30 Unique Experiences That Define Northern Europe

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Ride the Flåm Railway to the fjords in Norway

Northern Europe is home to a plethora of breathtaking destinations, and Norway stands out as a must-visit country in the region. With its picturesque landscapes of towering cliffs, majestic glaciers, and cascading waterfalls, Norway offers a natural paradise like no other. One of the most spectacular ways to experience the Norwegian fjords is by taking a journey on the Flåm Railway. This railway route boasts the title of being the steepest and narrowest in the world, providing travelers with an unforgettable adventure.

Staffer Shannon recounts her experience, “The Bergen fjords are truly awe-inspiring, and riding the Flåm Railway was an absolutely breathtaking experience! I visited in March, and the landscape transformed dramatically during the short journey. Starting from Flåm at the bottom, it felt like spring, but as we ascended the mountain to Myrdal, winter embraced us. This is undoubtedly one of the most memorable travel experiences I have ever had.” The Flåm Railway is included in our Highlights of Scandinavia: Sweden, Norway & Denmark tour and our Scandinavia: The Capitals & the Fjords tour.

More unique experiences to have in Norway:

5. Visit the city of Tromsø during free time.
“Tromsø offered me the most enchanting views I had ever witnessed,” shares staffer Meaghan. “We were lucky enough to witness the mesmerizing northern lights every night during our stay, and it felt truly magical. Additionally, we had the opportunity to visit Macks Ølbryggeri, the northernmost brewery in the world, which was an unforgettable experience.” Staffer Shannon concurs, adding, “Tromsø is a fascinating little city. It gave me the chance to proudly say that I have been to the Arctic Circle, as Tromsø lies above its starting point.” For more tips on how to spend your free time in Norway, be sure to check out our Norway Travel Guide →.

6. Visit the colorful, UNESCO-listed Bryggen wharf in Bergen.
“Bergen, without a doubt, is one of the most serene and breathtaking places I have ever visited,” raves traveler Cheryl after our Highlights of Northern Europe: Amsterdam to Stockholm tour. “Words cannot truly capture the magnificence of this place; it was purely spectacular.”

Northern Europe offers countless unique experiences that will leave a lasting impact on any traveler fortunate enough to visit. From Norway’s dramatic fjords to the captivating city of Bergen, the region reveals its incredible beauty at every turn. Each destination holds its own charm, providing visitors with opportunities to immerse themselves in the culture, history, and natural wonders that define Northern Europe.

Whether you are an adventurer seeking thrilling landscapes or a history enthusiast exploring UNESCO-listed sites, Northern Europe has something to satisfy every travel desire. With its diverse range of experiences, this region continues to captivate the hearts and minds of those who embark on its journey.

Plan your visit to Northern Europe today and discover the unique experiences that await you in this extraordinary part of the world.

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