So, you’ve discovered the power of WP RSS Aggregator (or you just found out about us), and now you want to set up your own content aggregation or content curation WordPress website. Whether you’re building a news feed or magazine WordPress site, a photo or video collection, or even an aggregation site with an e-commerce shop included, we’ve rounded up the best WP aggregator themes for your purposes. When you want to build a site that gathers a lot of information together from a variety of sources, you need dedicated features that allow you to present all of the content in a way that won’t clutter the page or overwhelm the viewer.

Once you’ve chosen a news aggregator WordPress theme, you can import content using WP RSS Aggregator, the most comprehensive tool available for content aggregation and curation. Here are some of our favorite WP aggregator themes for content curation.

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Bayside from ThemeForest

preview of news aggregator WordPress theme Bayside

This responsive editorial and news aggregator WordPress theme has a drag-and-drop page builder and standard post formats that include audio, image, link, quote and video. If you opt for the Boosted Elements add-on, you can also access sections like maps, pop-ups and sliders. If you want to create a news WordPress site that provides visitors with an endless amount of information, you can use the infinite scroll feature. You can also create a sticky header that will be visible no matter where the user ends up on your site.

Buy now for $59. Learn more here.

Brick + Mason from ThemeForest

preview of Brick and Mortar

This WP aggregator theme is perfect for WordPress sites that are more focused on photo and video content than straight text or links. Suited for photographers, videographers or creative studios, infinite scrolling allows you to show everything on a single page. With the advanced grid layout options, you can arrange your content to look its very best and make the biggest impact on visitors – and potential customers or clients. There’s a full-width template included so that you can highlight just your visual content without anything else getting in the way.

Buy now for $24. Learn more here.

Extra from Elegant Themes

preview of WP aggregator theme Extra

This visual page builder is fantastic for creating magazine-style WordPress websites. Category modules make it even easier than before to use the drag-and-drop builder — you can pull in modules like Post Feed, Post Carousel or Advertisements, then place them wherever you think looks best (and where they’ll be most appealing to your visitors). Possibly the best part about this news aggregator WordPress theme, though, is how customizable it is — you can change just about everything, from colors and font to spacing.

Get yearly access for $70. Learn more here.

MH Magazine from MH Themes

preview of MH Magazine

This responsive, magazine-style WP aggregator theme is ideal for blogs, digital magazines, “latest news” sites news aggregator websites and any content-focused WordPress site that takes an editorial approach. You can gather text content, as well as photos and videos, about practically any topic — lifestyle topics, like fashion and travel, tend to look best with this type of site. You can also customize your sidebar options, like changing where the sidebar is positioned or adding an additional sidebar to include more information for your visitors.

Buy now for $49. Learn more here.

Magazine from Themify

Preview of Magazine

This three-column, magazine-style WP aggregator theme is easy to use thanks to a drag-and-drop interface. You can design a minimalist WordPress website or build one that’s more complex and information-packed, similar to what you’d see on the websites for leading news sites. And instead of figuring out the perfect layout from scratch, you can select from their 42 prebuilt options, then add a latest news ticker, a Related Posts section and widgets dedicated to banner ads. There’s also a mobile slide menu that will make it easier for mobile users to navigate your site.

Buy now for $59. Learn more here.

Magazine Pro from StudioPress

preview of News aggregator WordPress theme Magazine Pro

If you have a lifestyle-focused WordPress website (or are dreaming of starting one), you’ll want this polished news aggregator WordPress theme from StudioPress. Get started fast with one-click theme setup and demo content geared toward cuisine, fashion, fitness or travel topics, then build on those pages to define your brand. Then, tweak your WP aggregator theme to reflect the colors and layout you like best, and add your logo. When you’re ready, you can start selling from your WordPress site, too, thanks to WooCommerce capability.

Buy now for $99.95. Learn more here.

News Pro from StudioPress

preview of News Pro

This news aggregator WordPress theme can be used with whatever type of media you prefer, whether that’s audio, text articles or video — or a combination, of course. The theme is classic and sleek, packing in a lot of information without looking cluttered or confusing. Add up to two sidebars and three footer widgets to streamline information however you see fit. If you have a WooCommerce shop, this WP aggregator theme doubles as an e-commerce store, so you can deliver the news and sell your products at the same time.

Buy now for $99.95. Learn more here.

Pinboard from Themify

Preview of WP aggregator theme Pinboard

If you love the look of Pinterest and want to create a WordPress website with a similar aesthetic, consider the Pinboard theme. Ideal for visual-heavy sites where images are front and center, this WP aggregator theme includes the same automatic stacking and infinite scroll that you love on Pinterest. Plus, both features work perfectly whether the viewer is on their desktop computer or visiting from a mobile device. You can also choose how many columns you’d like and how large or small you want your content to be. Furthermore, when the window is resized, the layout easily adapts.

Buy now for $59. Learn more here.


Preview of News aggregator WordPress theme WP-Drudge

This news aggregator WordPress theme has a clean look that puts the focus on the content without distracting with a busy design. You can add blog posts, links to posts and videos to this report-style WP aggregator theme, then configure the content however you’d like. Then, you can add two RSS feed widgets to offer visitors even more rich content. You can also change colors and fonts to be in-line with your branding and preferences. You can also further customize the mobile experience to add specific mobile-only ads and feeds.

Buy now for $89. Learn more here.

Do you know of more WP aggregator themes that deserve to be on this list?

Let us know in the comments below, and we will review them alongside WP RSS Aggregator. If they receive our approval — and that of our popular WordPress review site, WP Mayor — we’ll add them to the list.

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