitor just purchased. For case, if person just bought a grillroom, you may show a few grill accessories like a grill spatula, tongs, an apron, charcoal, etc .
These are all things they may need and including them on the thank you page can lead to another sale .
besides, you can use this opportunity to upsell a product. This can be specially utilitarian for a SaaS company. Say a customer just purchased your lowest plan, you may offer the chance to upgrade while including some data on the benefits of doing thus. possibly you offer a particular put up or rebate at this degree to get them to upgrade .
Or you may offer an a-la-carte option to go on top of their subscription plan. For exemplify, if you have an e-mail creature that allows users to find e-mail addresses, and the lowest plan includes finding 50 emails a month, you can include an option to buy another 25, 50, or 100 emails .

15. Include a survey

You can besides use your thank you page as a feedback and inquiry tool .
By including a survey, you get can some much-needed insight into your customer ’ sulfur problems and whether you ’ re helping to address them .
Visitors are already engaged at this degree, so they ’ re much more likely to provide some feedback or fill out a survey .
The model below from Harry ’ s includes a elementary one doubt survey at the bottom of the thank you page. however, visitors are more likely to answer the survey at this point and Harry ’ s gets some customer feedback that can help them decide what type of subscription plans to offer .
thank you page survey example

16. Offer a coupon code

Offering a coupon code on your thank you page can be a good manner to push the visitor deep into your sales cycle and get them to make a leverage .
besides, it may be an add value they weren ’ triiodothyronine expecting when they signed up for your offer. thus, creating a feeling of agitation .
If visitors aren ’ metric ton acting on the offer, you may include an exhalation date or countdown timer to encourage them to act agile .

17. Include video

Video can be a big way to further connect with your visitors. Video offers you a luck to represent your caller or get across a point that you just can ’ t do with text .
For exemplify, if you want to give the visitor a deeper understanding of your brand culture, television is a bang-up way to showcase the personality and characteristics of your team .
Or, you may use this as a prospect to educate the visitor about your intersection .
Video besides tends to convert better. In fact, including a video recording on a bring page can increase conversion up to 80 % and 64 % of visitors are more probably to buy a product on-line after watching a video recording ( Source ) .

18. Include a low-price offer

Another theme is to include a low-price offer. Customers who purchased from you before are more likely to purchase from you again than a 1st-time buyer. repeat customers besides tend to spend more .
You can facilitate this action by offering a low-price item on your thank you page. It ’ s an easier decisiveness for the visitor to make and they get a opportunity to see the prize you provide, how you deliver the goods and possibly address any early concerns they might have with purchasing from you .
The exemplar below from Digital Marketer lists a low-price offer on their thank you page. At precisely $ 7, you can get their course on sociable sell. It ’ second manner to get their foot in the door with the visitor and showcase the value they provide. A method that can lead to a future purchase of their more expensive courses .
thank you page low price offer

19. Free consultation/demo

Another good idea for consultants, agencies, even SaaS companies, is to offer a rid consultation or product show .
By offering a rid 30-minute reference or show, you get a casual to interact with the visitor more and move them along in your sales funnel .
The visitor is already engaged with your content and probably finds your company reputable. now is the time to get them to sign up .

20. Automatically redirect

rather of optimizing your thank you page, you may find it ’ s a better option to redirect the visitor to another page a few seconds after visiting the thank you page .
This would work for extra message that may lend itself to the propose the visitor signed up for .

Thank you page examples (to learn from and copy)

last, let ’ s take a spirit at some thank you page examples ( so you can learn from them and “ steal ” their ideas ). First, I ’ ll start off with the more mediocre or basic thank you pages. then, I ’ ll increasingly move on to the best ideas that have taken wide advantage of their thank you pages .
Let ’ s take a look .

Example #1: Sage

thank you page sage This first example by Sage is presented after signing up for a free lead. The foliate is simple but does meet the basic requirements of a thank you page .
It thanks the visitor and provides them with the downloadable resource they signed up for. however, the overall design is very bland, and while they do have a radio link that directs the visitor to further resources on the Sage web site, the link could be more outstanding .
sage, could rather, create a large, brilliantly colored push button that directs the visitor to the next step ( in this lawsuit, more helpful subject on their web site ) .
additionally, while the page does include some social sharing buttons in the page pedestrian, these appear to be more of an reconsideration and are so bantam, could easily go unnoticed. Making these buttons larger and more big in the page body text ( possibly under the thank you message ) could entice visitors to contribution this page ( and the usher they precisely downloaded ) .

