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                           Dark POV 
`` Alright ridicule we are having an Iplier meet in an hour ! I expect all of you there ! This is compulsory ! '' I shout through out the house, everyone responses with a yea, surely, or an ok. 'Ugh they better show up or else ! I 'm going to get delirious ! ' I look down at my watch it is presently 3:15pm the confluence is a 4:15 indeed I better start getting ready ! Time cut to 4 walk into the meet room. I am early indeed I sit patiently and wait . Time omission to 4:10 The Host, Glitch, and Tim walk in and sit down. Tim and Glitch talking and giggling ever then frequently . Time skim to 4:15 No one else has came in ... I stare down at my lookout ... they credibly thought I said leave their rooms at 4:15 ... they 'll show up ... they ... they will ! Time jump to 4:20 It 's just me and Host, the boys left out of boredom. I slam my hands down on the board startling Host and making him leap out. I walk out of the converge board leaving him there. I run to my room, slam the door, and blare some music so my so called `` family '' does n't hear me crying ... 'why do n't they like me ... I I just wanted to have one ! ONE little meeting ... ' I sniffle as I open my closet and pull out my latest project ... `` Mr. Snuggles '' I murmur ... I 've been working on making a sorta plushie for myself that I will be there for me when no one else will. I could have it done in an instantaneous with a snap of my fingers, but I want to hand stitch it. That way it means more to me ... with every prickle of my finger and every accidental stitch he is becoming more and more of a person to lean on. I smile as I walk out of the wardrobe hugging his finished torso. I sat depressed at my desk and get to work on a lead . I get indeed into working on his head I do n't hear my door whine open or the sound of everyone entering my room until my earphone starts to glitch. I turn round to see everyone ... everyone was in my room ... star at me making a sleep together plushie .... I am the chef, the LEADER and they ca n't even knock ? ! ! `` WHY ARE YOU IN HERE ? ! ! ! '' I wait for an answer, but no one says anything.
`` YOU KNOW WHAT ! ! FUCK YOU GUYS, '' I felt my eyes sting with tears as I continue, `` I AM YOUR drawing card ! I AM. THE strong ! AND I DESERVE A little respect ! ! JESUS CHRIST AT LEAST FUCKING KNOCK ! ! ! ! '' I scream at the group as tears start to flow freely down my face.
`` JUST ... just please leave .... GET OUT ! ! '' I say defeated ... 'I just ca n't do this anymore ' then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I look up to see Host . `` Darkiplier sadly looks up at the one person who cares about what he says to the Ipliers '' The Host says smiling sadly.
`` The Host then suggests that they move to the bed for comfort. Darkiplier nods his drumhead and sits down on the go to bed with Host. Host then asks what the matter is ? '' Host narrates . `` I-I just regard *hic* the other Ipliers liked it at least respected me ... '' I say letting out my feelings. `` The Host nods his head and rubs Darkiplier 's binding for quilt. The Host then turns off the lights and music with Darkiplier 's earphone. Dark then looks up at The Host and wonders what he is doing. The Host reply 's by stating that he wants Darkiplier to know that he is there for him. '' The Hosts says as he lays down, I soon lay down with him. We stare in to each other 's eyes for a small before I hug him . `` Thanks Host '' I say but my part is muffled by his thorax . `` The Host wraps his arms around Darkiplier and whispers that he is here anytime Darkiplier needs him. '' Host says as we spend the respite of the night cuddling until we finally fall asleep in each other arms .
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