European Expedition Program: Embrace the Experience

Experiential Learning: Where Learning Comes to Life

As participants in the European Expedition Program, students have the incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in a hands-on and on-site educational experience. This unique approach to learning allows students to explore and connect with the rich history, diverse cultures, and current events of Europe in a way that goes far beyond traditional classroom teachings.

A Journey of Culture and History

Our program goes beyond the typical tourist experience of visiting world-class museums and UNESCO sites (although we do love those too!). Instead, students are encouraged to truly engage with history by physically interacting with the past. They can climb castles, wander through ancient Viking cabins, and get lost in the cobbled streets of medieval towns. It is through these intimate connections that one can truly appreciate the significance of these historical sites.

In addition to history, our program also immerses students in the vibrant cultures of Europe. By spending time with locals, sharing meals, and exploring cities together, participants gain a unique and personal insight into the various cultures they encounter. These interactions foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Europe’s diverse heritage.

Exploring Current Events

Our European Expedition Program is not solely focused on the past. As students traverse the continent, they will engage in thought-provoking discussions about the current events shaping Europe today. These conversations will challenge preconceived notions and provide a platform for meaningful dialogue with a wide range of individuals.

For example, students will have the opportunity to connect with Syrian refugees who have become successful entrepreneurs in Berlin. By experiencing their perspective and drawing parallels between modern-day Syria and 1930s Germany, participants will gain unique insights into the complexities of Europe’s current social landscape. Additionally, kayaking through Norway’s Arctic Circle allows participants to witness the effects of climate change firsthand, engaging in discussions with local guides about the receding glaciers and the changing climate in the region.

Furthermore, students will explore how nations like the Netherlands have ingeniously manipulated sea-level changes to their advantage, while in Venice, Italy, rising sea levels pose significant challenges. By witnessing these contrasting experiences, participants will gain a greater understanding of the socio-political and environmental factors affecting Europe’s diverse regions.

The European Expedition Program not only offers a transformative educational experience but also serves as a masterclass in the history, culture, and current events of Europe. By providing students with these immersive and experiential learning opportunities, we equip them with the skills, knowledge, and understanding to become independent, well-rounded adults.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of discovery and embrace the power of experiential learning in Europe. Your investment in time and effort will undoubtedly yield a wealth of knowledge that can only be attained through first-hand experience and an open mind.

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