Photo by The Agni Dance Club, opened on September 13, 2021, Some rights reserved,

The Agni Dance Club is a new dance team at Lambert High school that aims to shine a light on Indian culture through dance.

They bring Agni (“fire” in Hindu) to every dance that they do. The girls on the team work hard to bring their culture to life through dance.

” The Agni Dance Club is a great way to come together and perform our traditional dances.” Tryia Veermani, the co-captain and one of the team’s founders stated.

This club is exciting because they fuse together many different dance styles that showcase their Indian culture to the student body at Lambert. 

The club combines traditional dances with the famous Bollywood dances that many people are more familiar with. Some of the traditional dances include Odisri, Bharathanntyam and Kathak.

“[The Agni Dance Club] Just wants to expose people more to Indian culture since we have a large population of Indian students,” Ms. Harrison, the club sponsor, stated.

They plan to participate at the Lambert international night, the variety show and even host their own competition with other schools with similar dance teams. 

“It doesn’t matter what dance that you do, come on and try out; we can make it work.”A team member, Sanjana Sudini, pointed out.

If anyone is interested in joining Agni Dance Club, they should contact Ms. Harrison through email, [email protected]. Auditions will be held Thursday, Sept 16 at 4 pm in the 2900 lobby.

However, if you’re not sure that you would make the cut or your schedule conflicts, the club plans to hold workshops. 


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