AMP The Tanker Sub Ohm Tank By Rig Mod

Thanks to the enormous popularity of sub-ohm vaping, multiple manufactures have jumped into the rub, tidal bore to grab their share of the burgeoning market. For vape enthusiasts, this has been a boon, not only due to lower prices, but besides in the act of competitive innovations that these companies have forwarded .
A prime case of this creative synergy is Vaping American Made Products, or more popularly stylized as Vaping AMP. From their origin, Vaping AMP devices have flown off their shelves, necessitating significant expansion. As a resultant role, the arrangement created an external subsidiary company called Rig Mod WW, which specializes in producing cutting border sub-ohm vape tanks and mods. Their latest unblock, The Tanker Sub-Ohm Tank by Rig Mod, is a stun revelation .
For starters, take a expression at the overall aesthetics of The Tanker Sub-Ohm. Unlike the litany of sub-ohm tanks that dominate the vaping landscape, the Rig Mod device by Vaping AMP is pristine. The Tanker Sub-Ohm doesn ’ thyroxine trust on cheap, brassy gimmicks and unnecessary “ styling ” accoutrements. alternatively, this Rig Mod tank lets its timbre craft address for itself .
And The Tanker speaks volumes, and not good in its incredibly classy air. Its super-thin visibility besides helps in the portability department. For vape enthusiasts who are constantly on-the-go ( and in today ’ randomness company, who isn ’ thyroxine ? ), nothing could be more cumbersome and distracting than having to deal with a gawky vaporizer. With the compress Tanker by Rig Mod WW, you ’ ll only have to think about your device when you want to use it.

naturally, you ’ re going to utilize The Tanker quite a morsel – while it ’ s a beauty, Rig Mod makes superior sub-ohm tanks, not showpieces ! Better yet, Rig Mod engineers integrated multiple end-user conveniences to keep you a loyal customer for life .
Let ’ s speak about the extremely generously-sized 5.0 milliliter capacity e-liquid reservoir. Constructed using the highest-grade materials available, the reservoir ’ second borosilicate glass ensures in full accurate flavor transmission, while withstanding the enormous thermal pressures involved in vaping .
furthermore, combined with the aforesaid thin profile of The Tanker Sub-Ohm Tank by Rig Mod, the 5.0 milliliter reservoir well expands “ practical ” range. If you ’ rhenium looking for a device to take on cross-country road trips or for a full sidereal day at the function, The Tanker is your elementary, go-to choice !
future, we ’ ll travel over to The Tanker ’ randomness threaded top-fill reload system. With this commodious feature of speech, The Tanker Sub-Ohm eliminates the bottom-loading process that so many early on vape enthusiasts found incredibly frustrating. With the top-fill, the vaper plainly reloads his or her reservoir with their option e-juice…open, fill up, and vape !
But on-key to form, the Vaping AMP auxiliary Rig Mod wasn ’ t satisfied with providing a merely standard feel. Distinguishing itself from other rival offerings, the Tanker Sub-Ohm Tank ’ second threaded top-fill system features two big fill ports, allowing enthusiasts to easily load in their reservoirs with their front-runner e-liquids
The outsize fill up ports besides makes the reloading process importantly cleaner than standard top-fill systems. due to the generous spacings, the Rig Mod Tanker is basically “ dummy proof. ”
Another fantastic end-user convenience is Rig Mod ’ sulfur inclusion of its proprietorship wide-bore dribble tap. Smooth and comfortable to the touch, the drip peak ’ s perfectly-sized 13 millimeter dimensions allows for maximal effective air travel inhalation. Anything more would overwhelm the air-vapor mixture in the caparison of the atomizer coils, and anything less would produce an underwhelming know. With the Rig Mod ’ s proprietary dribble tip, you have the luxury of both comfort and performance working seamlessly in your favor .
Of course, drug user public toilet doesn ’ t hateful much if the vaper can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate actualize their tank ’ mho baron facilitation. fortunately, this is where the Rig Mod Tanker Sub-Ohm sincerely shines ! Included in the tank software are two 0.15-ohm coils ; one is rated for 50W to 180W, and the other is rated for 80W to 120W. Both are included to cater to vaping preferences – The Tanker can be modulated to maximize overcast production or for extraordinary spirit profiles .
The inclusion of these coils would make this Vaping Amp subordinate device stand out from any sub-ohm tank presently in the market. however, The Tanker Sub-Ohm is besides cross-compatible with the Smoktech TFV8 Replacement Coils. This is an absolute sandbag impute for this Rig Mod tank as Smok is one of the most popular, if not the most popular design in sub-ohm vaping.

however, not everyone is thrilled with Smoktech ’ south price indicate, or their style choices. For those that want a classy, fairly approach to their vaping artwork, they can elect to purchase the Rig Mod and still have the benefit of utilizing the Smok TFV8 Replacement Coils – now that ’ s having your coat and eating it besides !
Irrespective of what coil you elect, Rig Mod fans will be able to enjoy The Tanker Sub-Ohm Tank ’ s revolutionist double adjustable bottomland airflow. For the connoisseur who wants alone control over their vaping experience and draw quality, this airflow arrangement provides precisely the measure of current that you desire .
additionally, each air slot measures 11.0 millimeter by 2.0 mm, providing the perfect “ air/fuel ” ratio for The Tanker. not only that, Rig Mod incorporated a unique knurled airflow see ring, which provides for better ergonomics and handle. Although this feature is frequently overlooked in early devices, Rig Mod wanted to ensure that you have total control over your device, no matter what conditions or environment you find yourself in .
ultimately, The Tanker Sub-Ohm Tank by Rig Mod is fabulously priced for what the box offers you. Inside, you will find The Tanker, two outstanding 0.15-ohm coil atomizer heads, a substitute borosilicate glass tank section, and the proprietary wide-bore Delrin drip peak. furthermore, Rig Mod includes bare O-rings and an easy-to-understand user manual .
due to the incredible popularity of the Vaping AMP and Rig Mod WW brand names, The Tanker is expected to fly off the shelves – barely like its predecessor sub-ohm vape tanks. To ensure that you don ’ metric ton miss out on the adjacent vaping rotation, make sure to place your regulate with right nowadays !
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