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On May 8, 1945, Sigmund arose early, so he could awaken everyone in the camp, which was one of his jobs. On this day, Liberation Day, he arose to find no SS officers watching or even in the camp. The SS fled in such a haste and fortunately had not even turned on the electrify fences. Sigmund found wire cutters and actually cut the wires on the gate, giving him and the early prisoners freedom. Sigmund was the first to take a breath of freedom outside the gate. He fell and literally kissed the grind. Since there were no mixers at the time, everything was sincerely handmade. The dough was placed in a trough and everything was mix by hand. Two of Morris ’ children, Sigmund and Sol, went to work at the bakery at lone ten years old due to a bakers ’ strike in 1932. The european era of our family bakery ended when Sigmund and Sol were 19 years old and the family was sent to concentration camps in 1941. We relate our history to you as told to us by Sigmund Jucker, one of the original three brothers.

The bakery ’ s history began in Chrzanow, Poland, in a build up in which Napoleon had spent the night. We believe the bakery opened around 1825 and was last know as Morris Jucker ’ s Bakery. Three Brothers Bakery Comes to Houston
He was fortunate enough to have survived with his two brothers and their older sister. On May 8, 1949, Sigmund, his twin brother, Sol, and younger brother Max, opened Three Brothers Bakery on Holman Street in Houston, Texas. They bought an existing bakery from the Meschkat kin. Since they however didn ’ t have mixers, everything was handmade, just as it was in Europe. Sigmund recalls their first day was not arsenic successful as they had hoped. They sold $ 19 worth of product. On opening day, the coffee bean cake that we sell to this day was $ 0.55.
That first day taught them a identical valuable moral : in Houston, if you don ’ t have good park, you will struggle. Hence they struggled with their one parking home .
Sigmund, Sol, Max, and their older baby all survived. Four years to the day, on May 8th, 1949, Sigmund, his gemini buddy, Sol, and younger brother Max opened Three Brothers Bakery on Holman Street at La Branch in Houston, Texas, across from Beth Israel Synagogue. They bought the bakery from the Meschkat family. For a very long prison term, the Jucker brothers kept with their european roots and made everything by hired hand .

The very first and silent particular customer was Clyde Cannon who stopped in on his room to educate at San Jacinto High. Since reopening after Hurricane Ike, Clyde has been our official First Customer at all our openings. He besides hush meets with Sigmund and their friend Joe on some Mondays at our Washington Ave shop .
In Poland, no one corrode very odoriferous foods, so the brothers learned to make american cakes and pastries. Many of Three Brothers Bakery baked goods still use the original eastern european recipes, including rye bread, challah, danish, tall mallow pockets, Kaiser rolls, biales, traditional bagels, and onion boards, to name a few. The three brothers were the inaugural to bring the bagel to Houston. Our celebrated gingerbread recipe from the Old Country was modified in America in 1960, and we distillery use the lapp recipe today .

Moving to Almeda and Braeswood
They survived on Holman with one parking space for five years and in May 1955, they moved the bakery to Almeda Street at Southmore – right adjacent to Leff Brothers. The great park made them successful enough to move again to South Braeswood in May, 1960, since the Jewish community seemed to be moving to the Braeswood/Meyerland area .

today, Braeswood is a major street, but in 1960, the bakery was at the end of the road and rumored to have cows living nearby. It took time, but Three Brothers Bakery hang in there and finally became a Houston initiation, making easterly European-style breads and pastries, cookies, cupcakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, pies and specialization themed cakes .

For thirteen years since opening on Holman Street, the three Jucker brothers had run the bakery among themselves. In 1963, they took another big step and hired their first gear employee and bought a mixer – last !
Bobby has adoring memories of spend time in the bakery as a son. It ’ south where he grew up .

