The worldly concern is different immediately. There are immediately these people coming and slowly taking over. You can besides see the change. It 's in the eyes. There is this light blue ring the is around the schoolchild. The people that came here are n't even real number people, they 're minor and can fit in you hands. They say that the master of ceremonies of your body will take over lento a well and the person that was originally in there will disappear. 
But that 's not true. They still live inside. Just only the horde of them can hear them but, it is besides said that if the person inside takes over, the host is weak and, again, that 's not truthful . now your credibly wondering `` How does this anonymous person know so much about this subject ? Are they one of these creatures ? Are they or were they one of these people ? '' Well i 'm not, sorry to disappoint. No, this history is about a girl and a boy . The girlfriend runs this colony of souled people and non-souled people. The hosts that live in this colony live in harmony and in peace with humans. The hosts that are in this colony think what their kind is doing is faulty but, they besides want to live this newly life but the ca n't live on earth without a body to inhabit. With the help of the people from the colony, the host then find a body that is dying and are `` taken '' by Seekers or question souls and with that the Seekers heal the human body from everything ; diseases, viruses and critical conditions, if of naturally, they can be healed. so this girl in appoint of this colony with the avail of her brother, Damien . The son, other hand, is person who is part of an all human colony who despise soul with a burning heat. He, himself, is n't very adoring of this kind either. His brother is the same a well . But his opinion on souls will change , finally . -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - Out in the nation, there is a house that is in need of yard work. And in this theater, there are two boys that go by the name of Ian O'Shea, Mid-Twenties, improbable with night blond haircloth and blue eyes and sometimes is mistaken for his older brother, Kyle, and the other boy 's list is Jamie Stryder, Fourteen years honest-to-god, short with brown haircloth, bluing eyes and has freckles. What these two boys did n't realize was that their life and the lives of their boyfriend other colony members are going to change even more then it already has. They are, at the moment, are raiding the theater for supplies for it 's colony, forgetful of what is to come . not far away from the family that the boys populate, is a 1990s CB750 Nighthawk motorcycle with a daughter on it and a beaten up crimson choice up truck that had six people, two in the cabin and four in the bed of the truck driving future to her.The female child on the motorbike goes by the name of ( Y/N ) ( L/N ), the leader of her own colony at the senesce of nineteen with long ( H/C ) hair, tan freckled skin, tall but what is striking about her is her eyes, they 're a very picket shade of aristocratic, about vitamin a blue as the color an inhabit person 's eyes but she is not hosted . In the cabin of the hand truck are two boys, the driver 's name is Damien ( L/N ), the older brother of ( Y/N ) and a faithful comrade for everything she might encounter with thick dark hair's-breadth. The early one though, is n't as patriotic. His name is Jackson Hymes and he thinks he has a shoot with the leader the colony. He flirts with all the girls including ( Y/N ), when they go on raids, he tags along good to flirt with ( Y/N ). He has brown hair, green eyes and reasonably tanned peel. Everyone except Jackson respects ( Y/N ), a good example is Alex Reddin. He was one of the first base people that the ( L/N ) 's found along there path to survival, he is blond with dark brown eyes and slightly tanned skin and is a good ally to ( Y/N ) and Damien . indeed now that you know the fundamentals of this fib, Let 's begin . -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - Ian And Jamie were basically ransacking the kitchen while they were looking for supplies. They arrived thirty minutes ago and hid the jeep repose aways from the house. In the thirty minutes that they have been there, they 've only looked through the family/living room drawers of desks and and cabinets but came improving empty, then some closets, the attic, the root cellar but found entirely boxes of clothes before the invasion happened and then went to the kitchen . Ian had stopped digging through the cabinet he was in and looked out the reserve door window. In the distance, he could see a motorbike and a red hand truck . At this point, Jamie had stopped looking through his cabinet and came to see what Ian was looking at. When he saw what Ian was looking, he faced him and said, `` What are we going to do ? The Jeep 's besides far. '' Ian looked down at Jamie and then back out the windowpane. He walked promptly out of the kitchen with Jamie following and walked in to the family/living board that had a stairway the moderate upstairs and then to the attic. When he came fully into the room, he looked to his justly and saw a broom water closet. He opened that up and looked in it. It was full of boxes . Perfect . He turned about and looked at Jamie, who was looking up at him, waiting for an answer to his question from earlier. Ian crouched down to Jamie 's flat and grabbed his shoulders and said sternly, `` I want you to go in there and hide deep inside the wardrobe. Do n't come out until I get you. Got it ? '' Jamie looked from the wardrobe to Ian a few time then spoke, `` What about you ? What are you going to do ? '' Jamie said with concern in his part . Ian gulped and looked at Jamie and said, `` I 'm going to see if they 're human or not. If they 're not, they 're not going to see what hit them. Remember, do n't come out unless I get you, got it ? '' Jamie again looked from Ian to the water closet and nodded his point. As Jamie stepped into the closet, Ian looked out the windowpane again and saw that the figures were airless. He shut the closet door and cursorily ran into the kitchen and closed all the cabinets shut. He ran back out of the kitchen and hide outside the door, barely around the corner . just as he did therefore, The back door manage jingled a little bite then it jingled two more times and then stopped . There was a few seconds of hush then a loud knock of the door being kicked open and animal foot steps entering the kitchen .

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