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On our last day in Paris, we decided to go shopping for a new designer bag. I had been feeling a bit bored with my wardrobe, unsure of what to wear. Eventually, I settled on a navy skirt and a striped tee, pairing them with a leather jacket. However, when we stepped outside, the weather surprised us with a chill in the air. I quickly zipped up the jacket and was amazed at how it transformed the outfit, adding a cool and chic vibe, especially when combined with my slicked back bun (which I confess was a bit dirty).

This unexpected combination quickly became one of my favorite outfits from the trip.


For our journey back home, I opted for comfort and style. I wore black leggings, a zip-up sweater from Amazon, a white tee from Cuts, a trench coat, and my trusty Chelsea boots. Although I forgot to snap a picture, I felt both cozy and put together in this ensemble.

Here’s what I planned to pack and didn’t:

  • DENIM JACKET: At the last minute, I decided to switch my denim jacket for a leather one, a choice I’m now grateful for. The leather jacket turned out to be warmer and added an extra touch of sophistication to my outfits. Definitely a good decision.

  • SHORT SLEEVE STRIPED TEE: Instead of packing a short-sleeved tee, I ended up bringing a long-sleeved striped tee. I was delighted with this choice as it provided both warmth and a subtle print peeking out from my wrist.

  • ABLE JEANS: After assessing my wardrobe, I realized I already had sufficient pants, jeans, and skirts. Therefore, I left my Able jeans at home, and I have no regrets. I did bring a pair of light wash jeans from Levi’s, which proved versatile and stylish.

  • BLUSH HEELS: At the last moment, I swapped my blush heels for black block heels. They seemed like a better match for my blue floral dress and, importantly, were more comfortable for long walks.

  • OUI HAT: Initially, I considered bringing a green Oui hat that I spotted all over Europe. However, when I took it out of my bag to pack it, I realized it looked cheap. Additionally, I felt that wearing a baseball cap would make me stand out amidst the Europeans’ elevated sense of style. So, I decided to leave it behind.

  • TRAVEL STEAMER: I had planned to bring a travel steamer but upon unpacking it, I discovered it was a corded steamer rather than a cordless one. As a result, I didn’t bother bringing it at all.

What I regret bringing because I didn’t wear it:

  • LACE ANTHROPOLOGIE TOP: I had high hopes for this lace Anthropologie top, but it simply didn’t look as cute as I had envisioned. I tried pairing it with different outfits during our trip, but it never made it out of the suitcase.

  • FLORAL MAXI DRESS: Unfortunately, the vibrant and tropical feel of the floral maxi dress didn’t align well with the European aesthetic. It remained untouched in my suitcase throughout the trip. However, I’ve decided to save it for our upcoming vacation in Mexico next month.

Considering the amount of packing I had done, I was pleased to have used and enjoyed almost everything I brought with me.


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