First Expansions
Some might remember our other past locations in River Oaks on West Gray, which closed when that partially of the historic River Oaks Shopping Center was torn down, and in Sugarland, which closed with the long disembowel out construction on the 59 expressway .
Bobby Begins Running the Bakery

Around the year 2000, Bobby, Sigmund ’ s firstborn and 5th generation baker, took over the bakery and in 2005, his wife, Janice, joined him. Since then, we have created a second generation of history in America, noted by shop openings, disasters and accolades .

A Second Expansion
As we became more wide known as a full service award-winning bakery in Houston, we decided to expand. In 2012 and 2014, we opened two more locations on Kingsride Lane near Memorial City Mall and Washington Ave. off Shepherd, respectively. We were besides one of the first retail bakeries in America with an on-line memory .
The bakery has operated continuously except for :

  • a three-day closure after flooding during Tropical Storm Allison,
  • a nine-month closure after Hurricane Ike rendered the building and production area inoperable,
  • another three-day closure after the 2015 Memorial Day floods,
  • A 17 day closure after the devastating flooding from Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

We are gallant to say we paid our employees the entire time we were closed .
additionally, we took on water during the 2016 tax day floods, and we besides had a fire in December, 2016, in our main deep-freeze as we readied ourselves for the holidays .
The Reinvention of Three Brothers Bakery
anterior to Ike, we began to reinvent Three Brothers Bakery, but after Ike, the transformation took on a life sentence of its own. true, before Hurricane Ike, Braeswood, for miss of a better condition, was a dump. We were able to wholly renovate. Janice always says “ out of everything bad comes something good. ”
then with the advent of the Food Network® cake became recognized as an art form. Two things happened to put us on the “ television Food Map. ” The beginning was our pecan pie being named by Country Living Magazine “ The best mail rate pecan proto-indo european America has to offer, ” and second we stepped up to a challenge by Greg Morago from The Houston Chronicle to create a 3 layer piecake, which we named the Pumpecapple Piecake .
Accolades Abound
The Pumpecapple Piecake has now been featured on Food Network ’ s Outrageous Food, Buzzfeed ’ s Worth It and the Travel Channel ’ s Food Paradise and popped up throughout media when it went viral in 2014 as the hottest vacation dessert in America. Bobby has competed in the Food Network Challenge – Extreme Pirate Cakes. additionally, our pecan proto-indo european has continued to rack up national accolades with some found in Town & Country Magazine, Bon Appétit and Southern Weddings. Our samara Lime Pie won the 2017 National Pie Championship in Florida ! recognition of all our efforts has been seen through national and local awards, magazines, and television shows. One of the most storm accolades was winning the Small Business Administration ’ s Phoenix Award for Small Business Disaster Recovery in 2018 based on our Hurricane Harvey recovery. Janice and Bobby like to call themselves the King and Queen of Disasters, and it became official with the Phoenix award. They besides tell people that this is one award for which you never want to qualify .
The Business Coach Journey
One last transformation occurred when Janice and Bobby hired a business coach in 2009. They learned they should find person else to handle the daily operations and focus on their own strengths, so they hired a management team. That proved to be a bang-up experience and a great decision, enabling the aforesaid growth .
additionally, we participated in the Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Businesses program in 2012, the SBA ’ s Emerging Leaders program in 2018 and fair try to continue learning the linguistic process of business through programs such as those put on through ICIC, ICCC, and at the SBA ’ s Small Business Development Centers .
Giving Back to the Community
last, we continue to give back to the community by feeding the homeless and athirst with our day old boodle, working with Celebration Company, being on the dining table of Susan G. Komen Houston, previously on the local Hadassah chapter, and teaching at the Small Business Development Center that has helped us thus much .
now, hera we are, five generations and 200 years late. Bobby and Janice want to give credit rating to our inflate team of bakers, decorators, salesperson and last but surely not least – the management team.

When you shop at Three Brothers Bakery, whether it is in one of our stores or our on-line store, we want you to feel a character of our kin. Through creating all our edible delights, we are making lifelong memories, which is why we say at Three Brothers Bakery we are actually “ memory makers who happen to be bakers.® ”
intercept by, say hello and enjoy ,
The Jucker Family

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