It is a very common practice that when you are building a new website or doing website maintenance, you should always try to put up some types of under construction signs on your site to notify visitors.

In WordPress, there are two ways of obtaining under construction or coming soon page: themes and plugins.

In this article, I am going to share with you top 10 under construction WordPress plugins and themes.

Now, let’s begin with top 5 under construction WordPress plugins:

1. WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode

This plugin is very customization and responsive, you can change font color and background of your own. Also, it comes with subscription form that you can use to collect emails, as well as an option of exporting collected email to .csv file. This particular plugin also come with countdown timer and social media icons.

2. Ultimate Coming Soon Page

Ultimate Coming Soon Page

Ultimate coming soon page fully compatible with any type of WP themes. It is very customizable; basically, you can change background color, logo, fonts, image, etc. On top of that, you can also add custom HTML and CSS. The plugin itself is using HTML 5 and CSS3. It also comes with an optin form system that can collect emails from visitors.

3. WPsoonOnlinePage


This is a very simple coming soon page plugin. This plugin has options of changing background color, text color, as well as uploading logo image.

4. Site Offline or Coming Soon

Site Offline or Coming Soon

To put your website in maintenance mode, you can simply install this plugin and activate the maintenance mode, and you are done. Of course, if you want to display customized message, you can do that as well with this plugin. Like most plugins here, it is fully responsive.

5. Maintenance


This plugin has option of adding your logo, background image, color and text. It supports the full screen background image. On top of that, this plugin also has Google analytic functionality.

The above are top 5 under construction WordPress plugins that I know of. Of course, if you do not want to use plugins, there are many under construction WordPress themes you can use as well.

Following are Top 5 Under Construction WordPress Themes:

1. Launcher

Launcher wordpress theme

Believe it or not, this theme is free. It is responsive; it has subscription box and countdown timer. Also, it integrates social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

2. WPLauncher

WpLauncher WordPress Theme

This is another free premium WP theme. This theme is simple yet attractive. It has countdown timer, optin form, as well as social media integration.

3. My Blue Construction

My Blue Construction

This is a simple WordPress theme, you can download it from This WordPress theme is a simple one page theme that you can put description, title, optin form, as well as social media integration.

4. Lexiity

Lexiity wordpress theme

Lexiity is a elegant and clean WordPress theme. Like most themes here, it comes with countdown timer, social media integration, as well as optin form. The unique things about this simple WP theme is that Lexiity comes with different skins that you choose from, as well as many shortcodes that you can utilize.

5. Coming Soon

Coming Soon wordpress theme

This particular theme is from templatic. It is a free theme, and it is fully customizable. You can basically put anything there, such as products, optin form, Freebie offers, etc.


The above top 10 under construction WordPress Plugins and Themes are what I’ve found to be popular among web designers. When choosing between plugins and themes, most web designer would go with plugins. Whereas under construction WP themes tend to be popular if you are not yet decided which theme your website is going to use. As always, if you know any plugin and theme that you think is better than anyone of the above, please do share with us.

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