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Please see our size charts below. Looking for something you have n’t found here ? Email us at information @ and we ‘ll do our best to help or even add to this page if necessary .

Button-Up Sizing Guide

Fit is incredibly personal – some like their shirts to fit snugly around their torso while others prefer to wear them looser. We ‘ve provided a number of fit charts below to help you find your fit. note that there are some variations in the way different fabrics will hang on your body, and some shirts will fit more snugly than others. We recommend constantly sizing up in flannel .
If you ‘re at the top 1 – 1.5 inches of the broke range, you will likely have to release the box pleat .
Below are the flatlay measurement charts for our Alpha shirts. We have shown our measurements taken from lying the garment flat and measuring in inches. We recommend grabbing a shirt you own in exchangeable framework and comparing !

In between sizes? Go for the smaller one – there ’ s a pleat in the back of every PDL shirt that you can remove with a seam ripper – this will give an extra 1½ inches in the breast to prevent button-gape .

Fit Guide by Style

One of PDL ‘s foundational values is to create authoritative products. That ’ second why we have a suite of standard styles that we make in an assortment of fabrics. once you know your paroxysm in a particular style, you ’ ll be ready to snap it up when a limited edition upcycled fabric you love pops into our solicitation !
We ‘ve photographed a variety of styles on a few different bodies so you can get an idea of how our shirts might look on you. If your questions are n’t answered here, please get in allude with us for personalized fit advice .

Size 4

Size 8

Size 16

The PDL classical Alpha fit. A box ruffle half-sewn down in the back for comfortable size adjustments, a apprehension that buttons down at the lapels, and our touch inside pocket. available in a wide diverseness of fabrics, from flannel to Oxford to poplin and more, in short sleeve or long sleeve. > learn more about the box ruffle and how it lets you customize your match here .
A more formal take on our authoritative shirt, the clitoris up features no lapel buttons and a potent collar that holds its shape. typically made of firm, more premium fabrics, this is your go-to shirt for a formal consequence. It has an ever-so-slightly slender and shorter form ( about 1cm short in the sleeve and torso ) than our distinctive Alpha fit, with the same shoulder width .
Fashion-forward and unique, the collarless shirt features a modified, relax Alpha fit with no pouch and an open box pleat – making it less fitted in the soundbox. You can sew the box pleat down yourself if you want a snug fit .
Our terms for an seamless light shirt-jacket arrant for wearing while you walk. Our jackets are made out of heavier fabrics, from cotton flannel to wool to corduroy, and feature our signature embroidered pocket on the outside of the leave breast. The cable car coat has outside piece pockets while the walking jacket has slit pockets for your hands.

Our flannels come in about all our collar and body styles, but they ’ ra special in that they tend to fit snugly – specially since we tend to wear them over a tee shirt – and they ’ re more probably to shrink in the washout. therefore, we recommend you always size up in flannel .

Our size 4 model is 5’9 ”, with a 34 ” bust, 25 ” shank, and 32 ” hips .
Our size 8 model is 5’9 ”, with a 36.5 ” break, 30.5 ” waist, and 42 ” hips .
Our size 16 model is 5’10 ” .

Customizing Your Shirt with the Box Pleat

The corner pleat at the binding of PDL shirts allows for a sting of flexibility in sizing. note : collarless shirts do not have their pleat sewn down by default .

Removing the Pleat for More Space in the Bust

If your shirt fits in the shoulders and arms but is a small close through the bust, you can remove the pleat to gain an extra column inch and a half in that sphere. Kindly note that shirts with the pleat removed are no longer eligible for exchange or refund.
To remove the pleat, you will need a seam ripper. This little instrument comes with most sewing machines and sewing kits. Watch the television below to see how it ‘s done :

Extending the Pleat to Take Your Shirt In at the Hips

If the shirt is besides roommate around the hips, you can besides extend the pleat to take the shirt in by 1 – 1.5inches from the shank down. This is a pretty dim-witted sewing job if you have the skills. You ‘ll need a sew machine and an iron. Kindly note that all modified shirts are ineligible for return/exchange .
Watch the video recording below to see how it ‘s done :

Founder’s Suit Sizing Guide 

Chino Sizing Guide

This size chart applies to our newest chino ! We took all of your feedback from the make of our founders trouser and made all the proper changes ! Let us know what you think !

Underwear Sizing

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