Example #2: Zappos

thank you page example zappos This thank you page is presented directly after signing up for the Zappos e-mail newsletter. They touch the few basic requirements for a thank you page : thanking the visitor for signing up, restating the measure the visitor is getting by signing up, and what to expect. They besides provide details on how to contact the company if needed .
however, Zappos could however make better use of the page. They may consider adding excess measure by offering a particular coupon code just for e-mail subscribers .
besides, while their independent navigation is still present, there are no recommendations to direct the visitor further along. Zappos could rather include some graphics of unlike product categories for the visitor to navigate to. Or they might include a “ bridle out our latest sales ” liaison .
ultimately, no social sharing or “ keep up us ” buttons are introduce. The visitor already signed up because they ’ rhenium concerned in following Zappos. therefore, they ’ re already engaged with the post and would likely follow Zappos on Facebook or Twitter. however, they don ’ t offer an option to easily follow them, so they miss out .

Example #3: CopyBlogger

thank you page example copyblogger Taking a look at this thank you page, presented by CopyBlogger after creating a new explanation, we can see they have a dim-witted design so far wangle to hit the few basic requirements. They thank the visitor for join, include detail on what to expect from the membership, and include a clear call-to-action ( in the class of a bombastic, red clitoris ) to proceed through to the locate .
however, CopyBlogger might take this opportunity to showcase a few of their have posts quite than having the visitor click straight through. besides, it would be a commodity theme to include some “ follow us ” buttons for their social media accounts so visitors can promptly and easily follow the brand .

Example #4: Infamous Musician

thank you page example infamous musician This thank you page is presented after signing up for a detached PDF from I nfamous Musician. The foliate thanks the visitor, lets them know how they can get their PDF ( by electronic mail and downloading it ) and restates the rate .
not only that, it besides provides a few more web log posts to check out and a probability to comment at the bottom of the page ( there is even a link in the PDF back to this page so people can return to comment after reading ) .
still, the page is missing social sharing and “ follow us ” buttons missing the probability for absolve promotion and getting visitors to follow them on social media .

Example #5: Backlinko 

thank you page example backlinko The above page is presented directly after signing up to Backlinko ’ s e-mail newsletter. The page is basically character of a two-page work. however, I included the above screenshot because I wanted to showcase the detail instructions .
After signing up to the newsletter, the visitor is provided with identical net instructions ( with accompanying screenshots ) on what to do following. There is no confusion on what to do next. The visitor knows they need to confirm their electronic mail and this ensures they don ’ t forget .

Example #6: Consulting Success 

thank you page example consulting success This thank you page by the Consulting Success is presented to the visitor after subscribing to their e-mail newsletter. Rather than plainly saying thanks, the founder, Michael, greets subscribers with what to expect from signing up .
The television offers a more engaging metier than elementary text. In addition, the page besides provides a clear call-to-action with a large, bluing button that states, “ Learn how to attract more clients. ”
It ’ s an alluring propose that directs visitors to the future step, keeps them on the site, and moves them further along in their sales funnel .

Example #7: Neil Patel 

thank you page example neil patel The above thank you page by Neil Patel is presented after signing up for one of his webinars. Rather than just thanking visitors for signing up, he besides provides extra details on what to expect from the webinar and the value you will get by attending it ( in textbook and video ) .
He besides includes options like “ add calendar reminder ” and text message notifications to ensure visitors don ’ thymine miss the webinar .
ultimately, he includes a surveil at the bottomland of the page to get feedback from visitors to answer their specific questions and provide the best potential have .
overall, the foliate offers good contingent and promote engages the visitor. however, Neil might besides think about including some social proof ( in the form of testimonials ) possibly from past webinars. This would help reassure the visitors they made a good decisiveness to sign up and encourage them to show up to the webinar .
besides, he might think about including social sharing buttons to encourage visitors to parcel the webinar with friends, colleagues, or members of their team .

Example #8: Freshbooks

thank you page example breaking the barrier This thank you page by Freshbooks is presented after signing up for their free ebook, “ Breaking the Time Barrier ”. Rather than thanking the visitor, they congratulate them for signing up for the record .
not only that, they provide social proof for reading the bible. positivist testimonials from those who have read the ebook reassure the visitor that they ’ ve made a good decisiveness and should proceed with reading the bible .
People can sign up for these ebooks but never commit to reading it. The add testimonials give the sense that the visitor needs to read the book and that it ’ mho worth dedicating their time to doing sol. Ensuring the ebook ( that person probably spent a long ton of time creating ) actually gets understand and gives the company a prospect to connect with readers .

