Que. I intend to set-up a Trampoline Park in India. What all should I research before going ahead with my thought?

Ans. Trampoline Parks is a new age concept in Indoor Amusement in India. Usually Break Even is achieved in 12-18 months of its    operations. However following things must be considered: 

1. Depending on the Size and Pollution of your city you should decide the size of your Trampoline Park. We generally recommend : 

A. 10000 – 15000 SQFT for Tier 1 City 

B. 7000 – 10000 SQFT for Tier 2 City 

C. 4000 – 7000 SQFT for Tier 3 City 

D. 2000 – 4000 SQFT  for Tier 4 City 

In a high foot fall area such as in a Mall Atrium or Outside a Highway Eatery you may place stand alone units of size from 500 SQFT – 2000 SQFT. Such models generally rely on footfall of the primary place. 


2. In case you are planning the size mentioned above for your city, then there is no need to worry about the footfall of that place as Trampoline Parks act as a destination and people will come from all across. However you need to ensure that location is central and easily approachable. 


3. The Facility you choose should have a minimum clear height of 16 Feet. The more the Facility height the better it becomes. 


4. As far as possible ensure that there are less pillars in the facility you choose for Trampoline Park Setup. 


5. You know your city better, so do a quick analysis of sale you would anticipate in a year. Basis city dynamics decide on what would be the ticket price. Generally we recommend Rs 400-800/- Per Hour depending on Tier of city. 

Que. What Services does “SkyJumper Sports & Amusements Pvt. Ltd” provide in process of starting an Indoor Amusement Park?

Ans : SkyJumper Sports & Amusements Pvt. Ltd provide End to End Services with regards to Trampoline Park Construction, Installation, Maintenance and Management. Listed below is our portfolio of Services 

1. Trampoline Park Design and Ideation. : We work with you to conceptualise your thoughts and put together and 2D and 3D model of Trampoline Park. 

2. Trampoline Park Construction : Basis the design approved by you we develop the Trampoline Park at our Trampoline Park Factory. 

3. Trampoline Park Installation : Once completed the Trampoline Park Equipment is shipped to your facility and our team of experts work at your site for Installation

4. Trampoline Park Maintenance : During last week of Installation, we train your staff on SOP for Trampoline Park Equipment maintenance. Also we offer Yearly AMC model for Trampoline Park Maintenance.

5. Trampoline Park POS System : We have a cloud based custom Trampoline Park POS. This is provided on monthly subscription fee. It includes features like “Online Waiver Liability Form”, “Customer History Tracking”, “Trampoline Hour Slot Feature” and Many more. Besides being a cloud based system helps you to access it from anywhere in the world over your Mobile phone. 

6. Trampoline Park Spares & Supplies :   Once your Trampoline Park is operational you would need certain supplies, we can provide you all at your doorstep. Listed below are the same: 

1. Trampoline Park Grip Socks   

2. Wrist Bands               3. Trampoline Springs

4. Trampoline Mats                    5. Trampoline Pads        6.  Foam Cubes for Foam Pit 

7.Trampoline Park Safety & Management Training/Tools : Running a business efficiently and safely is of paramount importance. However this requires a Crisp SOP and Staff trained on the same. We provide a Week long on-site training to Facility Manager, Front Office, Gymnasts,  Center Sales and Customer Relationship Manager and Housekeeping.

Que. For a Trampoline Park, What Licensing do I need to ensure compliance with Indian Laws of entertainment Industry?

Ans. There are a few aspects that need to be looked at : 

1. Fire Safety NOC : The facility should be equipped with all the Fire safety norms as per Municipal Corporation guidelines and a Fire NOC will be required. 

2. In case you are planning to set-up a Cafe inside the facility then you would need to get a FSSAI Licence. 

3. When an entity employs people who may be casual workers, full time employees, contract based etc, to regulate the work conditions and ensure the workers’ rights are protected,

it is mandatory to get registered under the Shops and Establishments Act, informally called Shop Licence.

4. The Trampoline Park activity attracts 18% GST on Ticket Sales, 5% GST on Grip Socks Sales and 5% GST on Food & beverages Sale. So you need to register a firm and get GST Certificate for the same. 

Que. Why to choose “SkyJumper Sports & Amusements Pvt. Ltd” as a preferred Vendor to help set up a Trampoline Park?

