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Hey there, friends! It’s evident from my Instagram inbox that travel is making a comeback! Many of you have shared your exciting plans for European trips and have reached out for advice on how to pack for springtime travel. It can be a tricky task, especially if you’re coming from a place with warm weather. European temperatures in spring are cooler and unpredictable, so let me guide you through it!

The Main Tip: Embrace Layers

Layers are essential when traveling in Europe during the spring. Packing a combination of warm and cool weather layers is crucial, considering the varying high and low temperatures you’ll encounter. For cooler weather, opt for thin, high-quality materials. You won’t need thick, chunky sweaters unless you expect temperatures in the 30s and 50s. Instead, go for lightweight options that you can easily layer. For example, you can pair a sweater with a utility jacket and add a thin wrap coat or trench over it for days with low 50s in the morning and evening and mid-60s during the day. The goal is to have versatile options that you can easily shed or put back on as needed. Here’s a roundup of great items to consider packing for your trip:

  • Thin sweaters
  • Utility jackets
  • Lightweight wrap coats or trenches
  • Neutral and easily mixable clothing items

Shoes: Closed-Toe and Comfortable

Choosing the right shoes can be a challenge, but it’s important to prioritize closed-toe options that are comfortable. To avoid discomfort or blisters, never pack new shoes that you haven’t worn before. Instead, opt for tried-and-true favorites. Here are a few recommendations based on personal experience:

  • Adidas Classic Stan Smith
  • Sam Edelman Loraine Loafers
  • Reebok Classics

Don’t be afraid to rock white sneakers during your European adventure. They are trendy and versatile, pairing well with wide-leg pants, skirts, and dresses. Trust me, you won’t look out of place!

Bags: Prioritize Security and Convenience

When it comes to bags, security is key. Consider opting for a crossbody bag with a zip-top, as it’s easy to access and secure. Crossbody bags also allow for hands-free movement and are lightweight. If you anticipate shedding layers throughout the day and need additional storage, consider a zip-top tote bag. However, keep in mind that tote bags can get heavy throughout the day and may not be as convenient as crossbody bags. You can pack both a lightweight tote for bringing back purchases and a crossbody bag for daily use, giving you options to choose from.

Outfit Ideas Based on Temperatures

Now, let’s dive into some outfit ideas to inspire you during your European adventure. It’s important to note that temperatures can range between 30 and 70 degrees, so adjust these ideas based on your personal preference and the projected temperatures for your trip. Remember, layering is key, and you can easily add a loose-fitting trench or lightweight wrap coat over your outfits for extra warmth. Here are ten outfit ideas to consider:

  1. Chic and Comfortable Evening Look:

    • A cozy sweater paired with wide-leg trousers and raffia wedges.
    • Perfect for a nice dinner and a show.
  2. Casual Daytime Outfit:

    • A linen top, jeans, and comfortable sneakers.
    • Ideal for exploring the city on foot.
  3. Trendy Spring Look:

    • A lightweight puffer jacket, a cozy sweater, and culottes.
    • Great for colder days and casual outings.
  4. Comfortable and Casual Outfit:

    • A plain white tee, jeans, and a denim jacket.
    • Optimal for all-day comfort while exploring.
  5. Distressed Denim Delight:

    • Distressed jeans, a sweater, and a blazer.
    • Perfect for a stylish daytime look.
  6. Cozy and Stylish:

    • A chunky sweater, trousers, and ankle boots.
    • Ideal for colder days and long walks.
  7. Polished and Put-Together:

    • A blazer, a button-up blouse, and tailored pants.
    • A great option for a fancy dinner.
  8. Classic Trench Coat Look:

    • A trench coat, a lightweight sweater, and jeans.
    • Perfect for a sophisticated and timeless look.
  9. Elegant Spring Dress:

    • A flowy dress with intricate details and an oversized denim jacket.
    • Perfect for warmer days and stylish evenings.
  10. Versatile and Comfortable:

    • A white tee, wide-leg pants, and a lightweight cardigan.
    • Optimal for all-day comfort and easy mix-and-match options.

By following these outfit ideas and packing tips, you’ll feel prepared and stylish throughout your European adventure. Remember to adjust the outfits based on your personal style and comfort preferences. Now, go ahead and enjoy your trip to the fullest! Cheers to more travel this year!


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