Tubular Sight Glass Used for Observing Liquid and Gas Flow.

Tubular gauge glass, besides called tubular glass, tubular view glass and tubular kettle glaze, can be divided into standard size and heavy wall size according to the wall thickness. The standard size tubular glass is normally used in low blackmail kettle, tanks and some other low atmospheric pressure instruments. The big wall kind is suitable to eminent imperativeness environment, such as blunt anoint and water, flatulence flowmeter or acidic and alkali containers .
The fabric of tubular spy glass is soda-lime glass, borosilicate looking glass and quartz glass glass. Borosilicate glaze and quartz glass glass can resist acid and base and work in high pressure and temperature environment. But for balmy environment application, soda-lime glass is the most economic choice .
There are seven pieces of standard tubular gauge glass. Standard size is suitable for indulgent environment.

There are two pieces of heavy wall tubular gauge glass. Heavy wall tubular methamphetamine is suitable to aggressive and high pressure environment .

  • Material: soda-lime glass, borosilicate glass, quartz glass.
  • Classification: standard, heavy wall.
  • Wall thickness: 1-30 mm.
  • Inside diameter: 1-100 mm.
  • Outside diameter: 2-150 mm.
  • Length: 30-300 mm.
  • Max working temperature: 1100 °C.
  • Max working pressure: 400 bars.
  • Using life: more than 10 years.

Features and Advantages

  • Corrosion resistance
    Glass corporeal have static chemical property. We have quartz field glass and borosilicate glass for aggressive shape environment .
  • High working temperature and pressure
    Our standard size tubular estimate glass is desirable in no press and low temperature environment. Our heavy wall kind tubular gauge glass can work safely in high imperativeness and eminent temperature environment for a long clock .
  • We can draw a red line in the tubular sight glass
    The red line in the tubular sight glass can make the liquid level more authorize for reading.

  • Precise dimension
    We can customize the tubular bore glass according to the needed dimension. We can achieve ±0.01 mm tolerance for accurate instruments application .
  • Easy to clean
    The tubular gauge glass can be cleaned easily by water. With desirable clean, the tubular gauge field glass can be used american samoa long as 10 years .

There are two pieces of heavy wall tubular gauge glass with red lines. Redline tubular gauge glass makes the liquid tied more clear for read .
Eight pieces of tubular sight glass with clear surface and well ground edge are on the ground. We can make sure the polished surface and edge without bubble and crevice .

  • Used in tanks or reservoirs for liquid level reading.
  • Used in petrol industry.
  • Used as water or gas flowmeter.

There is a piece of tubular gauge glass which is installed in the boiler. tubular gauge glass is normally used in kettle for liquid level read .
There is a piece of tubular gauge glass installed in a instrument used in pipe. tubular looking glass are used in pipe for the flow of liquid and accelerator because it will not cause contamination and is transparent .
package and Delivery

  • Suitable cartons and pallet is used in package to avoid breaking.
  • Normally, we can deliver the goods within 20 days.

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