Ans.  To create a world class Trampoline Park, you have quite a few options. 

1. Import Trampoline Park Setup from China 

2. Connect with some local vendors in India, they partly import setup from China and some they develop at site. 

3. Engage World Class companies from UK & USA to set one up for you. 

For starters Option 3 is best, however their price point will be almost 3 times so makes your dream out of budget. 

Option 1 & 2 have serious challenge with quality, communication and commitment. Getting Trampoline Equipment from China might still be easy but finding a local player to install everything without a glitch is a challenge. 

Now to answer Why SkyJumper ? 

1. We Guarantee Pricing Lower and Quality better that China for our equipment. Our Equipment is designed to carry more than 300 KG weight per Trampoline. 

2. We are based in India with in-house capabilities right from Ideation, Designing, Developing, Installing, Managing and Maintaining the same. We provide end to end complete solution. 

3. Have delivered over 1 Lac SQFT of Trampoline. The company itself runs 4 Trampoline Parks across India. In fact SkyJumper Pioneered the concept of Trampoline Parks in India. 

4. Easy Availability of Spares & Other maintenance work. We can assist you easily as we are based in India. 

5. We also provide all necessary consumables such as Trampoline Grip Socks, Wrist Bands, Foam Pit Cubes, Trampoline Mats, Trampoline Spring, Trampoline Pads, Etc

6. One key element is POS Software for Trampoline Parks. We have a Cloud based Custom software specifically designed for Trampoline Parks, We provide that on monthly Subscription basis. 

7. One can also avail Safety, Process and Maintenance Training of Trampoline Parks from us. 

Que. Can I Setup an Outdoor Trampoline Park, Like Open to Sky Trampoline Park?

Ans.  YES, by all means. Our equipment is UV & Weather resistant. In-Fact our Trampoline Park in Shimla has section which is outdoor and open to Sky. However you need to check the weather in your city. Trampoline is a high energy activity and people sweat even in Indoor Air Conditioning facility. Unfortunately most of the cities in India have a hot and humid weather. Hence people coming for activity during the day would be very few. Also rainy season will also impact the business. So while Outdoor Trampoline Park is a great option, The weather in India does not support the cause much. Based on this we prefer Indoor Facilities. 

Que. How do I maintain the Park? Where do I get supply of Trampoline Park Consumables, such as Grip Socks, Wrist Bands, Spare Trampoline Mats & Pads, Springs, etc? 

Ans. We have you covered. All the supplies and spares would be sent to your doorstep within 3-5 days of you placing the order. In fact if you need something Custom designed as per your design and logo then we can do that as well. 

Que. Is there a Special Point of Sale System for Trampoline Parks? Are the standard POS system of Amusement Park not compatible? 

Ans. Few of the features are peculiar to a Trampoline Park operations. For instance Waiver Liability form has to be signed by the customer. Also mostly activities are played in a Time Slot Fashion. Now a normal Amusement Park POS would not have these features. Hence we designed a Cloud Based Custom POS System for Trampoline Parks. We provide the same on a very nominal monthly subscription fee. Also since this is a cloud based software so you can track your sales realtime from the ease of your mobile phone. Do let us know if you need a Demo of the software, we will be happy to assist you. 

Que. Is Trampoline Park Safe? Do accidents happen, how best to avoid them?

Ans. Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to Amusement Park Business and this should be taken up very seriously. Trampoline being a physical activity does possess some risk of injury, however a lot can be managed provided we follow certain measures. 

1.First and foremost the design of Trampoline Park has to incorporate all aspects of Safety. 

2.The equipment developed and installed should not overlook any safety parameter. For instance Design of Foam Pit, Slant Trampolines, Platforms all have to looked upon from every angle. 

3.Maintenance Staff training so that they do not overlook safety aspect during their frequent Maintenance activities and audits. 

4.Educating the Customer, every time a customer enters the Trampoline Park it is mandatory for them to watch the Trampoline Safety Video. 

5.Arena Attendants need to be trained on Safety Procedures and they need to be vigilant all time to check what Kids and adults are doing inside the Trampoline Arena. 

6.Have a complete First Aid Kit along with Bandages, Pain Spray, etc handy. The entire Staff should be trained of First Aid Procedures, so that they can provide right assistance in case of a mishap. 

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