Example #9: Impact 

thank you page example impact This thank you page is shown to the visitor directly after signing up for a complimentary ebook from Impact. While the overall design of the page could possibly use some work ( it ’ s a piece politic and unappealing ) the page does make an feat to move visitors far along .
In accession to providing clear instructions for accessing the ebook and a large, clearly-stated download button, the page provides extra resources the visitors may enjoy .
These resources are extra ebooks the visitor may be concern in reading. The page besides has “ adopt us ” buttons so visitors can easily follow the brand .

Example #10: Optimizely

thank you page example optimizely This thank you page is presented after signing up for a free guidebook from Optimizely. alternatively of just saying thanks ( which they do ) they besides take the opportunity to present a few extra resources to farther engage with visitors .
They provide an extra set of tools to download for release, give the opportunity to register for a contest they are offering and encourage the visitor to explore their residential district .
besides, they provide clear instructions on how the visitor will receive their modern guide ( via e-mail ) but besides give them the choice to download it from the foliate in the form of a clearly-stated, boastfully blue push button .
overall, the foliate does a full job in trying to further connect with visitors and direct them to extra pages on their web site .
however, one more thing they could consider adding are “ succeed us ” buttons. They have some in the page footnote but making them a more big feature on the foliate would encourage visitors to follow their trade name .

Example #11: Uscreen

thank you page example uscreen The above thank you page by Uscreen is presented after signing up for a loose PDF. The page has a similar layout to the Optimizely page above. It thanks the visitor but besides uses the opportunity to offer them a complimentary trial signup .
This is a good set to get the visitor to sign up. They are already engaged at this steer and since the book is related to their service, the visitor is likely concerned. By giving them an easy option to sign up and listing the benefits of their service, they can increase subscribers .

Example #12: Wordstream

thank you page example wordstream here is another great thank you page example. This one is presented immediately after signing up for a free scout from WordStream .
The page hits all the basic requirements : it thanks the visitor and tells them how to download the usher by putting “ click here ” in colossus letter .
however, it besides provides extra detail to further engage with visitors. First, they offer a video recording to learn more about their merchandise and the benefits they provide .
They besides include an extra form to receive a “ Free Adwords Performance Report ” that is intelligibly visible and drawn to by the large, bright, orange button to the right field .
This allows WordStream to far engage with visitors who may be electric potential customers and put them into a go rear process .
last, they have social media icons for visitors to easily click in regulate to follow them on Facebook and Twitter .

Example #13: Kissmetrics

thank you page example kissmetrics One of the better examples in this steer, the above thank you page by Kissmetrics is presented after signing up for their e-mail newsletter .
The page first confirms that the visitor is subscribed. adjacent, they use the page to talk more about their merchandise, what it is, the features, and the value you will get by using it. They besides include a unclutter call-to-action to start a free trial for the merchandise .
finally, social media icons are present on the page ( albeit in the pedestrian ) to allow visitors to well follow the mark .

Example #14: Fizzle

thank you page example fizzle ultimately, this last thank you page by Fizzle, is what I believe to be the best example on this tilt. The page meets basic requirements like thanking the visitor but offers a long ton of a value beyond that .
beginning, they provide a few recommend articles ( draw from their most democratic posts ) for the visitor to continue onto. adjacent, they include a television that showcases their post and who they are as a company .
ultimately, there is a note from the chief executive officer at the bottom with a special offer for web log subscribers .
Fizzle does a fantastic job of optimizing their thank you page to further engage with their consultation. Their extra message offers extra value to subscribers and lets them get to know more about the company and what to expect .

Stop creating terrible thank you pages.

nowadays you know fair about everything there is to know about thank you pages and what makes a good one .
so stop creating lackluster, boring thank you pages and create one that engages with visitors and moves them to further natural process .
You ’ ve got a list of ideas, and examples to copy, so go put them into action .
And if you ’ re looking for a cock that ’ ll help you turn your ideas into reality, go ahead and explore the GetResponse Website Builder .
With this joyride, you ’ ll be able to build whole websites – not equitable thank you pages – with rest !

here ’ s a quick video overview of what you ’ ll witness, completely out of the box !

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